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Labral Tear Hip pain and recovery

Almost three years ago, an orth. dx'd me with a labral tear in my left hip (MRI) and recommended arthrscopic surgery. I have had chronic, > 6 years of pain in this hip in the musculoskeletal area. Lots of PT, various therapies have not resolved or improved it. Lately, the sharp groin area pain hits when rotating with weight bearing. When I saw the surgeon, he said he would  perfom an outpatient procedure and try to fix the tear with his arthroscope.  I asked him what the recovery entails and he told me to come back to see him when I was ready.  My life only gets harder. I am a single mother with other health conditions. My 11 yr. old daughter has numerous special needs including an attachment disorder. My parents are elderly and don't live near us. I adopted my daughter and have no family to rely on. What sort of help would I need to plan for to recover from a procedure? Who and where are the best physicians to accurately diagnose and treat my condition? We live in Central FL. Thanks!

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    1. Nov 26, 2008 12:52 PM (in response to CGFlicka)
    Re: Labral Tear Hip pain and recovery

    Trust me it sounds much worse than it is. I do have one recommendation. Research your doctor. Although Arthroscopy is a popular procedure, hip arthroscopy is in its infancy. So you want someone has done at least 50 successful procedures. Typically younger Orthos will be more qualified in this area. Which sounds odd, but they learned the practice in school, where older doctors typically don't want to learn the new stuff or aren't comfortable with it. I went to several Ortho's before I settled on mine. I ended up with what I feel was the best surgeon for the job.


    If your doctor is good, your recovery is EASIER than what you are going through now! I had it done, I left the hospital on crutches and I was walking around the house that evening. I used my crutches on and off for a few days, but I really didn't need them, I was just being cautious. I een told my doctor if it weren't for the two TINY incisions, I would have thought you were lying to me and I didn't have surgery. You will be able to get around just fine and take care of your day to day needs.



    Start physical therapy as soon as possible after the procedure and it will help with inflamation that may be caused from the traction. They will also put you on a killer antiinflammatory medication. If you do everything you should be good and keep up with your at home stretching. A common side effect is tendonitis in the hip, towards the groin area. But the streching and the PT should keep that at bay.



    I'm not sure if you are a runner or not, but you need to be very specific with your exercise plan with both your Physical Therapist and your Orthopaedist. Don't go out to early and over do something. This is my problem, I decided I was all better because I was feeling no pain and it was such a relief! So I now have tendonitis in my hip and ankle. But I did 3 races (inlcuding a 1/2 marathon 3 weeks post surgery) in 2 months. If you avoid the mistakes I made you will be in good shape. Trust me, if you have a good surgeon, that YOU feel comfortable with, you will be relieved and better able to take care of your daughter. And faster than you would imagine. I actually had more pain associated with the MRI with contrast then I did with the actual surgery!



    If you have any questions that I didn't cover you can feel free to PM me. I had the procedure done April 28, I had two instances of torn cartilage, some inflamation and a bone spur all removed from the left hip.

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