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    Jan 1, 2008
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    16. Jan 2, 2008 9:52 PM (in response to harrnjos)
    Re: C25k Weeks 2-5 (December 30-January 5)

    Hello, can you tell me what "OHR" and "Spring Training" refer to?  Thank you.

  • Mr_Tremor Rookie 98 posts since
    Dec 31, 2007
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    17. Jan 3, 2008 11:51 AM (in response to harrnjos)
    Re: C25k Weeks 2-5 (December 30-January 5)

    W4D2 Done, completed it at 5.0MPH for all the running segments. I was really feeling it but I made it through and walked it out for the full 30 minutes.

  • ExSwimmer Rookie 30 posts since
    Nov 12, 2007
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    18. Jan 3, 2008 12:44 PM (in response to LMSH)
    Re: C25k Weeks 2-5 (December 30-January 5)


    LMSH-  "OHR" stands for One Hour Runner.  That program starts off with running 30 minutes 3 times per week, just like how we will end the Couch to 5k program.  It then gradually builds up to running one 60 minute run per week, plus a 30  min run and a 40 min run, over 10 weeks much like the Cto5k we're doing now.  Here's the program I got off of "Avon Running"  (Spring Training is another program that works off of 30 minutes or 3 miles of running 3-4 times per week and builds from there...with the eventual goal of getting ready for marathon training).



    Getting Longer, Getting Stronger: Becoming a One Hour Runner



    A personal note: Running is incredibly addictive--not only because it feels good, but when you accomplish a distance, you are often instinctively challenged to try to go farther. Many women have never attempted this kind of physical test before. Once you know you can do it, you become curious about how much more you can do and thrilled by the excitement of trying.



    Becoming a thirty-minute runner may be your ultimate goal, or you may wish to revise your goal and crank it up a notch or two.



    One of the best new goals for the thirty-minute runner is to try to run for a longer time. Not only is it easily measurable but it also gives a tremendous sense of satisfaction. Once you've finished a longer run, it's a real kick to drive over the same roads and see how much distance you covered on foot. You'll feel a sense of ownership over the territory you've run.



    Treadmill runners don't experience this same kind of claim to territory. However, you can get a similar sensation by seeing the treadmill odometer register more mileage, or by watching the clock and seeing your staying power during a workout grow.



    Becoming a One Hour Runner



    The key component of this program is the one long run per week. It builds up endurance and lays the foundation for further progress.



    Weeks 1 - 3: Right now you are running 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week. Your weekly commitment of time is 90 minutes. Continue doing this for three weeks.



    Week 4: Run 30 minutes, 29 minutes, 35 minutes. Weekly total: 94 minutes



    Week 5: Run 30 minutes, 32 minutes, 38 minutes Weekly total: 100 minutes



    Week 6: Run 30 minutes, 33 minutes, 41 minutes Weekly total: 104 minutes



    Week 7: Run 30 minutes, 34 minutes, 45 minutes Weekly total: 109 minutes



    Week 8: Run 30 minutes, 36 minutes , 49 minute Weekly total: 115 minutes



    Week 9: Run 30 minutes, 38 minutes, 54 minutes Weekly total: 122 minutes



    Week 10: Run 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 60 minutes Weekly total: 130 minutes



    A personal note: When you are trying to increase your distance, some days feel good and others feel awful. Listen to your body. Be willing to back off. There is no hurry. These schedules are designed for the best possible circumstances, and sometimes you just need more time to adapt. Never move on to the next higher distance until you feel totally comfortable with the one you did today. I can remember once doing the same mileage for three weeks before I felt I had the strength to add a bit more.



  • EIgirl Community Moderator 395 posts since
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    19. Jan 3, 2008 4:21 PM (in response to ExSwimmer)
    Re: C25k Weeks 2-5 (December 30-January 5)


    Hi everyone.  Sorry for lurking on your thread.  What a cool idea to consolidate weeks.  I finished C25K back in early September and post in the Long Haul group (that was the C25K group I was in).  I found I need a regimen so have recently started Hal Higdon's Spring Training (HHST)which is a 12 week program that gets you up to 6 miles at the end and you run 4 days a week and cross train on 1 of the days.  Once you get close to the end of C25K, you may want to explore OHR or HHST and see if either are a logical next step for you.  Remember to keep it slow (to avoid injury) and to run for fitness,eat to lose weight.  Personally, I avoided scales and took measurements.  I didn't drop a pound, but boy did I drop inches!!!  Good Luck to all of you.  Hope you don't mind me continuing to lurk!






