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  • Stephanie2 Rookie 50 posts since
    Jan 15, 2008
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    15. Jun 15, 2008 7:22 PM (in response to chuck43)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 15th


    Hey it's me!



    Went to my sisters in Ohio for 6 days, end of May first of June, nephew graduated from high school. Only ran 1 day while gone.



    Have been keeping up with the cross training! Restarted  the running, 3 miles a night for 3-4 days a week.



    I have been trying to keep up somewhat with the posts, but way to far behind for shout outs!



    I did run my second HM yesterday! It was right here in Maryville, Missouri.



    My time was 2:22:53, I walked for the water stations this time and talk about HILLS we have them and they found them for this course. I was pleased with the run considering my last long run was my HM in May!



    I just decided on Tuesday to go ahead with the HM, I wanted to be sure my first HM was not a fluke!



    I am really sore in the quads today!



    DH, DS and I leave on Thursday for Fresno, CA  to see DD, I'm so excited, haven't seen her since Christmas. Will be gone untill the 29th.



    Hope all is well,  good running to all,









  • kevee Rookie 376 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    17. Jun 16, 2008 6:51 AM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 15th


    Good morning all!  I've been a little busy the last few days.  With all the rain we've gotten here, I'm starting to think I now live in a wet basement.  LOL  Anyway, I've gotten all my scheduled runs in (including 8 miles yesterday) for a total of 25 miles for the week!  I've got a rest day today.



    Now let's see about catching up a little...



    Joe, I hope the news on the MRI is good for you.



    Runjr, Yeah, when I left the house for my 8 miles yesterday morning I noticed all the really dark clouds to the south.  No rain by me though.



    Chuck, you could run 3 with the group and then continue on for another 3.



    Spicegeek, I was up at 5am for my run yesterday.  It was the only ;time I could run.  As usual I feel I've gotten my xtraining workout just by READING what you've done!  LOL



    Macd019, great job with your runs last week!  I'm glad you're able to start logging the miles again.



    April, Congratulations on your race!  I just use Vaseline, it seems to work OK for me.



    Cara, Sorry to hear about the pain in your knee.  I hope it's just temporary.



    Misswendy, I hope you enjoyed your walk with DH.



    Amy, Congrats to DD on her 3rd place finish.  And great job on the mileage total for you!  You beat me by a half mile.



    Spicegeek, when is your push/pull up test?  I know you'll do great as you been training SO hard.



    Runjr, nice job on the easy 6(.02) miles.  Ya gotta take it easy on Father's day right?



    Chuck, too bad you couldn't get your run in.  Having that one day of rest sounds like a good plan.



    Stephanie,  It sounds like you had a good trip!  Congratulations on your race.  Excellent time considering the hills, and sporadic running leading up to the race.  Take a rest day, you deserve it!



    Joe, I'll bet you had a nice day with DS's.



    Well I'm back to work.  Good luck to everyone with your runs today!






  • misswendy! Legend 1,056 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    18. Jun 16, 2008 6:53 AM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 15th


    hey yall



    did intervals this morning.  3 x 800mtrs (7:59, 8:16, 7:35) then 1 x 400 (or so) at 8:00per mile.  supposed to do 5, but just didnt have it.  ended up 4.11m total. 



    trying to paint DD's room while they are gone.  so gotta get that going.  bleeccchhh!


  great job on hm#2! and with hills.  wow.  i'm sure the sore quads will be better soon. keep up the hard work.  sounds like you are having a great summer.



    joe...van leeuwenhoek....LOL the first to see the microbial world? something like that? oh well that was a lotta years ago...very funny



    love to all



  • misswendy! Legend 1,056 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    19. Jun 16, 2008 6:55 AM (in response to misswendy!)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 15th

    kevee....great job on 25 m for the week.  hope your basement dries out soon!  i did not get in my walk b/c of afternoon storms.  we did get to run a little together this morning.

  • Cara_26.2 Pro 711 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    20. Jun 16, 2008 7:10 AM (in response to misswendy!)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 15th


    Hey guys,



    Went for a short walk with DH yesterday evening, and ran a few yards at the end just to check out my muscle pain, but nothing hurt so decided to run this morning and just see how it goes. The first mile felt fine whilst running easy so went for my intervals and just took them slightly easier that normal. Good news is that there was no pain, so once again the slight injury i've picked up does not appear to be running related! My legs are tired though from all the intense training, so i'll probably take it a little easier for the remainder or of the week.



