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Pics from the Equinox Trail (out-and-back part)

Some have said they wonder just what the Equinox Trail is like. If you can't ever run it, next best thing is some pictures! I took advantage of the string of gorgeous weather we've had recently on my Saturday "hilly" run of the out-and-back to take some pictures. This part starts at about mile 12.5, goes up and around the Ester Dome radar facility (I think that's what it is...), and down the southwest side of the dome a bit, then turns around and returns before diving down "The Chute" just after mile 17. It makes a nice not-too-long hill run in preparation for the full meal deal!

First of all, here's the profile of the course. OMG, yes that's it! The "out-and-back" is the section in the middle more or less between the two peaks.

Here's the part where you really feel on top of the world, before you start down the other side. This is looking back the way you came, the road you see is the dusty dirt road we just came up, the city of Fairbanks is in the distance. Elevation is about 2400 ft. The start of this section is in the middle of the pic, where the road sort of disappears over the hill. Mile 17 is just before that, then you turn sharp right to go down the Chute.
Then you go down hill, pretty steep. There's a section where it's kinda long, but a lot of fun to go down...

But coming back up kinda sucks...

Here's the mile 14 signpost. They're "permanent" signs, sort of road sign style. Complete with bullet holes in many of them. There are two on this one (look familiar, Burger Bill?):

Here's more shots from the trail. As you can see, it's just beautiful vast country, but I'm always thinking the pictures just don't do it justice. Here's one of the last big hills before the turnaround:

The Turnaround (approx mile 14.6):

The uphill right after the turnaround... (going down to the turnaround spot can be treacherous, but the leaders just bomb down it and really do RUN back up...


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