  • rdy2rn Rookie 7 posts since
    Dec 16, 2007
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    20. Jan 3, 2008 8:34 PM (in response to harrnjos)
    Re: C25k Weeks 2-5 (December 30-January 5)


    Hello everyone!  This is my first post, but I've been lurking for weeks now.............I did W4D2 today............NEVER been a runner before and am intrigued by those who do run.............punched in "beginning to run" on internet, and found this site. LOVE IT!!!  Have learned so much by just reading about others' experiences.  I am NOT fast, but lots have said to slow down, so I figure doesn't really matter how slow, as long as I do it!  I'm really nervous about the upcoming weeks---as the 5 min. runs aren't easy for me. 



    I am doing all my running on a hoping just to suprise everyone when I start running outside in the spring.   I have it on a 1.0 incline----should I up that since I have seen that running outside is tougher?!



    I am also using Ullrey's podcasts, and I agree with you that week 4's music isn't very good!  Well, glad to be here, and hope I can continue to become a OHR!!!!!!!!!!!!  That would amaze me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • LMSH Rookie 11 posts since
    Jan 1, 2008
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    21. Jan 3, 2008 9:11 PM (in response to rdy2rn)
    Re: C25k Weeks 2-5 (December 30-January 5)

    Welcome and congratulations on getting yourself up on that treadmill.  Sounds like you're doing great, keep it up!

  • 1to1 Amateur 74 posts since
    Dec 17, 2007
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    22. Jan 4, 2008 9:37 AM (in response to harrnjos)
    Re: C25k Weeks 2-5 (December 30-January 5)


    C25Kers and Lurkers,



    Completed W3D3 this morning and I'm actuallly looking forward to Week 4.  I'm curious to see what this back week of music is on the podcast.




    I think its great to have lurkers but I hope you all know that you are welcome to post here.  If any of your experienced runners have any words of wisdom or encouragement, we'd sure appreciate it.  And new runners if you have any questions for us, please ask.



    Have a great weekend,






  • Karensfit4life Expert 80 posts since
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    24. Jan 4, 2008 1:49 PM (in response to harrnjos)
    Re: C25k Weeks 2-5 (December 30-January 5)

    Week 2 Day 3 down, WooHoo. It really felt great. I started out with no incline for the first 2 or so workouts then I went to 1 until today when I upped it to 1.5. I think that is the sweet spot for me right now. I think my body is adjusting to the running. I just feel like I finally found a good groove .


    Keep at it everyone.




    Karen (38)

    Mom to 2 boys (13 and 5)

    5/22/10 Festival of Hope 5k [39:12]

    10/17/10 1st Half Marathon - Girlfriends Half Marathon Vancouver, WA

  • ecuturtle Rookie 30 posts since
    Jan 1, 2008
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    25. Jan 5, 2008 10:04 AM (in response to Karensfit4life)
    Re: C25k Weeks 2-5 (December 30-January 5)


    Hi All!



    Just a little report on W5D3-  I did it last night. And I did end up walking some, but not a lot. I had to stop and tie my stupid shoe once and then I walked at about 12 minutes. But I tried to alternate longer stretches of jogging with 10-15 seconds of walking to keep moving. I am most certainly glad I did the dreaded 20 minutes though!



    I am still trying to figure out how the training schedule figures 3 miles in/or 30 minutes. I realized yesterday that I was definitely not near 2 miles....probably about 1.25 miles. However, I just have to keep remembering that I am DOING IT, even if I am slow



    How's everyone else doing??? 



  • Mr_Tremor Rookie 98 posts since
    Dec 31, 2007
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    26. Jan 5, 2008 11:47 AM (in response to harrnjos)
    Re: C25k Weeks 2-5 (December 30-January 5)

    W4D3 done at 5 MPH. Felt a bit tired today but I didn't quit and I made it. I am surprising myself when staying with it. Looking forward to week 5.

  • Michael. Community Moderator 516 posts since
    Nov 9, 2007
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    27. Jan 5, 2008 11:58 AM (in response to ecuturtle)
    Re: C25k Weeks 2-5 (December 30-January 5)





    When I completed C25K I was never able to ht a 5K in 30 minutes. I did it by time the whole way but on my last run I timed myself and went on a 5K instead which is actually 3.1 miles. The time you complete it in is not important as much as the fact you ran it. Someone on this forum reminded me it was C25K not Couch to 30 minutes. Most people complete the run in 35 - 40 minutes but again the time is not important.



    Remember that C25K is not and end but a beginning. When you complete the program everyone has to make a decision on what to do next but it is the first step in a healthier you.



    Run well, post often.









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