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    16. Jun 2, 2008 12:55 PM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 1st


    I`m not sure how I feel about this but the NYC Half lottery results are out ... and so am I - out of the race that is - I didn`t make it. On some level with the hip issues I`ve been having it takes the pressure off - my LR at this point has only been 6 miles and the NYC race is end of July - while I could make the LR`s up I`ve also been lacking on the weekly milage - I have decided to see how I feel this week and if my hip recovers I may take a charity place and run for the fresh air fund.






    Just back from my hour with my main trainer - had a quick flirt witht he EC on  the way in ! - will do a little bike work later !






    Joe - you better not run



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    17. Jun 2, 2008 1:00 PM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 1st


    Hi everyone,



    I'm home! I don't actually do hangliding so it was a trip for DH really and I tagged along for the nights out. In the end he didn't get to fly anyway as the wind was too light and the only hill they went to was a tricky landing over power cables. Still we had a nice time relaxing and it was a really sunny day. I did try the sport once, and enjoyed it, but just not passionate about it enough to take it up.



    Joe - Enjoy that afternoon off. I'm with the others on the MRI... get it done or else!!! Maybe we'll have to start thinking up punishments I guess not managing the gym was fate telling you to NOT DO IT!?!



    Spicegeek - Great message to Joe! I couldn't have said it better myself! Good to hear that you had a great run with new RB. I've met someone locally i'm hoping to try running with sometime soon. Just got to fit it in sometime! I'm pleased to hear the EC is working you well I guess the NYC race was not meant to be, but there'll be loads more!



    Andahuff - Great 12 miles! I think those rest days do work magic sometimes, but it feels a real strain not to run doesn't it. I'm not sure i've ever felt 'fresh' at the end of a 12 miles run LOL on the police escort!



    Mary - Glad you managed to find time to get some runs in even with that hectic schedule. That date sounds lovely and my mouth is watering with the description of that pizza. Hope you got those 5 miles in... i'm up for some of those raspberries too!



    TinkPink -  Welcome! As everyone's said, try slowing down so that you can talk whilst running. Hopefully that will make it easier... over time you should be able to increase the running. Otherwise, you could try C25K to get you used to running rather than walking? It's a great program. Whatever you do, let us know how you get on!



    Misswendy - Hope you get to do that pool running! Sounds interesting... Hey - how do ya work out how far you go Congrats on the amazing mileage. I think you deserve the day off running today.



    Runjr - I got behind too... it's pretty easy with this thread! Some great runs I see with family. When's your next HM? Sounds to me like you're pretty much ready for it!



    Kevin - Great 60 min run and pretty good pace seeing as you 'backed off'! Teenagers on fire? What's that all about?



    Chuck - Great total for the week! Next time you don't want that Chinese, you can send it my way it's my favourite! You'll have to post some wisdom from the new book so that we can all go for a 4hr marathon!



    Macd - LOL on the retirement plan! Congrats on the two miles... looks like you'll have to just keep running all the time rather than sitting at that desk - that way the knee will feel better?



    OK - well i'm caught up the best I can! I managed a 6 mile run Sunday morning to top the week at 28.2 (didn't have enough time to run any further - dispite the half bottle of wine, several beers and late night, it went rather well!) and then this morning I got 6 miles of intervals in. I thought i'd struggle as i'd not had much sleep again, but it was a fab run at a 10mm overall pace and I felt so strong after. 6 miles easy tomorrow so hopefully that'll go ok.



    Anyway - that's all from me so chat soon!





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    18. Jun 2, 2008 4:13 PM (in response to Cara_26.2)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 1st


    WOW.. you all are an awesome bunch I'm SO glad I stumbled across this thread.


    Today was day 1 of the 3 month training plan for the Va Beach RnR 1/2. Well.. today's plan was to do 8 cycles of 3 min walk 1 min run.. I know for some of you, that's a cake walk.. well.. my first thread was how to run w/o dying!! Well I did it.. and didn't die! lol. Took everyone's advise and sloooowwwed down. Kept the pace around 3.5 and 4 mph for the walking and running and was able to complete the whole training session. Small steps right???



    I'm sure after reading some more of your wonderful threads and getting to know you I'll pipe in on everyone's accomplishments and pains!!. I know someone was talking about Chinese food.. you can keep it.. but give me Sushi any day!.. less MSG.






