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Oct 19, 2008
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Nov 5, 2008 12:20 PM

Training for 1/2 and thought I was doing so good...


Hi everyone!  I am currently training for the Philly half marathon on Nov 23rd.  I run about 25 miles a week and on the weekends I've been going to a trail that I refer to as  "A little slice of Heaven" to do my long run at 6:30 am on Sundays.  Last weekend I did 10 miles and I felt really good about it.  I was a tad sore the next day but not overly sore or hurting in any way.  My weekday runs have been on my treadmill but finally went to treadmill heaven when I blew the motor earlier this week.  So yesterday and today I got up and did 5 miles outside.  I have to say that I was SPENT after 5 miles both days.  I thought maybe yesterday was just a fluke that it was so hard to run on asphalt but today was just the same.  So now I am questioning whether I'll be able to complete 13.1 miles outside in only 2.5 more weeks.  Is running on asphalt that much harder than running on a wooded, packed trail up a mountain or is it all in my head?  Has anyone else experienced this?  This weekend I am going to attempt to do my long run on asphalt instead of the trail.



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    This post in general discussion covers some of the differences between treadmill running and other sufaces.





    I would say, don't get discouraged stick with your goal and adjust your training as you need to.  If you can do 10, you can do 13!






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    Don't be discouraged, if you did 10 you'll be ready. I did thePhoenix 1/2 in Jan ( I live in NE) so needless to say I did ALL my training--even long runs on the treadmill. I was very sore the day after the race, but I did have a PR by more than 10 minutes! Keep doing a lot of stretching and on your off days hit the pool or just go for a walk to get that lactic acid out of your quads. Good luck!

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    Assuming the trail you run on is typical trail through the woods, rocks and roots and ruts included, then the trail is harder to run on than the asphalt. If it's a groomed trail, the two are about the same. The trail will provide a little softer surface, but not enough to make a real difference unless your shoes are old. At the same time, you likely get just a little more traction on the asphalt. So why were the asphalt runs tiring? Maybe you've been working hard this week and you were more tired than usual. Maybe you got less sleep than usual. Maybe you're comparing them to the treadmill, which is a little easier, particularly if you don't set an incline on the treadmill. Maybe you have a cold coming on (hope not). More likely in my mind though, is that you ran faster than you usually do. You didn't have the speed control that the treadmill provides and you were going for a "short" run so you weren't taking it easy like you might on a 10 mile trail run. Result, a faster than usual pace because you're unaccustomed to setting a pace on asphalt. Of course, I could be way off base too, in which case, your guess is as good as mine.






    Anyway you cut it, I wouldn't be worried about the half, you'll be fine.











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    Yes I experience the same thing!  You are going to do just fine.  This is what I think the problem is, at least I believe this is going on for me.  I love the trails too and just finished my first half marathon.  What I think is happening is that when we are on the trails, time goes by quicker and the runs are more enjoyable because our minds are busier on the rocks, wildlife, hills, creeks etc.  Our minds are keeping us busy.  On the streets, I swear I want to stop after only a couple of miles.  I think I get bored so my brain shuts off first and then my legs!  I truly believe it is all in our heads.  Trust me, if you are running that many miles a week already, you are going to be just fine.  What I experienced during my first half marathon was kind of similar to trail running.  All the people that are running with you, the bands, the people cheering on the sidelines etc... It keeps your mind busy and your legs just keep on pushing!  No worries!  You will be fine, I promise!









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