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6 Hour Dirty Duathlon of Mountain Biking and Trail Running...we have another one in May!











February 21, 2009






WOW!!  What an event!  The 6 hour Dirty Duathlon was hosted by Desert Winds Adventure Series and held at the world famous Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, NV.  As is true to our reputation of putting on cool events (ah, who are we to brag!) this duathlon was fast and furious and honestly the athletes blew us race organizers away!!



We had set the course and figured out approximately how long it would take an athlete to complete a loop.  We figured in, once they get tired what could we expect for times, when should we call "last loop" and more.  But, we never expected that these amazing athletes would kill loop after loop with seemingly endless energy!  A huge hats off to everyone but a special note to our female relay team Mandy Rocher and Tiffany Meyers that not only posted some of the fastest times but did negative splits on almost every loop they completed!



So, to back up a little bit...what did we do for our course?  Well, we wanted to make it fun, interesting, keep the athletes moving fast, transitioning fast and feeling that sense of a high level of competition.  We had a few constraints to work with being in a public park.  There were other groups at the park and we knew that there would be a lot of downhill riders out at Bootleg Canyon, some just riding but many riding memorial rides for Brent Thompson, Godfather and Trail Master at Bootleg Canyon who had just recently passed away.  Brent created Bootleg Canyon and was a prominent figure in the mountain biking world.  He will be missed but, his park is a great legacy for us all to enjoy! 



So, where was I?  Right, we decided to be completely different than the conventional duathlon which is run, ride and finish with a run.  Too easy J  Our course was four different loops; ride, run, ride, and run...and as Michael Sokey put it so well, "no rinse, just repeat!"  And, that is what the athletes did for 6 hours!  Each loop was a different loop, the whole course was marked with colour coded tape.  As Robert Finlay our Race Director noted "this is the first time I have a marked course for a race!"  Robert was one of the competitors, while Glenn was Scorekeeper Extraordinaire and Colleen was exchanging coloured tape, directing athletes, getting them food and fluids, and chasing after them in a truck when they raced the wrong way around a loop!



We had each athlete when they came to the transition area exchange their coloured tape, that way once they were out on the course they could just look at the tape and ride or run by colours!  The riding at Bootleg can be treacherous but we kept the athletes on fun and fast loops so they could really let loose while riding.  The running was tough!  The terrain is varied, there are downhill missiles to avoid and the rocks are unforgiving if you fall.  But, we are happy to report we had only a few minor cuts and scrapes!  Thanks to Jon from the Southern Nevada Health District who was our volunteer medic for the day.  Not only is Jon a medic but he is a veterinary, and as Robert so eloquently put it "he will be able to take care of all you animals competing today!"



We will be posting results and photos of the day on our website within the week, so make sure to check it out.  But, in the meantime our overall winners were the following:






1st place solo male - Rogue Ryan



2nd place solo male- Brett Floridia






The competition between these two men was amazing!  From our transition area/scorekeeping central we could see the last few loops of this intense competition unfold.  Brett who was just a small amount of time behind Ryan for much of the race closed the gap to within a minute heading out for what could have been their last lap, depending on what time they got in, but they could not go out on another lap after 14:45, so it was getting close. They took off for the blue loop of mountain biking and we watched as they travelled up the jeep road towards the loop.  Ryan was in front but Brett was closing the gap fast.  As they crested the side of the hill, which was the last part we could see them, they were already closer to one another.  We waited excitedly for someone to come back over the crest of the hill.  About 20 minutes later we saw Brett, he had passed Ryan somewhere on the loop and was racing back to the transition area.  He flew in to where we were and said "That's it, I'm done, I got nothing left!"  Ryan on the other hand needed to secure a victory with another lap, so after an incredibly fast transition he raced off to complete one more running loop!  Great action men!






1st place solo female - Kristen Peers



2nd place solo female - Jennifer Rarden






Wow, these women were amazing!  Along with Monique Fletcher, our solo female category was these 3 women.  Loop after loop they posted amazing times and their energy and smiles were great!  They never let up for a second the whole 6 hours of competition!  With just a few minutes to the cut off time, Kristen set out for another lap, she already had sealed her victory but, she had enough left to get back out there, way to rock the course Kristen!!