  • chuck43 Expert 1,054 posts since
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    19. Jun 2, 2008 5:22 PM (in response to TinkPink)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 1st

    Hey ILissa, That was me with the Chinese food and yes I agree with the sushi, I love it and my tummy handles it better also! Hey , you're doing great.The best thing about our little group is we all very in speeds and we still love each other and support each other.  you're doing awesome. Way to slow down and get your workout in. Once you get into the longer miles you might even have to slow down again but thats fine, you'll do great come race day.

  • spicegeek Community Moderator 2,563 posts since
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    20. Jun 2, 2008 6:51 PM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 1st

    I went back for 50 mins on the bike and the EC ab workout !! runjr - I think you mentioned you had hip problems on and off - try this ab work out - I REALLY think it has helped me and the EC said he does it because he has hip problems too and it works the hip flexors


    take a body bar - start off laying on the ground arms above your head - body bar in your hands legs slightly bent feet off the floor. Crunch up your upper and lower body keep your lower legs parallel to the ground bring  your arms over your head pass the bar onto your ankles - open back out with body bar on your ankles - crunch back up retrieve the bar and open up to the original position. Your feet do not ever touch the ground. 3 sets 10 reps.


    misswendy - you are totally bad a$$ !!! Actually thats one of my EC`s favorite compliments - I`ve got to rather like it !!!


    runjr - wow you bruised you foot with your laces - yikes !! great runs with your ladies !!



    kevee - nice 60 min run ! I would love to train with you one day  - you run  close to my pace


    chuck - 20 in the week is still decent milage - and your 8 miler pace was awesome ! you are doing so great


    macd - great 2 miles - don`t worry about pace - you are doing really well


    Cara - I agree - NY just wasn`t meant to happen - its fine - fate has a way of working things out


    TinkPink - yes we are awesome ! - and so are you !!! - great job today - while that may be a cake walk now for us we have all been where you are today and not that long ago - you are so right - small steps - they all add up - trust the training it will work - enjoy the journey in 3 months you`ll be looking back on today and you`ll be just amazed how far you come.

    NYC Marathon          Nov 1 2009     -   4:03:13 ( 9:17 mm )

    NYC Half Marathon   Aug 16 2009   -   1:55:38 ( 8:49 mm )

    1 mile -  7:07                             10K     - 52:58 ( 8:32 mm)

    4 mile - 31:35 ( 7:53 mm)          8K      - 42:28 ( 8:32 mm)

    15K -     1:22:02 ( 8:49 mm)

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    21. Jun 3, 2008 5:41 AM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 1st

    hi all, took Monday as a rest day. I am 16 weeks from the full marathon, I am going to start some of the training program next week but we will register later this week and once we register there is no turning back and the family will train for it. We are still undecided on the HM in Iowa but DD still wants to run it so hopefully we can do it, that is the last weekend in June.


    kevee - good running and enjoy your day off today. Congrats on the DD's.



    joe - I am still laughing over spicegeeks comments to you. It is good to have family around.



    macd - great run. Glad to hear when you run that the knee feels good. As for the tightness after? That is a great question for your doctor or PT. Sometimes DD's nike+ is off up to a 1/4 mile depending on the run length and pace. Most of our runs though are closer like .1 miles or so.



    misswendy - you were due for a rest day. Manual mower, that is impressive. With all the swimming you are doing how about a triathlon day? Swim in the neighbors pool, then ride your old bike you have from the 4th grade, and then run.



    spicegeek - sorry to hear about the race. I agree until you get the hip issues resolved it is best. You are like Joe, you need to go get that hip checked.



    cara - sounds like you had a good time on your trip. That is what you need another sport. lol. The next HM could be the last weekend in June. Going to sign up for the full marathon soon. Great miles last week.



    thinkpink - you are correct, small steps. We all went through what you are experiencing. Just stick to it and eventually you will look back and be amazed.



    take care all. Tempo run today, yeah that is my favorite. Hopefully the rain will be cooperative.