    Misswendy - the running shop did tell me that sauconys are similar to Mizunos but i'll let you know once mine turn up. I had some really comfy Nike's before, but I have no idea what model they are. I just picked them up cheap somewhere Enjoy your week of piece and freedom! Great intervals run... you're getting speedier!



    Amy - That's an amazing time that DD did the CC race in! You should brag... you must be very proud! Great to get advice from experienced marathoners... the rules are that you have to share it with us now I love talking to runners too... DH gets really bored of hearing about it all! That's why I post here!



    Spicegeek - when's are you doing your comp then? Sounds like you are more than ready for it, so enjoy! If EC doesn't turn up for that shortbread, can you post to the UK That trip to teach the art class sounds lovely!



    Runjr - good job on the 6 miler to burn off some of that food! I really enjoy the intervals... most of mine are run some then back off but each time they are different which makes it fun. You should plan to do some as speed training - be careful putting them into a recovery runs though as they are pretty intensive and not going to help the rest / recovery process much!



    Chuck - Great job on the 20 miles. Sorry the weather wouldn't cooperate for that last 10, but there's always another day to run! Glad you had a good day though and you deserved the rest anyway! I really enjoy having Sundays off too... firstly it means you can push more on those long runs, and secondly you can really enjoy the rest of the weekend and relax knowing that you've earnt it



    Stephanie - good to hear from you! Congrats on your second HM! It's definitely no fluke then Take it easy on those quads and rest up! Have a lovely time visiting DD!



    Joe - sounds like you had a lovely fathers day! I think my 'injury' was from stretching up too much to reach the top of the hedge... i'm going to get myself a hedge trimmer for next time Pretty sure i'm going to do that 10k... otherwise i'd i'd regret it if I didn't break an hour in the other one! I've got my fingers crossed for you on the test results!



    Kevin - good job on those 25 miles for the week - what sort of weekly mileage are you planning on getting up to? Hope your basement dries out soon... i'll send you the nice weather back



    Well - i'd better get back to work before someone notices me writting to you lot 6 miles easy on the plan for tomorrow morning.



    Happy running







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    21/02/2010 Sussex Beacon Half Marathon: 1:51:30

  • GLBryan Rookie 278 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    22. Jun 16, 2008 10:44 AM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 15th

    Runjr – Glad the storms have passed you by. It is frustrating when your runs are foiled by weather.


    Chuck – I was really impressed with your 6.02 time too. It’s still a good time even after you fixed the typo! I run through the occasional sprinkler myself. The other day when I ran in the heat of the day a guy was watering his lawn. I really wanted to see if he would spray me down but as I didn’t know him I talked myself out of it.


    Joe – Any word from the doc?


    Mary – Roads/weather situation sounds dreadful. Hope things are back to normal soon.


    Cara – Nice work on the intervals and the hilly 10 miler. You worked hard this weekend. You are right, MotionBased is adding distance as well. I never noticed before. I did some research and apparently they do their own calculations. Can’t figure how they would wind up with extra time though.


    Spicegeek  - I am so jealous about your dive trip to Grand Cayman. My DH and I went there years ago and I was supposed to dive. I took the course at home in Texas and the day before my open water exam and about a month before the trip I found out I was pregnant. We went on a snorkeling excursion instead which was pretty cool. I held a sting ray!


    April – Good job on your race!


    Amy – Congrats to your daughter!


    Wendy – You are smoking on your intervals. Is your HM this weekend?


    Question for all – in your training for HM’s have you ran the actual distance before race day? A lot of the plans seem to have you run the distance for the first time on race day. I take some comfort mentally in knowing I have run a distance before. Thoughts?

  • macd019 Pro 709 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    23. Jun 16, 2008 11:53 AM (in response to GLBryan)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 15th


    Good afternoon, all!



    Joe, I thought I might have to sign up for Twitter so you could keep me posted on the Open, but then saw NBC is simulcasting it and Fox is updating the scoreboard--Go Tiger!



    Chuck, I'm with misswendy on needing lots of beer to get those oysters down! I'll take the crab claws though. Glad you had a nice father's day.



    April, great job on your race! And so cool about that man you met!



