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    15. Oct 15, 2008 5:03 PM (in response to sjf89)
    Re: running shoes

    Buying a good pair of running shoes is so important!  I had a gait analysis done a few years ago & found that my knees were hurting because I tend to pronate - or run more on the inside edges of my feet rather than centered.  I started buying the Asics Kayanos & my knees completely stopped hurting.  If you look for a shoe that has the darker grey / harder rubber material on the soles, that's the area that is built with additional support.  Some have them on the heel & some have them where the arch of your foot is like the Kayanos - hence why they work for me.  That little bit of support there gave me the support I needed to stop pronating when I ran.  Go to a good running store - not something like Academy or Sports Authority - but a store that has real athletes with experience working there.  In Houston they are places like Luke's Locker, Run Sport or Fleet Feet.  These people will talk with you about what kind of running you are doing, what is going on with your body when you run, & how far you are running so you can be fit with the appropriate shoe.  There's also a limit to your shoe as far as long it will last & give you the support you need.  The typical time frame is every 300-500 miles you should get new shoes.   Hope this helps & happy running!

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    16. Oct 16, 2008 2:29 PM (in response to NewbieJ)
    Re: running shoes

    I am also new to running, I signed up for a run group at the local high school in Septemer and that has helped me get out there as well as giving me someone with experience to bounce questions off of.  There are stores that have treadmills and also have great sales associates that can watch you jog and suggest proper shoes.  At the suggestion of the woman overseeing my run group I went to a store called Marathon Sports in Massachusetts and they were great, the sales associate watched me take a light jog, disappeared in the back and returned with some shoes for me to try on, the first were nice, much better then what I had been wearing and the second were even better, she also guided me through choosing some socks, and suggested some other core items to get me running comfortably.   Oh and if no one else has told you I have been informed numerous times now that you always go up a half to whole size when buying running shoes.   It was very helpful and I am happy to say I am far more comfortable in my new shoes and clothes and I'm up to 2 1/2 miles and hoping to run a 5K on Thanksgiving!

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    17. Nov 29, 2008 11:41 AM (in response to BTreeMommy)
    Re: running shoes


    The runners world site offers some great tools to assist you.





    Not being a local here in Virginia Beach, I used the tools on the site to kelp me find a local running shoe specialty store.  They got me in the right shoes as well as put me in touch with some local running groups for those long run days.



    Hope this helps.



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    18. Dec 27, 2008 7:45 AM (in response to sjf89)
    Re: running shoes


    Running shoes vary a great deal. Definately, go to a running shop and talk to the people who work there. My suggestion is to go to a couple of them, wander, look around and engage with the staff.  Find a store your comfortable in going to because you will end up going often. I found a running shop in my area that allows you to buy, try for 30 days and bring back if you need to with no questions asked to return, swap for another kind, etc.



    My first pair was a pair of Nike's Air off the shelf of Big 5.  How can you go wrong with a big name like Nike right? Wrong... totally the wrong pair of shoes for me. I ended up with sore knees for months until I finally bought a pair of Saucony's.  After wearing the Saucony's Progrid's for about 1.5 weeks, my sore knees started to go away. Put the Nike's back on (don't ask me why) and voila, sore knees returned. Figured out that Nike has a firmer cushioning system than Saucony. Made my knees take all the impact.



    Here is another kicker...finally went to a running shop, they analyzed my gait and suggested a few pairs. Upgraded to a new pair of Saucony's however specifically for overpronators.  Weeks later, I have sore hips.  Went back to my neutral Saucony's, the sore hips go away.



    Long story short, go with an expert opinion, try what works for you and be open to swap out if you need to. Just because a Pro Shop suggests a certain brand or style, it doesn't mean it's the best.  Keep track of how you felt prior to switching to a new pair of shoes. If aches and pains start up, even weeks afterwards, be aware of what the catalysts may never know, it may be the shoes.  Shoes made today are higher tech, different cushioning technologies and much better support systems than years ago.  Your shoes are your base. Find a pair that work for you, try them out and if they consistently provide what you need, buy another if not two pairs to keep to replace when you need to.















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    19. Jan 31, 2009 12:39 PM (in response to sjf89)
    Re: running shoes


    To buy your shoes and learn how to measure your foot for the right size and the correct shoe for your foot, click on JOIN at  Get your account #, log back in and go to Partner Stores.  Sports Authority.  Also with your log-in you can find Rhodiolla and Double X and Perfect Water for perfect Hydration.  I found out that this is the #1 best sports nutrition. (10 times larger than GNC).



  • marillamers Rookie 1 posts since
    Oct 9, 2008
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    20. Feb 5, 2009 10:00 AM (in response to sjf89)
    Re: running shoes

    I have also had problems with my IT band and hipflexors.  I have tried ALOT of different shoes.  You name the brand and I have had a pair of  their shoes.  I have been a runner for a long time and usually buy the higher end shoes.  I just bought my first pair of Ascics Gel Kayono 15 and I agree with the others that love this shoe.  It has changed my life.  They are so comfortable.  I noticed the difference immediately.  There was a change in my stride and I could just feel the difference in the mechanics of my gait.  The best part is the hip pain is much, much less.  I am a physician and have found trough my work that alot of runners injuries are related to their feet and the mechanics of how they plant that foot.  It may take a while and you may have to pay some money to do it, but finding the right shoes makes the world of difference.  I have used the professionals at running stores and I have done the run on the treadmill, but the only way to really find the shoe is to keep trying.  If you are having trouble try, try, try again until you find it.  This from a now very happy runner!!!!!

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    21. Apr 5, 2009 5:52 AM (in response to sjf89)
    Re: running shoes


    I had gait analysis done in 2005 and bought my first Asics Gel's.  I didn't know I was a supinator, and had nearly beaten my knees and hips to death using the wrong shoes.  Running had become unpleasant!  The instant I put the Asics on, I knew I had found the right shoe.  I recently bought the Kayanos and I am in love!  I am starting to train for Team in Training to run the Rock n Roll half in September.  I am not sure if I will be able to, but at least now I have a chance. 



    The time, money and sweat you invest in you shoes is the worth everything.  I can also echo the need for core strength and stability.  As a CPT, I do a lot of training with distance runners.  The feedback I get is consistent...put time into training your core and you will see improvement in your running.












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