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    23. Jun 3, 2008 7:09 AM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 1st


    hey yall



    i ran 6m this morning in 1:02.  hot hot hot.  



    i did not make my weight goal for may. 



    for june, i am trying to add a run or a crosstrain to make 6 days, but go along generally with the last 4 wks of a hm plan for a race end of june.  i am also going to try speedwork just to figure out how to do it.  i'm not sure if i should keep my weightloss goals.  i'm not dealing with the discouragement very well.   



    we are playing with 'new' legos today.  someone gave us his old ones from the 70s.  still in the boxes! 



    joe...sorry the gym didnt happen yesterday. guess some girl had to do without her EC.



    spicegeek....i'll bet you find another race soon.



    chamblin....the distance run in the pool is measured by how much water splashes out....or you just go by time like my friend has been doing. wow 6m after a night of revelry! LOL



    tinkpink...i like veggie sushi. i guess thats technically not sushi, but its yummy.  speed is not the thing when training. just do the distance! you'll do great!



    spicegeek...i just think i would die if some EC was even looking at my 'abs' (i use the term loosely) much less trying to help me fix them!



    runjr....great job on the rest day.  marathon in 16 weeks! how exciting!!! you are gonna have so much fun. are DD/DW going for the full? if one defines 'swimming' as 'sitting on the steps in the shallow end' then maybe i could do the tri. as for my 4th grade bike, well, it's probably someones coke can by now.



    love to all



  • GLBryan Rookie 278 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    24. Jun 3, 2008 7:14 AM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 1st

    Joe - I'm with you on the sushi!


    Ilisa - Way to get started! I'm a newbie too working towards my first half. Finished C25K a month or so ago where I struggled in the early going with those 1 minute runs. Ran 4 miles last night, my longest run to date so I figure I'm almost a 1/3 of the way there.


    Kevin - Your advice to llisa was inspirational


    andahuff - Loved the escort story!


    Mary- It would be nice to have a running buddy. I run with DH sometimes but he is faster than I am though I am gaining ground. We usually walk together after we've finished our runs.


    Miss Wendy - I hear you on the hot. It was almost 80 with really high humidity when I set out at 10:00 pm last night to run. Sounds like you are having a fun summer.


    Mac - After running with the Garmin and the Nike+ for a couple of weeks I've realized that the Nike+ is never the same. It always shows that I've run more than I have. I think the faster I go, the closer it is but can ran from .04 to .12 per mile off. I count my mileage by the Garmin but still run with the Nike+ cause I like the music or book on tape and I like the goals and challenges on the Nike+.


    Spicegeek - Any advice for getting rid of flabby upper arms since you are the resident fitness expert? I've lost about 50 lbs this year and am fitter than I have been in years. Have been doing some weight training and am please with the result except my upper arms are still gross!


    A general question to all. As my runs are increasing in distance and time, I am wondering when I need to start thinking about carrying water. Thoughts?

  • kevee Rookie 376 posts since
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    25. Jun 3, 2008 7:52 AM (in response to GLBryan)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 1st

    Good morning all! I have a 40 min run to do this afternoon. Yeah I know, I like to run in the morning, but the ‘laying in bed' felt a lot better this morning. LOL


    Chuck, I'm glad you were able to get your 20 miles in for your week. Good luck on that training for a 4 hour marathon! Do you have a race in mind?



    Joe, like I tell my kids; I'm your dad forever, not just til your 18. They'll be welcome to come back and stay anytime! Good for you AND DS!



    Macd019, yeah, it was 80 degrees yesterday, NICE! Today it's back down in the 50's. Oh well, it feels great to run in. Congratulations on the 2 mile run!



    Misswendy, yeah, and the UP side to a reel mower is it doesn't use as much gas! Good luck with that pool running!



    Joe, it's just as well you didn't work out. I heard Spicegeek had all the equipment ‘bugged'. LOL



    Spicegeek, that's too bad not getting in to the NYC half. Maybe it is for the best though, there are other races, and there's always next year right?



    Cara, It must've been nice to spend some quality time with DH! Hanglinding would make me barf! (my apologies to anyone on this thread named ‘Barf' LOL). Congratulations on the runs and 28 miles for the week!



    Illissa, better to stumble upon us than out on the road. LOL Congratulations really on Day 1! And those paces look real good too. I remember my coach telling me once; "you'd be surprised how slow you can run. Your neighbors'll think your crazy, but you will know you're TRAINING." You'll be surprised the progress you will make, just be patient.