    Cara, glad to hear your leg didn't hurt when you ran this morning. Take it easy this week, though! Gotta be ready for that flat 10K, right?



    misswendy, mmmm cinnamon rolls! I haven't given away my sweet tooth, have I? Yum on the peaches too--I made a peach pie Sat. Enjoy your kidless week! Great job on your intervals!!



    Amy, great mileage for the week, and congrats to DD on her race! Brag anytime



    spicegeek, I don't know about 3 miles seeming like a real run... I am soooo slow! But I was able to finish it, and considering it was just a month ago that I could start with a mile, I guess I'm making progress. Have a wonderful time in Grand Cayman! Did you get the painting finished?



    runjr, yes Cedar Rapids looks awful. Do you or DW have family there? Where is the Fox Valley marathon? Appleton is my old (college) stomping ground... I see you got plenty of miles in over the weekend--way to go!



    Stephanie, great job on your HM! Hope the soreness eases soon. Have a blast in Fresno!



    Kevin, sorry to hear about your wet basement. I hope you all start drying out up there soon. DD said she heard people had to drive a hundred miles out of their way to get from Milwaukee to Madison (though that sounds a bit much). Great mileage in spite of the weather!



    Gayle, I can't answer your question from experience, but have heard it said that adrenaline will carry you through on race day. I'm with you--I'd rather be CERTAIN I could make it...



    I'm in kind of a crabby mood today, don't really know why. My run this a.m. went fine (if slowly); usually that puts me in a good mood. Maybe it's the choppy sleep--DH had 4 or 5 phone calls during the night (occupational hazard). Or maybe it's just because it's Monday...



    Uh-oh, I see Rocco's only a stroke behind...



  • runjr Legend 912 posts since
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    24. Jun 16, 2008 12:05 PM (in response to macd019)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 15th

    hi all, nice day here today, partly cloudy and low 70's. It is a great day for a run. I hope to run 6-7 miles with some fartleks.


    misswendy - great news that a friend is running with you. The veteran plan scares me a bit because of the quick step to 16 miles and at pace. I haven't decided completely on a plan but it just might be the veteran one. Yes, Saucony Triumph 5's for my Father's Day present. Great interval running, it is tough with the temps and humidity you run in. It takes some time to get used to it... if ever.



    stephanie - great race and congrats!!! Rest up.



    joe - Well you still are not done watching the US Open. Good thought on running with a group.



    kevee - great running! I am hoping the rain stays away for a while. The mosquitos are going to be awful. You know me even my Father's Day recovery run wasn't slow, but I am running at a slower pace on many days. Did the sump pump not keep up?



    cara - fantastic news on the non-injury. I get really nervous now when some muscle or joint feels not right. I just want to run and hope to stay injury free. Did you run in your new shoes yet? How do the new doors look?



    glbryan - for my first HM I ran that distance before because I always need to prove to myself that I can do it. DD only ran 10 miles as her long run before her first HM and performed awesome. I think it is what you need to do for yourself, but if you can run 10-11 the race day energy will carry you though the finish line.



    chuck - just jump back on your running plan. You are doing really well.



    macd - the fox cities is at the end of September and starts in Neenah and ends in Appleton at UW-Fox Valley. The mood is because it is a Monday. So happy your running is going well.



    take care.

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  • Amy G Rookie 34 posts since
    Oct 31, 2007
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    25. Jun 16, 2008 1:57 PM (in response to runjr)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 15th


    Hi! Got 5 in this morning & did it in 46:18 - faster than I intended but it felt good so I just kept pushing it. It was nice to feel strong since I haven't felt this way since the weather turned so hot & humid. The advice the marathoners gave me was to increase my long runs by 10 minutes per week & to do speedwork starting with 2 800's with a 200 recovery jog in between. Then add an extra 800 a week until I reach 6 & then ladder back down in the weeks before the race. I have been going over training plans in my old Runners World mags & now I just need to finalize my own plan. Thank goodness I have some time to get this together.



    Cara - glad the pain seems to be nothing but do take it easy. Take care of yourself!



    Misswendy - Ugh - painting? Can't say I like it - I just call my sister as she loves to! Great job on the intervals!



    Kevin - LOL on the .5 mile! Sorry about the wet basement feeling -here's hoping for dry weather!



    Joe - glad you had a nice Father's Day! Keep us posted on what the doc says. By the way - glad you did call the doc's office last week!



    Stephanie - congrats on the HM! I am hoping to post close to the same time for a flat HM course! Enjoy your trip to see DD!



