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  • Spareribs823 Legend 2,040 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007


    Originally posted by ksrunr:

    I'd like to send you an email if you'll receive it.

    ksrunr at hotmail dot com


    I should probably put my email up on my profile but I don't know if it would get me more spam, but happy to provide you with my email address ks.  It is spareribs823 at gmail dot com.

  • jebsmythe Legend 702 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007

    Sometimes things gradually happen and they result in unforeseen circumstances.  Spareribs made the comment that I’ve completely left CR for Kickrunners.  By all appearances, this would seem to be a true statement.  This was something I did not intend to do, nor want to do.  But when I look back on it, my foot injury and inability to run coincided with my first foray into Kickrunners in August.  For me, and some others I believe, it’s just too emotionally difficult to participate in CR when you can’t run.  I would actually start to read the daily thread and a sense of bitterness would envelope me because I would be reminded that I could not run.  I didn’t feel that way at Kickrunners, mostly because the people posting in the Masters forum are folks I know in the real world, and I could take solace in the connection I felt with them when they described what was going on in their personal lives.  Plus my competitive instinct could be channeled into the VRAA contest where my x-training activities could be counted as points.  It gave me a sense of purpose.

    When I was given permission to run again in late October, I started posting again on CR.  This of course was very brief, since I quickly found out that I still could not run.  And so that’s where I am today: not able to run, and not wanting to be reminded of it.  When I can run again, I’ll be back!

  • Spareribs823 Legend 2,040 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007

    And when you come back, there will be a lot of people very happy to see you.  I have followed your injury and recuperation and have read the frustration in your posts.  Not being able to run is eating me alive, and for a runner of your ability and success I am sure it is far worse.  Hang in there Labduck.   Spareribs

  • hally Legend 1,194 posts since
    Aug 14, 2007

    Just wanted to pop in here in case anyone thinks I am clueless or ignoring the situation. I am glad to see this discussion. I post and moderate in both places, and will continue to do so as long as nobody asks me to stop or until I decide I don't want to. There isn't really a whole lot to moderate with this bunch although if I could I'd merge this and Holly's thread together  I have locked exactly one thread here and occasionally fixed someones pictures or links or coding when I thought it would be a benefit. We are all adults and for the most part behave that way.

    Thanks to Sierra for popping in and clarifying a few things about logging in over on KR.

    Thanks Ribs too for your post. Not everyone understands when you are kidding around and or just stirring the pot.


  • Holly S. Legend 1,828 posts since
    Nov 26, 2007


    Originally posted by Spareribs:

    Holly, it's right here:[/URL" target="_blank">

    It is an excellent forum. I post there often, and from time to time those who post there have commented that they wish some of the CR regulars would come over. Your name was mentioned a couple of times in that regard. Try it out. Spareribs


    Okay, so if you don't really post over there, then how could you know that my name has been mentioned.  I suspect that I am one of the Boomers that they are running from.  Me and my big mouth.     !|src=|border=0!


    Holly[/URL" target="_blank">

    [http://This message has been edited by hollys4874 (edited Dec-06-2007).|http://This message has been edited by hollys4874 (edited Dec-06-2007).]

  • Spareribs823 Legend 2,040 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007

    Tammy, it wasn't your post I was commenting about, but the ABSENCE of any opprobrium from others on the forum about it.  Over here many people would have pushed back.  Over there they said nothing.   I couldn't reply to you on Kick for obvious reasons, and it would have been okay with me if you had called me by name; I don't mind.  Spareribs

  • mcsolar99 Legend 1,014 posts since
    Aug 14, 2007

    we all know that you know that you should believe 10% of what ribs posts.  or less.  unless it has to do with running, and then, well, there's some debate there too...

    i started posting at yahoo groups, and found a cool group a few years ago. then found coolrunning boomers, and thought it was the best thing on the web.

    and honestly, boomers is a great site, and still my top choice. but i post many places. among my favorites are the swedish women's runners group on google (i volunteer my time, pouring over hundreds of emailed photos and movies, to do rigorous running form analysis for free), and i am also posting a lot at the 20-something lesbian runner's site (sshh, don't blow my cover) on yahoo. both are really close to the cr boomers site in terms of bang-for-the-buck of internet connect time.

    i have never liked active -- just the idea of the middle-man charging for web registration for races (ala ticketmaster) gives me the willies. money for nothing... how can you trust people that do that? and the fact that they're trying to sell the marathon training guide, previously free here on cr, for $40??? i don't know how you can't be dubious about the future of cr with people like that taking over. makes me feel like i need another shower...

    change is the only constant.