    Chuck, Great advice! But I can't speak for the sushi. LOL



    Spicegeek, oh, the pain! I hurt just reading that! And you did that 30 times? I'll train with you as long as I don't have to do that ab exercise. I think I'd rather get beat up! LOL



    Runjr, WooHoo! Good luck on the training for the full! You're so lucky the whole family is with you! Good luck with the tempo run today. You should be able to run ‘in between' the drops.



    Joe, good choice not to run. Did you make the call yet?...?...?...?...?



    Misswendy, I see you snuck in while I was posting... Great job on the 6 miles today. It's still hot by you? It's cooled off here now for a couple of days. I didn't make my weight goal either. I want to lose 10 lbs, the only problem is those stupid ‘Brat frys' LOL Actually, why not concentrate on one thing that you think you can do well. Your training maybe, and don't worry about the weight. Speedwork will definitely use up some calories. What kind of speedwork are you thinking of? Oh and playing with legos? That's some serious xtraining! LOL



    GLBryan, Good job on the 4 mile run. As for the water, everyone's different, but I usually carry water with me on runs over 90 minutes (7-8 miles) (except for when I forget my hydration belt on the hotel room floor!) And I'll drink about every 3-4 miles. Of course that depends on the temps, and my overall hydration level. It always pays to drink plenty of water daily. About the only time I don't recommend drinking water is within an hour of the start of a race (listen to the water slosh around in your stomach while you are running LOL).



    Yeah I better get back to work too! Good luck to everyone with your runs today!




  • macd019 Pro 709 posts since
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    26. Jun 3, 2008 8:53 AM (in response to kevee)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 1st


    Hi all!



    spicegeek, sorry to hear about the NYC Half. I thought you were guaranteed a spot by doing the roadrunner (?) races, but maybe that's the Marathon? Anyway, as you say, with the hip and the short training timeframe it's not all bad. That body bar exercise sounds like a killer!



    Cara, sounds like an great weekend, and some good runs too. I need to remind myself that a short night's sleep doesn't necessarily mean a bad run... I have this tendency to want to stay in bed and try to get more sleep



    Ilissa, I don't have anything to add to others' advice except that for me, the biggest hurdles are mental. Think positive!



    runjr, glad to hear you took a rest day! What full did you decide on?



    joe, I think your subconscious thought your body didn't need to be at the gym. Too bad it can't make the call for that MRI



    misswendy, try not to get discouraged about not meeting your weight goal. It is really hard to lose on any particular schedule, especially when it's a small amount of weight you're trying to lose. The goals I'm working on are eating healthier (and less), and not beating myself up when I slip up. Seems to be working well for now. Great run in the heat this morning! I don't know how you do it. You're doing another half at the end of the month? I don't suppose it's anywhere north of say, the Mason-Dixon line? I'm in awe of you southern runners; I truly don't handle the heat well at all. I keep meaning to ask if you have a good carrot cake recipe? DD#1 likes it (and will be home this weekend), but all the recipes I've tried have too much oil and/or sugar for me--too heavy & sweet.



    Gayle, sounds like you and I are not that far off in our training, or wouldn't be had I not had this knee setback (well, that and you're faster...). My longest was 5 miles, just before the injury; I hope to be back to 3 in 2 weeks. I've been wondering about water, too, especially as the temps are rising. I think I'll just deal with the Nike+ being off, since it's been both long and short since I recalibrated it. I like those features you do, and at least the time is correct!



    Kevin, the "laying in bed" felt pretty good to me this a.m. too... I had a walk with the dogs planned, and by the time I finally got up, only had enough time for a mile and a quarter. That was enough for them, tooit was about 65 and humid, their tongues were dragging. They give my arms & shoulders a workoutNOT in a good way--so I had had enough by then too.



    Everyone have a good one!



