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Dec 31, 2007 2:38 PM

2008 Goals/2007 Review


I am cross-posting from Boomers.



2007: A successful year. No major injuries. Some good

Spring races, including a great 15K and a not-so-great 5K in London's

Hyde Park. My other races, were consistent, and in the Summer I had a

nice track 5K, even if I was passed with 500 to go and lost by 9

seconds. For the Fall, very tough but very satisfying Reach-the-Beach,

including running up the **** hill in leg 3 better than almost everyone

else. Point of pride that hill run, even if it took a bit out of me in

my other two legs, which were run largely in the rain. Ran consistently

in my other races, and have settled into an Age-graded 84-85% (except

for the 5K, which is an outlier on the slow side). Finished it off with

a satisfying 5 mile in a race sponsored by my Club in which I felt

smooth and strong throughout.


2008: Stay injury free, of course. Work on core strength

and enjoy the Spring season, trying to duplicate what happened in 2007.

Then it's all about November 2. Find out just how well I can run a

marathon. Fill in the missing pieces of 2006 -- MP runs, overall

mileage, better nutrition, and better course management -- and see how

much I can improve.



  • MR2001 Rookie 10 posts since
    Dec 16, 2007
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    1. Dec 31, 2007 5:07 PM (in response to JPGarland)
    Re: 2008 Goals/2007 Review


    Good luck  in 2008 at the marathon JPGarland






    This is what I put in my log on 12/30/2006 (comments in bold)



    Goals for 2007:



    1) weigh less than 165. Average weight for 2007 was 165.48. Average weight in December was 169.21. Call it a wash.



    2) 5K 19:59; Best 5K was 20:15. Didn't make it.



    3) 5 miler 34:59; 5 miler was 34:17. Made it.



    4) 4 miler 27:59; Four mile race was changed to a 5K this year. Did not run. Call it a wash.



    5) hm 1:39:59. Best half marathon was 1:38:12. Made it.



    6) Cholesterol around 170. June level was 187. December 211 (yikes). 170 aggressive, happy with 187. Call it a wash - perhaps failure due to this months reading.



    7) Weight lift at least two days a week. Didn't do it - didn't make it.


    8)Run 5 to 7 days a week. Ran 333 of 365 days. 5 days out of 7 is 71.4%. 333 of 365 is 91.2%. Made it *

    Of the eight goals I made three of them. I am satisfied with my weight and (I suppose) cholesterol even though I didn't make the goals. The 5K goal is my toughest one, and I hope to set it next year. The four miler and weight lifting goals were important to me at the beginning of the year, but not so much at the end. Overall I am happy with 2007!




    Goals for 2008:



    April 5K 19:59 or better.



    June 5 miler 33:59 or better.



    August 5K 19:59 or better.



    October HM 1:35:59 or better.



    On average, weigh less than 165, but get to 159.



    Cholesterol below 200, but closer to 170.



    1650 miles






  • Jim24315 Legend 1,987 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    2. Jan 1, 2008 11:16 PM (in response to MR2001)
    Re: 2008 Goals/2007 Review

    Another cross post from Boomers:






    2007: If this wasn't the best year I've ever had, then it was 2nd behind 1989, the year that I set most of my actual PR's. My most important goal at the start of this year was to run a sub-40 10k, a goal that had eluded me for all of 2005 and 2006. When I finally did it in August, I was not only thrilled, but it paved the way for a series of races that far exceded any expections I had. I set age-graded PR's at 5k (84.9), 8k (82.3), half marathon (85.4), and also ran well in the first 30k I'd ever finished (I dropped out of the only other attempt at the distance many years ago). It graded out to an 84.9. After the first sub-40 I ran 2 more that were a few seconds faster than the first. Those 2 were tied for 3rd and 4th on grading scale behind a couple I had in '89. Yesterday, after going out for my 2nd run of the day--an easy 4 miles on the grass, it gave me 2,746 miles for the year to beat my previous record of 2,745 that I ran in 1989. If it wasn't for a disappointing marathon that I ran early last month I would have called this a near perfect year as far as exceeding expectations, and even with that it was one of my best, if not the best.






