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May 9, 2008 8:36 AM

Caught between too little and too much stability

Forgive the length of this post but hopefully someone has been through something similar and can share their experience. I ran for years about 12-15 miles per week (3 days/week) in neutral shoes and never had any physical problems. Last year I wanted to increase my training and add some races so I got professionally fitted at a running store and was told that I over-pronate and needed stability shoes. I tried Nike Air Triaxx and eventually Brooks Adrenalines and both caused inside shin splints. I also noticed that my footstrike was louder in the stability shoes - noticeably slapping the pavement. I never was able to increase mileage much b/c the shin splints set right in. it got to the point where walking hurt. I saw an ortho specialist (who is also an experienced marathon runner) and he said my arches were a bit low but not too bad and that I didn't need stability shoes. With his advice, I ran a 7.2 mile road race last year in Asics 1120s with Spenco arch supports. It helped but soreness lingered. I took a lot of time off to completely heal. I started again very slowly (2 and 3 mile runs) in the 1120s with arch supports and the shin pain came back. So, now I'm back to neutral Asics with no arch supports and gradually getting towards 20 miles/week. I still have inside shin soreness that goes away about a mile or two in and I feel it the next day. Things are better but the soreness just won't go away completely. I've only run back-to-back days once and was OK but I usually need a day or two to let my shins recover. My left ankle is definitely rolling in a bit but my knees and hips are aligned perfectly. I never have hip, knee or back pain. I'm diligent about stretching, calf raises, toe raises, shin stretches, etc. I seem to be stuck in between not enough support (neutrals) and too much support (stability shoes). I just started breaking in a pair of Asics Landreths. Thanks for reading. Just wondering if anyone else has been caught in between this particular rock and hard place. Lastly, the only other difference between this year and last year is that I did a lot of weight lifting over the winter and added about 7 or 8 lbs.

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    1. May 9, 2008 8:17 PM (in response to EgeorgeH3)
    Re: Caught between too little and too much stability


    Sorry you are having such a hard time ... I went in to a shoe store for a professional fitting in 2006 for the first time and they told me the same thing ... so I left with motion control/stability shoes ... gave me blisters on my insteps the first time out ... I took them back and insisted on neutral shoes and they sold them to me ...  I know I fit the profile for stability shoes but the wear patterns on my running shoes show that I run neutral ...  I did a Nike free evaluation at a marathon expo last year and they also suggested motion-control ... I declined  ... 






    I have had Adidas Supernova Cushion and Asics Gel Cumulus training shoes and Saucony Fasttwitch2 lightweight trainers for racing over the past couple years ... no problems for me ... I hope you find what works for you ...






    btw - when I take a prolonged break from running and then get back into it my ankles and shins get tight and achy the first few weeks or so but soon strengthen and stop bothering me at all ... I don't ice, but icing helps most people I talk to that are bothered by this ... and walking barefoot, backwards with toes pointing up (like elf shoes) helps the shins too ...






    good luck



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    2. May 10, 2008 3:15 AM (in response to SportiGrl)
    Re: Caught between too little and too much stability

    OK I am having the same problem with orthotics. I had them made and have worn them to run and I get knee pain so he fixes them to make them netural and now I am having shin discomfort that goes away. I have notice that my calves are soar so I am going to do more stretching on them before I run.I believe like you said they are just getting use to the running and need to be broken in. But back to the inserts I have been running with out them now and he is going to fix them to make them long instead of 3/4 lengthen and see if that helps. I got them because I was getting metatarsal pain on both of my feet. So I went to a doctor that is a marathoner and he said nothing was wrong with my feet he took x-rays. He said you might need some help with your arch but not much you need them mainly for your metatarsal pain. They are not hard ones they are soft. I wear Saucony shoes Grid 6 and love them. Do they make a women's shoe in the fasttwitch 2? I believe it is finding the shoe that works for you do not give up. I started running last year around this time and trained for a marathon. I developed ITB problems and that got me at the race. My ITB's bother me sometimes but I stretch when I think of it. So now I don't know what to do!!! I am in the same boat has the other person.

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