1st place relay - Mandy Rocher/Tiffany Meyers 



2nd place relay - John McGuire/Jenny Lindsay






What can we say?  Our relay division and these four athletes were amazing!  Our female team of Mandy and Tiffany not only rocked the whole competition but they kept coming in with faster and faster times.  As they learned the course they really let loose.  At one point we saw Tiffany running down a very steep section at the end of West Leg (orange loop) just before the jeep road.  But, we could also see some mountain bikers coming from the opposite direction, both would be meeting at the same spot to go out to the jeep road.  We watched anxious that Tiffany and the riders would see each other in time, well we had nothing to worry about.  Tiffany reached the intersection, passed the riders and ran down the jeep road faster than them!  She was like a gazelle, I do not know if her feet we touching the ground!






1st place team - Mark Jackson, Erich Rempel, Brandy Friday



2nd place team - Dorian and Crystal Ruiz



These two teams really overcame a lot during this race, hats off to you both!  During the first blue riding loop, Brandy's cleat broke, at the start of their second blue riding loop Erich got a flat tire.  Brandy took a nasty fall during one loop but, they never stopped.  They got themselves back up, fixed what needed to be fixed and kept going.  The last orange running loop they did of the day was their fastest time of that loop!!  Dorian and Crystal were out there the whole time, pushing themselves and for their first race in a long time they did a great job!  They were happy and chatty the whole race and kept heading out for loops, way to go!






Hammer Nutrition provided us with swag for our swag bags, HEED for the athletes to fill their bottles with and prizes for our top relay and team athletes!  Thanks so much for being such great supporters of our events!  nuun and Feed the Machine provided our winners with some nuun tablets and discount codes for all the athletes that attended our race, thanks!  And, we were proud to have Polar Bottle again for swag and prizes at this event; we love those Polar Bottles, especially here in the desert!






Our winners received some great prizes!  Top male and female winners had prizes provided to us by BC Bicycle Adventures.  We went into Neil's shop to say HI and talk about the race (Neil also participated and did a great job!) but, while we were there Neil asked us "how do I get on that sponsor list?"  Words we love to hear!  So, thanks Neil for providing some great prizes for us and becoming one of our newest sponsors!






We also had Mary out from Nature's Gift all day providing the athletes of samples of the great product that her and her husband Don sell.  This drink is a complete liquid supplement made up of great natural ingredients like Acai berries, aloe vera, black currents, ginseng and more.  It provides you with vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, minerals and omega fatty acids!  It is great for any athlete to have!  Nature's Gift is also now a sponsor and provided us with some of their product which our top male and female athletes also got in their prize package, enjoy!  For anyone that attended our race, they have a special for you so don't miss out.  Check our website for details within the week.






Our winner of the Numa Sport Optics eyewear was Wes Barton.  He was fast and furious around the course, completing an amazing amount of loops.  Near the end of the day, as we were approaching the cut-off time for going out on another loop, he waited to see if Robert Finlay was going out on another loop.  If Robert was going, then Wes was going because "there is no way I am going to let Robert get third place" (even though Robert wasn't official!)  Robert came in and announced that of course he was going back out, Wes grabbed his riding gear and was gone!  Enjoy your eyewear Wes, it is indestructible like you J






And finally, a huge thanks to Boulder Dam Brewing Co. another one of our great sponsors!  Todd their Bru Guru provided us with an excellent setting where almost everyone from the race was able to relax and retell their best stories from the race while enjoying locally brewed beer!  It was the perfect way to end a great day!!






As always, thanks to everyone who came out and supported us, all of you athletes are why we love doing this so much.  Every one of you was an inspiration to us to keep putting on these races and your enthusiasm for our events is much appreciated.  Everyone that competes in our events is automatically entered into our Primal Fitness competition, a year long competition that at the end of the year there will emerge one Primal Fitness winner!  So far Mark Jackson, Erich Rempel, Brandy Friday, Rogue Ryan, Brett Floridia, and Kristen Peers are leading the competition!  Get into our race series and get into the Primal Fitness competition! 






Thanks again to all our sponsors who are so generous to provide us with swag, prizes and products.  Come on out to our races or clinics, we would love to see you!  Our next event is our, "it's not an official race, check out our mountain bike race course" event.  It is a free event on February 28th, 2009 starting at 9am at the washrooms at Bootleg Canyon, don't miss it!






Colleen Ast



Sponsorship and Marketing






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