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Aug 15, 2007
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Dec 6, 2007 9:23 AM

Cross-Training question... intensity

I have intensities of running during a training program down pat with a mix of lots of slow, low HR recovery runs, LR a bit faster (10-20% of MP), Tempo runs at 1/2M pace, VO2Max at 5K pace, GA slightly slower than MP.  However, when it comes to those days marked "X-training" I get confused.

X-Training can be weights or some other strength training (e.g.planks, crunches etc) which I have never done so I'm a newbie on this (I do hills). Or it can be cardio like swimming, biking/spinning, elliptical, etc with the idea of low-impact and using different muscles. My question is, how hard do you do these X-Training sessions as far as HR or %HRMax or %HRR or percieved effort?

It seems that if you do a VO2max HR or percieved effort level during X-training, it might affect the running training adversely. I think of rbbmoose doing his elliptical w/o on max burn for 50 min at like 9 mph. Very intense (at least for my attempts). How would you mix something like that into a typical marathon training?


  • Holly S. Legend 1,828 posts since
    Nov 26, 2007
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    1. Dec 26, 2007 11:38 PM (in response to perchcreek)
    Re: Cross-Training question... intensity

    Steve - I'm certainly no expert, but my x-training is pretty low-key.  I take 2 days off running per week (mon and fri, usually) and do a light weights/core workout, maybe 30-40 minutes total workout time, not pushing for HR at all.  I actually do 3 sets, and piddle around a little in between, warming up milk for DD, throwing a load of laundry in, etc., so there is NO attempt at HR elevation.  But I consider my x-training days sort of a break, an easy day.  It is my belief that the combination of 2 days off running/week and consistent (but light) weight-training on those days has helped me remain mostly injury-free.  Rest is extremely important.  If I x-trained at the same intensity as I run, I'd be burnt out quickly.


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    2. Dec 6, 2007 3:31 PM (in response to perchcreek)
    Re: Cross-Training question... intensity

    My cross training is usually either my stationary bike at home, or the Stair Master at work. I like the SM because it seems to work my quads more than running, and the ellipticals seem so much like they work the same running muscles. I do keep HR up there and work pretty hard...but that's just a compulsive thing I do. I also do weights either on XT days, or on my Tues/Thurs shorter run days. Friday is always a rest day (well, usually always) cuz it's also "Date Night."  !|src=|border=0!


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    3. Dec 6, 2007 3:44 PM (in response to perchcreek)
    Re: Cross-Training question... intensity

    I treat X-training as a pleasant diversion, a change up, a good way to get more cardio without more asphalt abuse, and of course as a way to improve performance in these "secondary" sports.

    As such I vary the effort in X-training as I see fit. Swimming though is really hard to over do. But if I am between a hard interval running w/o and a medium long run, I am not going to hammer for 40 miles on the bike.

    This help at all?

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    5. Dec 6, 2007 8:59 PM (in response to perchcreek)
    Re: Cross-Training question... intensity

    Treat the cross training like you would a recovery day of running.  The stairmaster and eliptical are the best because they use the muscles closest to running but without the pounding.  This will allow you to work harder on your running days when the specificity of the workout is more important.

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    6. Dec 6, 2007 9:33 PM (in response to perchcreek)
    Re: Cross-Training question... intensity

    Hmm... I've been doing it wrong.  My cross training days are refereeing hockey (usually 3 to 6 games) or playing volleyball.  Both are hard workouts that give me dead legs the next day.

    Perch, don't do what I've been doing.

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