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Dec 26, 2007 10:42 PM

Hartford yet again.  THE way to do a marathon.

Great day in Hartford....

Short report...
3:28:58 by my watch.

Hit all 5 goals, in ascending order...
1-beat PDR
2-beat 3:45 (2009 BQ)
3-beat 3:35 and PR (2008 BQ)
4-beat 3:30
5-beat WRFB

Long report...

This is what marathons are all about. Recipe – Start with a decent base in spring. Add some urging from coach Waterlily. Add some trash talking with Lou for motivation. Don’t sign up early to prevent weather malfunctions. Throw a bash the night before with a great bunch of boomers. Hold event in NE, in the fall, with an early start, which when combined with IRC, allows good performances. Finish up with a post race bash, some great food, better beer, and a good time had by all. This is how to run a marathon.

First off, WRFB and I were pretty frank about having similar goals, so watching each other was a common pre-race pastime (for months, actually), and if he had hit his moderately aggressive plan, he would have won goal 5 (and hit goal 4 for himself). Let me point out though, I had PDR beat from the get go (all in good fun you guys :^)

The Friday night dinner was great. I actually succeeded at another secret goal in convincing DWFromDover to join us. (See Lou’s report for the guest list.) As usual, multiple cell phones circulating and we heard from, safdh ,ahh, shshshshshhss., oh darn breaking up. The beer did taste a little of soap, but luckily we able to cleanse our palates with some decent that was kegged in WRFB’s car. What a setup, I am so envious.

Saturday started at 5am. Waterlily and I ate yogurt and a banana (see special fuel and hydration paragraph later). Coffee too. Parked in the lot with Tom. Headed over to the merry-go-round. Found PBJ first. Eventually most showed their face. I headed off to warm up, dehydrate, lose the warmup pants and extra shirts, and do the std warmup. I jogged 100yds away from race start, and back, until starting looked imminent. The 5 minute milers were happy to let me move behind them. I passed PBJ up there with the fast guys (10ft back). A bit further I noticed Lou waving as I searched for him. So we started off together. I saw Pink after a 1/4M. After about a 1/2M I lost them both.

Splits are below.

After my typical first mile warmup, which always feels laborious but then comes in fast (7:30), I settled in to a comfortable pace. I kept missing mile markers but knew I was sub 8. Right about then I decided to break all the rules and soak up some easy miles at a faster pace. 5M in 37:20 (7:27 pace). (This is not a recommended strategy but I believe it suits me. The early miles trip away easily even at a faster pace. Why not enjoy the ride.) I also wanted to put a few minutes between me and WRFB so I assume my preferred racing strategy, running like a scared rabbit.

At 5 I thought it would be wise to settle down to Lou’s 7:50 pace.

I switched At 1 hr I also threw in a completely untested and made up strategy, pick up the pace significantly (sub 7) for a minute or two. I was hoping this would get the muscles out of their marathon rut for a spell and prevent cramping later.

5 to 10M went by uneventfully at 7:51 pace.

10 to 15M went by mostly uneventfully at 7:53 pace. I did get a wake up call when mile 13 checked in at 8:16. Whoa, I actually have to start paying attention!

15 to 20M saw the beginning of the difficult miles. 3 sub 8’s and 2 8:12’s. I also noticed the first onset of dropping HR (and pace) due to discipline. The HR monitor pays for itself when I give myself a needed slap and continue to hit pace (mostly).

20 to 25M the wheels started to, well, not come off but get a little square. Mile 23 I felt the first hamstring crampy scares and I began to run pushing the cramp envelope so to speak. This is always my downfall, energy good, but governed by the cramps. Mile 21.5 was the water stop. Thanks to hally, tnally, and cfli. hally got my elite, special, custom, hydration mix to the spot. tnally ran with me for a 1/4M to give me a boost. And cfli brought the cooler and got the location spot on. The other runners are always stunned when someone swings out, grabs and obviously special bottle without breaking stride, and continues on. Nice.

