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Nov 13, 2008 2:49 AM

Is this a permanent condition and will I ever run again?


I ran Boston in April, and ever since then have had tightness in my hip.  It was very noticeable after a run (not during).  After sitting, it would be very tight and sore when I stood up, but I also felt it walking or going down stairs.  The pain was worst when I extended the hip out to the side.  After a few weeks,  I stopped running altogether and started PT for what the doc (a physiatrist)  thought was ITBS.  After about 6 weeks with no real improvement (other than the fact that not running seemed to help), I went back to the doc.  He ordered an X-ray and MRI.  The X-ray was clean, but the MRI showed a strain of the gluteous medius tendon.  We moved on to plan B, which was 6 weeks of osteopathic manipulation.  No luck, so he did a cortisone injection.  This seemed to help, and I slowly started running again (5 minutes of running during my walk, skip a day, 6 minutes of running, etc.)  Everything was fine till I got up to 10 minutes of running, and the tightness started to flare up again.  So another cortisone shot and no running for 3 weeks.  Then I started slowly introducing the running again, and the same thing happened so I'm back to no running.



I have another appt. with a sports med doc this Friday.  I'm wondering if my running days are over, which scares the heck out of me.  I cross- train (swimming, cycling), but running is still my passion.  I have been running for about 15 years (I'm now 48), and I'm thinking my body is saying "no more".  Please tell me this is not true!    :_|



  • sherrymclaughlinpt Rookie 27 posts since
    Apr 21, 2008

    It is NOT permanent. I think I may have a solution, but I need to ask you a few questions. My email address is My company specializes in figuring out biomechanical issues that cause chronic pain and we have worked with a ton of runners of all levels, some of who have had your problem. Many times healing is delayed because of something happening or not happening at another joint besides the hip. I can help you figure this out if you can answer a few questions.


    You can check out our website at to check on our credibility.


    I look forward to hearing from you. I assure you, there is hope.


    Sherry McLaughlin

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    You are patient enough with yourself to DO the running, be patient enough with your body to help it recover.






    Epsom salt baths, exercising in water, stretching, and basically nurturing yourself back to health can help. 






    Keep a list of things that HAVE helped so that when you are distraught you can remember how hard you have worked to get yourself back to YOU. 






    YOU CAN DO IT!  Pick hope and not dispair.  Know that your body can learn to use the muscles in new ways in the mean time during your therapy stage! 









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