    2008:  I'd like to run a race or two faster than anything I've done in past few years, but the marathon is the only distance that I feel strongly motivated about. Although I didn't verbalize it a lot, I was very disappointed with the one I ran last time and it also planted some seeds of doubt in my mind. I turn 62 in February, so there's always that possiblity that things have gotten as good as they are going to. I feel like I let one get away by working up to the point where I was ready to train for a good marathon, but running it before I finished all the work. I basically ran it off my half marathon training, which was pretty good, but not enough. I had only one 20-miler which came 6 days after a hard 30k and only 2 weeks before the marathon. It was like cramming for the final. I know that they say the half way point of the marathon is at 20 miles, but it's still hard to explain how I could average 6:47 pace for 18.6 miles only 3 weeks earlier, but be falling apart at the same point while running a pace that was 14 seconds a mile slower on a net downhill course. Either I wasn't rested enough or I have started to regress as I have seen others do at this age. If I can improve on that marathon and run a couple good races at other distances it would do a lot for my confidence and make 2008 a good year.

  • RunForFun001 Pro 626 posts since
    Jan 25, 2007
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    3. Jan 2, 2008 6:52 AM (in response to JPGarland)
    Re: 2008 Goals/2007 Review


    2007 suckethed



    Goal #1 Run  5,000 miles - Injured for 12 weeks ran 3,974



    Goal #2  Break 2:40  in fall marathon -  Didn't run fall marathon



    I did PR in April in 1/2 marathon and July in 5 mile, but they were weak PRs






    2008 - To sucketh less



    No real mileage goal - 



    To lose #50 pounds by fall marathon



    To PR in Summer / Fall in 5k, 10k and marathon






  • oguzkesimli Amateur 78 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    4. Jan 2, 2008 12:24 PM (in response to JPGarland)
    Re: 2008 Goals/2007 Review


    2007 was not a successful year for me because I was injured.



    Spring races were 4 HM and a M, all in 11 weeks; 1:22-1:27-1:27-1:25  and a 3:10.  



    After spring season, I should have given my body more rest, instead I increased my mileage too much too soon;



    I ran 380 miles in June when when temp were record high. My body didn't adapt to all these stress and when October



    arrived I was injured.



    My cumulative mileage for the year is 3060 with somewhat slow  average pace of 8:40 min/mile. (November:0,






    2008 objective is to get healthy with a possible 10k race in May, and prepare for a Marathon in October.









  • JasonsDrivingForce Rookie 513 posts since
    Sep 30, 2007
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    5. Jan 2, 2008 12:33 PM (in response to JPGarland)
    Re: 2008 Goals/2007 Review

    I am going to set some harder goals for my 08 seasons. I won’t run many of the races with the stroller so my times should drop dramatically. If I can ever get my act in gear and do some real training I know I can achieve them. Anyway here is what I am shooting for.


    1 mile: Break 4:30. I have run a 5:10 downhill before but I know now how much harder it is to do that on an out and back certified course. With some serious track work I think I can do it.


    5K: Break 17:00. My current PR is no where near that at 18:27 but that was achieved with the stroller.


    8K: Break 30:00. If I can break 17:00 for the 5K this one will be a piece of cake.


    10K: Break 38:00 with the stroller.


    10 miles: Break 1 hour.


    Half: Break 1:24. The half marathon courses in the Area are really tough so I think this would be a good goal.


    Marathon: Break 3:10 first and then go for 3:00 later in the year.


    Good luck to everyone on achieving their goals.

  • Diane_NJ Rookie 1 posts since
    Jan 2, 2008
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    6. Jan 2, 2008 1:13 PM (in response to JPGarland)
    Re: 2008 Goals/2007 Review


    2007 was my best year ever.  I ran PR's in every distance.



    5K: 18:20

    10K:  38:02

    15K:  58:31

    10 Miles:  1:04:05

    1/2 Marathon:  1:26:52


    I don't have any goals for 2008.  I've been dealing with some nagging injuries and don't expect to run anywhere close to what I did last year.  I turn 40 in August, so I guess I can start over with master's pr's.



  • RunAsics Amateur 271 posts since
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    7. Jan 3, 2008 10:48 AM (in response to JPGarland)
    Re: 2008 Goals/2007 Review

    2007 was a very mixed bag.  I had some PRs but sucked in too many races.  I seems can no longer race longer than 5k in hot weather after some bad times during a 2005 8k.