    Chuck - glad you also had a nice Father's Day!



    runjr - it's so nice I have friends here who speak my language!



    spicegeek - Good luck on the competition! I agree with showing up those 20 somethings! Still holding shortbread for EC? You could also send it to FL.....



    Take care all!












  • misswendy! Legend 1,056 posts since
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    27. Jun 16, 2008 5:11 PM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 15th


    chamblin....good job on easing up to test your slight injury. that should be fun doing 2 10ks in a row. someone told me a good nike for neutrals was the pegasus (?) hope thats right.



    glbryan...i did not run the distance before hm, only up to 12. you will be able to make it for sure. there are plans that take you past-or up to that before, but you dont have to esp for the first hm. i was doubtful i would make it, but i did! my hm is june 28.



    macd..hope you get on twitter. hope you get some good sleep tonight. i find i am often crabby for no apparent reason. good job on your runs! you have come so far.



    runjr...i made a calendar of the runs from the veterans plan last night. it is certainly scary! if you find another good one i'd like to see it. i do want to keep the miles up, though, and thats what i like about the veteran. did your fartleks go well? i think i am just going way to fast in the intervals to really do all they ask for. maybe if i slow down i could do the entire set.



    amyg...great 5m! sounds like you are getting used to the hot/humid weather. when is the marathon you are going for? sounds like the advice is great and you are really preparing well.



    joe...great golf today, huh?! good job keeping after that doc! hope we get a tweet soon.






  • spicegeek Community Moderator 2,563 posts since
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    28. Jun 16, 2008 6:03 PM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 15th

    I`m in a training class in another part of New York today and tomorrow so I checked out another branch of the gym I use - The old training manager from my gym, now manages this new branch - he hasn`t seen me in a while - the first world out of his mouth were - wow you look great - so that made me feel good !! Trying to get my boxing trainer to meet me there tomorrow as they have a boxing studio. Did a good hour cardio and an ab blast - they gym is nice .. but its not MY gym and I miss my boys !


    runjr - I`ll back up your daughters - suicides are killers ! Glad to hear you got treated well on fathers day !


    Stephanie - well done on your half marathon !! Good to see you back !


    Joe - Glad you had a good fathers day  - keep bugging the doctors - I hope you hear from him soon. Hey .. I have one more of my back up ECs on face book !


    kevee - still not sure when I can do my push pull test - I`m hoping I can postpone it to Sat but I`m not sure if any of the managers will be in to oversee the test so I may have to do it either Weds lunchtime or Friday. I`m just happy I trained hard and I will be able to say I did the best I could.


    Cara - glad to hear your knee is ok ! Sorry he`s my #1 EC for many reasons - I`m holding the shortbread for him !


    GL - you`d be amazed how many scuba students I`ve lost to pregnancy ! The stingrays at Cayman are so much fun


    macd - slow is just a state of mind - you are doing great ! No the **** painting is still unfinished !


    Amy - the shortbread came from Florida !!! lol .. my friend who taught me to make it lives in Jacksonville - but yes I`m still holding what left for my EC - he`s a sweet heart and he`s having a really tough time right now


    misswendy - you are such a rock star !

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  • runjr Legend 912 posts since
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    29. Jun 16, 2008 6:12 PM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 15th

    hi all, well I just decided to go fast for 6 miles and no fartleks. I felt really good and just went for it. Tomorrow I will be slow and take it easy. I needed to go faster tonight as I have been really going slower and watching my pace. I figure I will go slow tomorrow and take a day off soon and then some speedwork on the track.


    amy - super great run. Please share which plan you are going to follow when you decide. It is a great feeling when you have the ability to keep pushing and your body responds to the mind.



    joe - the US Open was fantastic to watch. I think I am going to try the running group and like you said run before or after to get my miles in. Can't wait for your doctors visit. I am looking forward to your posting that you ran.



    misswendy - the pace plus and pace for 18 miles is scary in the veteran plan. Yes you are going to fast for your plan. Did you load the training calculator at Runners World to get your training paces? They will give you all the paces you are supposed to use for training. You are correct with the pegasus and being a good neutral shoe. I have a pair and wore them for my last HM and DW uses them all the time.



    spicegeek - it is always good to train in another gym once in a while. You have been working so hard. Hope you get back to see your EC soon. The old saying, "there is no place like home."



    take care all.

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