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Dec 26, 2007 11:32 PM

Seattle Marathon... and other stuff (long)

This was my 4th marathon this year, 4th in 4 months actually. As such, I wasn't really focusing on a time goal but I did have some ideas. But lately, these marathon outings for me have almost become more about the boomer get-togethers the night before than the actual race. Imagine that. This one was no disappointment in that regard.

I left at "oh-dark-ugly" as my DH calls the 7 am Saturday flight out of Fairbanks, but it was on time (early actually) and a direct to Seattle so was there with bag in hand by noon. Headed to the Westin to get my stuff, wandered around the Expo for awhile, bought stuff, ate stuff, sat down to look thru my stuff. Tet called a couple of times to check on me, and got me in touch with Mariposai to arrange our meeting spot. She and her DH swung by to grab me before we went to our hotel, checked in, dropped off her DH and we did a quick walk back to the Westin (what's this about staying off your feet before a marathon??). I love hanging out with this woman; she's so vibrant and full of positive energy.

We met up with divechief and arf (another gorgeous boomer goddess), got Mariposai's packet, breezed thru the Expo looking for shorts and such, and headed back to the hotel for a pre-dinner glass of wine... this wonderful stuff Mariposai found, it's lovely! Then off to dinner... a sort of Pink Door wannabe expedition (in the Pink Door tradition, but venue changed due to crowd logistics).

Walking in the door, we found most of our party was already there...but wait... who is that? "Is that Dark Horse??" asks Mariposai... well yes it is. I thought she was going to faint. It was like old friends reuniting.... The connection one builds over mate, I swear.
arf and econo weren't about to let go... Divechief had to sit on the end and watch.

Other attendees...
iapetus, enkephalin, mariposai and yours truly...

I don't seem to have pictures of rasmussenmp or his lovely wife, Dove and the DH... Nor Tet and his friend, but I think others got those (right Mariposai?). I did get to talk to DH for a bit, which was great. And don't let him fool you, he's very nice in person...
(that is rasmussenmp's DW in the corner trying to hide...) Love the walls at this place, with the wires strung all over and the crooked pictures. Oh well.

Race Day (sorry, no more pics)
We got up at 6 and I peeked out the window to see dry pavement... Yeah! We scrounged breakfast and debated staying a bit, asking for late checkout or just leaving. The last option was the winner (snarky front desk staff... late checkout really not an option, grrrr). Showers after the race would have to be decided later.

Fashion report: nothing exciting... black Brooks tights, dark grey/blue long-sleeved tech shirt, poly-pro Manzella gloves, Nordstrom running socks and Asics Nimbus 9's.

Tetsujin came by to get us and we jogged over to the start and clothing drop. Visited the "Honey Buckets" and went to line up. I decided to try running with the 3:45 pace group to start, but was concerned that was just a bit too ambitious for this course. I did get a nice shot of the Space Needle shrouded in light fog on my cell phone, but can't get the picture off it to post. After a better-than-usual rendition of the National Anthem, we were off and slowly made our way to the mat. The 3:45 pacer guys seemed to take off pretty quickly, I found it almost hard to keep up at first but that was partially due to various elbows and feet I kept running into. I think they went too fast (8:15) up that first hill after mile 1, and then seemed to slow down for the dowhill. Well, that was highly annoying so, remembering what Arf and I had talked about the night before (let gravity do your work!) I took off down the hill. All systems "Go" and everything felt greta so far. I just decided to run by feel for the most part, it was a gorgeous day in Seattle and I was soaking it all in.

My Garmin kept saying I was going "too fast" but I felt really strong, so kept at 8:15 to 8:25 most of the time. The big freeway ramp Enke talked about slowed everyone down a bit, but it felt pretty good. The tunnel was hot and stuffy, and Garmin said "see you on the other side" and never really did figure out the rest of the course. The bridge out to Mercer Island was beautiful, I was just like a tourist and waving at all the cars that honked. Turnaround at 10k mark went well, but a little slick with all the water cups. I struggled to get my Gu out and gave up, I'm just not very coordinated with that stuff. (any tips on HOW you pull out your Gu or electrolyte caps while you're running so you don't get wet, sticky or tripped up would be appreciated)

I met Mariposai and Tet on the way back (they were running together at that point) and at mile 8 we veer off into Seward Park. Got my Gu act together for that water stop. The Seward Park loop is beautiful, did I mention it was a perfect day? Lots of signs on the side for poison oak, and since I'd never seen it I wanted to pull over and go look, but I didn't. I'm getting better at not sight-seeing or berry picking on actual races...

Half marathon split was 1:49:39... oops. that's just 3 minutes off my HM PR so I got the message I might be going too fast. But... like I said, I was going by feel and I felt greta! I was about 3 minutes ahead of my 3:45 pace chart which I had tucked in my pack. Cool, cuz I planned on walking some of the hills later on. Met Mariposai again on the way back out of Seward Park, and Tet a little while later. Both got the high five and WooHoo yell... I never did see (or recognize) divechief or arf...

It was about mile 18 I think where I was running along and Wham! Felt like I stepped on a nail! It was a cramp in my right foot. Argh that hurt. I had to walk to stretch it out, then took off again, now a bit slower but still around 8:35 m/m which was right on pace. But the hills made the cramp worse, and I did have to walk more than I wanted to. I'd been drinking at almost every stop, took e-caps when I could dig them out (how do you guys do that??), took Gu at start and about every 45 mins-hour after that, but still the cramps in my foot.

The last hill just before the finish really sucked. I told myself no walking the last mile, but I had to do a couple walk steps up that thing. Then a turn into the stadium and a sprint across the lovely, soft, cushy turf to the finish.
Gun time 3:50:12
Chip time 3:49:43
7th out of 402 in Age Group.
Using either gun time or chip time, it's a new PR (my Aug. time was 3:52 something), and my 3rd BQ time this year. Missed my 3:45 sekrit goal, but that's ok. I think the hard surface (concrete and asphalt) really took it out of me; I really prefer trails. Afterwards, the only thing that hurt was my feet.

I waited for Mariposai and gave a hugh yell when I saw her, ran along the outside of the chute yelling "Go! Go! Go!" the whole way. I'm sure all the bystanders thought I was nuts. Met up with divechief, waited for Tet and arf and then we were all a reunited boomer group again!

After a shower and supper at Mariposai's wonderful friends' house, she and her dh dropped me off at the Westin where I stored my bags and went shopping for a couple hours. Back to the Westin for a glass of wine and repack my stuff, caught the bus at 6:51, on the plane for a 3:11 direct flight home (my dh got me a first class upgrade!! !|src=|border=0! ) and here at work before 8. Feels like I've been gone for a week, but it was less than 2 days! But wow, what a fun-filled 2 days they were.


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