    5k - goal to run sub 19.  Made it twice and ended up at 18:51.

    5 M - only managed 32 mins when shooting for 31 mins...

    10k - blew up in June when I thought a sub 40 was the plan...

    10M - 3 minute PR with no expectations - 66:55.  Cool weather helped a lot

    HM - PR'ed with 1:33 but way short of 1:30 goal.  Not bad on 20 mpw.


    I did increase my mileage during the 2nd half of the year, helping with my Fall 5k performances but early on resulted in a foot injury.  Topped out with a 150 Mile December.  I also won / placed in my age group in a few races.


    2008 - plan to be consistent; balance easy and hard workouts; maintain 30 - 35 mpw; cross-train more; don't get injured again!


    With that I have the following race goals, some softer than others:


    G1:  sub 18:36 5k in the Spring.  18 min in the Fall (stretch)

    G2: 31 min 5M / 8k

    G3: at least one sub 40 10k (seems to be my worst distance)

    G4: sub 65 min 10 Miler

    G5: sub 1:30 HM


    I REALLY need to get that 1:30 HM monkey off my back.  First shot is in February.  If I make that I'll concentrate on 5k and 10ks else take another shot in the Fall.

  • obsessor Rookie 473 posts since
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    8. Jan 4, 2008 1:19 PM (in response to RunForFun001)
    Re: 2008 Goals/2007 Review


    Hey, Mike.



    Oh - before I forget, I am organizing a little 50k on Nov. 28th, 2008.  There will be a little purse.  It is by invite only (and I post it here so that others can send me a line if they'd like the invite.)



    Let's See.  2007.



    Over winter, I simply ran.  A lot of medium effort runs, and a long run each week.  I ran a 50k race in March, to a dissapointing 3rd, in 3:26 or something.  I raced myself into faster shape, and just kept ramping some miles and workouts, (races 10k, 5k's, and 8k) and sharpened for 6 weeks to run a 2:30:32 marathon at Grandma's.  It was an evenly paced edge-of-the-knife effort.  I was very happy that all the training came together on that day.  After that, I raced a LOT and set PRs at every distance I raced.  5k, 10k, 15k, 25k ... but ran about 4 races too many, I think, and crashed a bit in my fall marathon.  That's my analysis.



    now I'm just at the tail end of taking time off (OK, so I run every day, and still "a few" miles, but nothing over 35 miles, no racing, and just starting some easier intervals now.)  I let my weight go a bit (... +15 lbs... ugh...) so that will need to come off.  Resistance training?  I've got my issues, I admit it.



    I suppose I'd like to hit 3:10 in a 50k, 15:30's in a 5k.  32-something in a 10k, and run a good 50 miler.  I may venture a 100k if I feel up to it.  Why not?  mid-2:20's in a marathon would be good, but it sure is edgy trying to get that speed/endurance formula just right, and hitting the right course on the right day.  I'll race, and see what happens.



  • RunForFun001 Pro 626 posts since
    Jan 25, 2007
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    9. Jan 6, 2008 5:27 PM (in response to JPGarland)
    Re: 2008 Goals/2007 Review


    Obsessor - "Small Purse" not of much interest but ... a 50K Thanksgiving weekend would give me a reason not to spend 4 days with my inlaws in Wausau - I do love them ... but in smaller doses.



    Please keep me in the loop














  • Deco Rookie 103 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    10. Jan 7, 2008 1:33 PM (in response to JPGarland)
    Re: 2008 Goals/2007 Review


    2007:  My goals as I posted at end of 2006 were to post PR's at 5mile,10mile, Half Mar and Mar.  And to stay injury free.



    I achieved PR's in all but the Half-Mar (I didn't race that distance as it turned out). I ran my first 1-mile and 5K races.  I got injured twice (1. Freak bike injury : 3 weeks;   2. Training-related : 2 weeks).






    2008: Goals are :



    1-mile: sub 5mins



    5K:  sub 17 mins



    5 mile: sub 28mins



    10K: sub 35mins



    10 mile: sub 1 hour



    Half:  sub 1hr20mins



    Full: sub 2hr55mins



    Run more short races (5k - 5mile)



    Stay injury-free






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