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    Any exercise program should be discussed with your doctor first and sometimes these types of issues can be avoided.  If this problem is new and the doc tells you to continue, you should log your workouts, speed, heart rate as well as how you feel.  This is very helpful for you and your doctors.  Feelings are very subjective so when you say you feel great, do you mean you are not tired or winded?  Does that mean the blood flow and release of endorphins have given you a state of euphoria?  Feeling good from the neck up sometimes masks the heavy feelings below.  If you workout regularly, you are probably in no danger.  I would still talk to the doc...and start keeping track of my workouts.  Adaptation to cardio includes lowered hr resting, during, and faster recovery.  You should see that in your log. Good Luck!



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    I hear this question all the time and the answer is obvious.  Have you ever watched a hockey game or a soccer match and seen the coaches vigorously signalling to the players to slow down as they are approaching 80% of their maximum heart rate?  How about the often do the trainers tell them to stop punching the other guy so often as they are likely exceeding their comfort zone?



    Here's my guideline...Work out hard...if you faint, that's too hard.



    I'm 57 and have exercised all my life.  I do 45 minutes a day 7 days a week at between 156 and 164 bpm, which by the way, is the same rate I used to do when I was 40.  When I run marathons, I slow it down a bit because let's face it, 26 miles is a hellofa long way.



    Oh, and if your interested, the entire maximum heart rate thing is a result of a bit of mathematical fun by two researchers.  Here's the link to the lads who came up with the concept and the rationale behind it.  Evidently, they still get a laugh out of it when it's cited as fact!





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    Why do people care what their heart rate is? If you are overseas lugging gear and wounded are you gonna stop and say' hey guys we gotta slow down my heart rate is too high'? If you are in good shape your resting heart rate is x if you are i great shape your resting heart rate is y. Its a gauge of your fitness not a measurement of your workout. You are doing sprints- you do them fast based on your ability not bpm. For someone who needs to pass the pst for him he may exceed x amount of bpm to pass should he stop and say hey instructor my heart rate is too fast? bottom line dont pay attention to that stuff, workout hard on hard days and the long days just go out long to the best of your ability you body will take care of the rest. heart rate is a correlete of fitness and should not be used to measure intensity.

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