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Jul 16, 2008 9:14 AM

wed july 16


25 mile bike follow by a three mile run.  still tired from yesterday's hot 15 miler. 



I jammed my toes on the the wooden stairs in the garage last night and I got a blood blister covering the end of one toe.  I popped it to release the pressure and then soaked it in hydrogen peroxide.  Was that bad?  I can never remember which ones to leave alone.  I'm getting this weird pressure point just under my ankle bone on the inside of my leg foot.  Both my running shoes and my bike are rubbing there.  It even blistered and bled today.  I'm not wearing new shoes in fact they are a style I wear consistently so I can't figure out why all of the sudden there's all this rubbing.  Any ideas?



I finally got access to the splints for the race last weekend and I'm quite pleased and feel a little bit more ready for my next race, except for the fact that this next race draws a lot more tough competetion.  My goal is to beat my time from last year.  There will be a lot of fast girls including some elites.  It should be an exciting day.



How's your rehabbing going Jay?



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    1. Jul 16, 2008 9:23 AM (in response to jenhirr)
    Re: wed july 16

    Hey Jen, for what it's worth, my buddy is a medic and says that hydrogen peroxide is so powerful that it kills 'good' bacteria and slows down the heeling process. He thinks hot soapy water is better. Wear some sandals int he meantime to let air to it so it hardens up. I'm not sure why you are all of a sudden getting hot spots unless your legs are fatigued and your changing your stride mechanics or something... not sure what to tell you. But, you can try body glide in the problem areas to keep friction minimized or take a look at the injinji socks that have kept me from any blisters since I switched.


    Congrats on the good news with your splits--keep it up the great work!

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    2. Jul 16, 2008 12:22 PM (in response to jenhirr)
    Re: wed july 16
    jenhirr wrote:

    How's your rehabbing going Jay?

    It's coming along as usual.  I've done two days on the elliptical and it is starting to feel better.  I'm going to be on the elliptical again tomorrow and then I'll need to see how I feel in the afternoon before I decide what to do Friday.  I want to run again, but I certainly don't want to make things worse or drag out the healing process even longer.  I'm going to see an orthopedist on Monday afternoon.

    As for your blisters, I agree with Toby's recommendation of Body Glide.  I bought a few pairs of the Injinji socks and haven't been all that impressed, but my blisters don't usually involve my toes.

    When's your next race?

    Good luck and happy running!


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