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Jun 25, 2008 5:37 AM

what do you eat part 2

Ok what do you eat the day before your race ( I'm a 5K runner) and what do you do and eat the day of your race?



I'm new to this racing thing.  I started out running in January to lose the pounds (reached my goal and lost 35lbs..YEAH ME)  Then I thought I'd give racing a try.  I only have two under my belt which I ABSOLUTELY LOVED!   I'm just wondering what to eat the day before.  My hubby who used to be an athlete in High School said he used to eat pasta.  Is that something that you eat? It just doesn't sound right to   


Also wondering what you eat the day of the race.  I have only been eating a banana and water.  The first race I skipped on my cup of coffee and felt horrible, the second one I had my cup and felt great but is coffee really something I should be consuming?


As you can probably guess I am now addicted to races and want to beat my records every time I race.  I'm still new to this so I'm still learning and I want to do everything possible to make myself a better racer.


Thanks for all your help.

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    1. Jun 25, 2008 6:12 AM (in response to harlow matello)
    Re: what do you eat part 2


    Harlow - after reading you post - I saw one titled " 1st race - breakfast?"  read it.  I'm new at this too - and have run only a couple of races.  I do 3-5 every other day, and then more on Sunday Morning.  (6mi last sunday & it was great!)  Anyway - I found that I learn alot from here and you just have to look around - you might find your answers right before your very eyes!!!!  



    Now - what do I eat?  I'm learning that it's not too good to eat MEXICAN the night before a run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and I never eat anything before I head out 1st thing in the morning.



    I'm afraid I might loose it somewhere down the road!   then I get home and drink a large OJ&H2O and take my vitamins, coffee and eat breakfast.   The night before, I eat whatever.   But will try the pasta thing before my first 10mi in August!  Here in Flint - we hold the big Crim Festival of races.  Last year I did the 8K and I think I'm ready for the 10miler.  I'm really excited about it. 



    Keep on Runnin!









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    2. Jun 25, 2008 7:13 AM (in response to harlow matello)
    Re: what do you eat part 2


    Nutrition for races varies somewhat depending on the length of the race.  Your husband mentioned eating pasta.  This is known as carbo-loading and takes on more significance the longer the race.  I've included a couple links on carbo-loading below.  For running in general you should try to increase the percentage of calories you get from carbohydrates, to perhaps 50-60%.  What I recommend is checking sites like and and read the nutrition sections.  Active also has a nutrition section under "Browse Community"   There is nothing wrong with coffee before a race.  Some tests have shown it to be a performance enhancer.  Before a race, go for high carb foods.  Bananas are good, something like a bagel or powerbar would be too.  When and how much are just as important.  The closer you get to race time, the less you should eat.









    Carbo-loading links:











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