  • tomwhite Legend 2,011 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007 a Wonderful, and Caring Thing to do for the Swedish Runners......

    .........if ever you need an assistant, I can probably find someone willing to help out////

    or was that
    the 90% thing
    you were talking about??

  • vista129 Legend 800 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007

    Thanks to each one for weighing in on this subject.   I think the very fact that we are concerned indicates the impact that this CR website has on us.

    Let me state the obvious. This is a website about runners, frequented by runners of all levels of interest, ability and participation. THAT is what got us here in the first place. From this site many of us have run further, faster, better and safer than ever before. I am PROUD of the kinship I have with so many people who are EXPERTS in the field of running. How else would I learn and how else would I have the opportunity to ask questions if it were not for such a website. Almost daily I find myself telling people about "the website of class runners" that I post my runs in.

    In the process, we have all become good acquaintances at least and in most cases friends. Not every one agrees with all that is said. I am sure there are those who skip over my daily postings. Meanwhile, others LIKE what I say and I often get messages stating as such. This can be said for many of you. No one pleases everyone every time.

    At the same time, as mature adults I have found a great sense of toleration in CR. With rare exception, if someone does not like or agree with someone or something that has been said, they keep quiet about it and move on. We ALL are to be commended for that. As Hally said, this is an easy site to Moderate.

    You will notice that some people are more popular than others. Some people are more outspoken than others. When some people post, MANY respond. When others post, some will not respond. The Boomer goddesses have the advantage here just because men are "skirt chasers", (in this case especially if it is a running skirt). No surprise there. Knowledgeable and skilled runners get good responses too because of the nature of our common interest. People want to learn from you.

    To do more than one runner's website is more than what most of us can do timewise Some have chosen the KR website for the reason that it is smaller. Ironically, each time a new runner or lurker posts in CR, we have encouraged them to "post often". Our own success in getting more to become active has caused some to defect.

    Whatever the outcome of this whole transition period, I can honestly say I would wish that ALL would stay here. If for whatever reason you decide or are forced to leave, please occasionally come back and visit us. We ARE interested in YOU and what you are doing. After all, you have encouraged, advised, trained and given us the example that has gotten us to this stage.

    There is enough of us here that this Boomer forum will continue on nicely. The only way that will stop is if CR makes it such that we cannot continue as we presently do. At that time, I am sure we will all decide what we are collectively going to do.

    Again, know that if you are reading these words, YOU are important to me and many others here.


    vista129[/URL" target="_blank">

  • Spareribs823 Legend 2,040 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007

    MC, you have violated the spirit of this forum by not helping your fellow athletes.  I too would like to demonstrate my goodwill to others by assisting, as you do, those women's groups you mentioned.   Will you please post the url's for us please?

    Holly, I have today received in the mail your "fine money" for 2007. You are the only member to have paid this year. You should know that I intend to donate it on Saturday evening to the CR Boomers coming to Dallas for White Rock, with proper acknowledgements to you. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

    hally, I hope you didn't think I was criticizing your skills as moderator.  I was trying to point out that at KR the mods are more engaged because of the style there, but here at CR it's more the style to let the members post whatever and wherever.  Obviously you are very skilled to do this on both sites.   Spareribs

  • tomwhite Legend 2,011 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007 put........

  • Doctor Wu076 Pro 356 posts since
    Sep 25, 2000

    You guys really should try to open up a bit.  You know... share your thoughts, elaborate.

    Seriously though... I've enjoyed this place (and the CH) and am afraid to see it change.  Hopefully any change will be for the better.  Does anybody remember the very early days of B&B?  In the first six months there were very few posters and it was much different than today.  In a way, it was better because it was easier to keep up with everything.

  • hally Legend 1,194 posts since
    Aug 14, 2007


    Originally posted by Spareribs:

    hally, I hope you didn't think I was criticizing your skills as moderator. I was trying to point out that at KR the mods are more engaged because of the style there, but here at CR it's more the style to let the members post whatever and wherever. Obviously you are very skilled to do this on both sites. Spareribs


    OMG no, I did not think that at all. I think I pretty much know what you are saying or implying and find it funny that you have to explain it to others but was glad you did.

  • DaveinAA035 Legend 742 posts since
    Dec 18, 2005


    Originally posted by mcsolar99:

    i am also posting a lot at the 20-something lesbian runner's site (sshh, don't blow my cover) on yahoo.


    Waitaminute.... I thought that "mcsister99" chick who kept hitting on me in all lowercase the other night seemed familiar...


  • tomwhite Legend 2,011 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007

    .......Funny Dave.........


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