Last mile was 8:27. I ran past a woman with less than a mile to go, and she surprised me by saying “Go CoolRunning!” I looked back and said something stupid, like “huh?” She replied that she had read many posts in B&B. Too funny. The last point 2 (when I really kicked it in to look good at the finish) was 8:45 pace. Ha! Waterlily shouted out and ran me in the last bit. I had to ask her slow down as I couldn’t keep up.

Post race below.

7:27 164
7:27 163
7:24 161
7:24 161
7:39 162 (5M in 37:20, 7:27 pace)
7:48 160
7:54 157
7:51 154
7:46 156
7:58 155 (5M in 39:20, 7:51 pace)
8:26 154 (30 sec wasted filling water bottle)
7:39 158
8:16 157 (what?)
7:24 160 (overcorrection)
7:47 161 (5M in 39:25, 7:53 pace)
7:42 164
7:57 164
7:57 164
8:12 165
8:12 165 (notice slower pace but higher HR) (5M in 40:00, 8:00 pace)
8:02 165
8:06 167
8:27 162 (notice decreased HR due to cramp slowdown)
8:50 163
9:06 160 (5M in 42:00, 8:24 pace) !!
8:27 165
1:46 170 (8:45 pace)
Total 3:28:56 161

Fuel and Hydration:
Goal – Emphasize electrolytes. Do not overeat.
5am – Wake up to eat a banana and a yogurt (and some coffee).
7am – Finish a big water bottle 1 hr prerace.
7:30 - Take a jog to WU and find a place to pee. You can go pretty far with an easy WU and generally find a good spot, no lines. Sorry ladies. (edited to add)
8am – Start with a 16oz bottle of Heed laced with 2 E-caps. This is gone in about 30 min.
8:30 to 10M – Drink Ultima from paper cups. Take an E-cap every 2M (about 16 min, so 4 per hour)
10M to 15M – Fill my water bottle with Ultima (30 sec cost). Continue with E-caps.
15M to 20M – Drink Ultima from paper cups. Take an E-cap every 2M. Eat 1/2 a pack of sports beans from expo. (Never tasted a sport bean before. They are ok.) Never try new things in a race, oops.
20 to 25M – Grab a 16oz bottle of Heed laced with 4 E-caps from Boomer water stop. Felt great with Tom’s boost and the bottle. That was mile 21.5 and it lasted about 1/2 mile. The bottle lasted longer. Cramp limited once again, but not as bad as previously.
Last 1.2M – I felt overwatered but grabbed a mouthful at each chance to pop another E-cap.

Ok, ok, enough technical race reporting. I met some nice people during the race. I ran with a nice boomer guy who knew all about CR. But he was faster and ran away after a half mile. There was the “quiet one”, a tall, willowy thing who’s presence as she stalked me was only given away by her shadow. We chatted for a minute; she ran away too. I caught her later as she slowed and she admitted to running even though she was on the DL. She finished only minutes behind.

Post race was great. Saw TheMysteriousCoolRunningLurker, Pink, WRFB, and PDR finish. I was hoping if I timed it right and was there for PDR’s finish I’d get a hug and it worked out perfectly. Met up and sat in the grass, in the sun, for a bit. Got a massage. Got the free beer. Headed over to the car and, in turn, the post race lunch.

At the restaurant I was a little surprised when the restaurant people seemed to know me. Then I realized I was pretty late (10 min), and the bulk of the boomer party was already on their second beer. But it was a grand affair. That race induced caution of the night before had evaporated. The relief of being both done with the race and the feeling of having earned about 5000 free calories loosened everyone up pretty well. Before the chow showed up, our private back area was more like a cocktail party than a luncheon. The place had pretty good beer I must say. Of course the cell phones started ringing and Spaajhggfjks, econkashfuohr, and hafhihe, oh darn breaking up.

Post lunch (sorry to those who left early) we stopped by the beautiful Goodwin Hotel (in the garage) to sample some more of WRFB’s red ale. I want a car with a keg setup in the back! Anyway, what happens in the hotel garage stays in the hotel garage. The family and Waterlily made back up to central MA in time for that stinking Redsox game.

Thanks all, for reading, for the support, for the humor, for CR,

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