  • spicegeek Community Moderator 2,563 posts since
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    28. Jun 3, 2008 10:09 AM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 1st


    I am planning a 3 mile trot on the tread mill later I`ll make up the hour hour cardio on the rowing machine I think and do some ab work - if I can climb out from under the system crashes and other mess thats going on here ! - I hate when there is someone camped outside my office waiting for me to arrive at 8:00 am - pre coffee panics suck !




    runjr - my hip is a million times better - I know what I did - I simply pushed too much - I have to remember I wasn`t back from the stress fracture long and my legs were not built back up when I ended up in surgery and out for another 4 weeks - I have decided to go back to basics - 1 month of  2 x 3 milers and 4 - 5 miles at the weekend - stop if there is even the slightest indication of a problem ! I`m also starting - care of my trainers to hit the legs with weight training




    Joe - very glad to you didn`t run - when is the MRI ?




    misswendy - LOL on the abs comment - let me tell you having EC watch you do yoga ball pikes ups is much more traumatic - the a$$ is is the air and chances of face planting are very high not to mention that the head upside thing means sweat drips onto the floor at said EC feet - he can watch my abs all he wants - they are pretty strong - if a little more insulated then we`d like



    GL - I`m not sure about being the resident fitness expert - I just have a bunch of crazy but creative and brilliant trainers I work with !! congrats on the weight loss - I`m right there with you - I dropped 50lb too - I went through a phase of having saggy bits too - but things do tighten up - the basic key for weight training - you need to do lower weight / higher reps ( endurance ) to build long lean muscle and low reps higher weight for strength. Now - that doesn`t mean that you should be prancing about with 2lb dumb bells. - High reps are 12 - 15 reps low reps 8 - 10. Regardless of the high or low the last 2 or 3 reps of the last set ( you should be doing 3 sets ) should be a struggle but not to the point that you lose form. Rest between strength sets 2-3 mins - endurance 1:30 - 2 mins. You can super set - do a push exercise, pull - then rest - like a chest press and a row. For arms I like bicep curls, hammer curls, single arm tricep extensions, skull crushers ( Also called laying tricept extensions, or french presses ), dips, kickbacks and preacher curls. For the whole upper body - rows seated and bent over, chest presses - seated, benched or declined, shoulder presses, pushups, lat pull downs, pull ups, You can do rows and presses with resistance bands, flys, reverse flys, lateral raises, front raises.



    Core work - crunches on anything, back externsions, leg raises, v ups, oblique crunches, twists,



    Switch the exercises often so you and your body don`t get bored. Proper form - I can not stress how valuable a good trainer is - and a good trainer is knowledgeable AND someone you you connect with  - you have to trust them, push youself - but be careful - anything where you are lifting a weight that is heavy for you get someone to spot you. One you have the exercise in it`s basic form you can challenge yourself by incorperating yoga balls, bosu`s resistance bands. You should also be trying to increase the weight you lift every 2 - 8 weeks depending on the exercise and the frequency or your workouts.



    I like this site for basic form - they have a lot of descriptions and little videos





    Make yourself a workout plan before you start - note the reps and weights you lift so you can track progress. do multi join exercises first - like rows and chest presses - and single joint - like curls last.



    Warm up with a movement prep before you start and stretch when you are done !



    Here is a basic example of my Sat upper body work out - but I switch it about a lot - I left the exercises very generic - pick the way you like to do them - for example - I can do a chest press with dumbells with my back braced on a yoga ball - with the olympic chest press bar laying on a bench - on the seated chest press machine, standing with my resistance bands and adding a lunge into the mix at the same time, ... or with a plain old push up ! start with what you are comfortable with and can manage - and work your way to the "what in the world in she up to" ones !!!



    warm up



    shoulder and back movement prep - no weights - look at this link - the Y T W L prehabs - run thro twice

    20 knee drops and 20 scorpion stretches



    russian twists, chops and diagonal chops ( I use a 10lb ball- start lighter 4lbs is good )  - 3 sets 10 reps work up to no break between sets




    super set 1



    Chest press


    1 min plank or jump rope, or balance board or jumping jacks or 20 alternating step ups



    super set 2



    Shoulder press

    lat pull down

    side planks ( or as above )



    super set 3




    tri ext

    lateral raises



    super set 4



    front raises


    reverse flys



    I`ll finish up with back and abs










    that was possibly much more information than you ever wanted ! ... sorry



    NYC Marathon          Nov 1 2009     -   4:03:13 ( 9:17 mm )

    NYC Half Marathon   Aug 16 2009   -   1:55:38 ( 8:49 mm )

    1 mile -  7:07                             10K     - 52:58 ( 8:32 mm)

    4 mile - 31:35 ( 7:53 mm)          8K      - 42:28 ( 8:32 mm)

    15K -     1:22:02 ( 8:49 mm)

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