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    45. Jun 10, 2009 10:17 AM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 7th


    hey everyone,



    i just totaled my miles and i have already ran 15 as of tuesday.  i didn't run today but did my group power class and i feel every muscle in my body and i am loving it.  i will proably get a 2 mile run in while my daughter is in the girl scout meeting.  it seems like everyone is doing well with running i felt like such a slacker for a week but now i am back and feeling great!  i will be back to catch up with everyone.






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    46. Jun 10, 2009 10:29 AM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 7th


    Hi everyone, Just a quick hi before I have to go pick up my son from school. I ran 3 yesterday and took my max trax class and today I took a spin class. I still haven't decided  on the race for the fall yet. full or half??? I'm leading toward the full , but  part of me is scared!!I will decide my monday because then my training will begin.



    Sounds likes everyone is doing great!! happy running all, Lorie



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    47. Jun 10, 2009 2:01 PM (in response to mass girl)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 7th


    Greetings all! Man, I have gotten way behind this week (again)... and sadly, I have only run about as much as I've posted. Elliptical Mon a.m. when it was pouring, 2.6 yesterday, sleep today (and I am kicking myself for being lazy since it was a cool morning and I'd had a decent night's sleep). Oh well, there is always tomorrow hopefully. Anyway, while I am on hold with Garmin again, I thought I'd see if I couldn't catch up a bit.




    Sue, you are really rocking that hill route these days! Your next half looks really nice. I've been looking at races out that way (have a sis in MA who's only a half hour from ME), but it isn't looking too promising for this fall. I've had my eye on the Maine Coast (women's) half.



    Spandex, massage sounds nice!



    runthe#s, great race! How was the hiking?



    betty, glad to hear you are back to running - great job on your race! And nice fast 5!



    Heather, nice riding! Something I've only done a handful of times, but enjoyed. And good runs - hope you find your watch.



    Robby, good 15 mi week! More than I managed last week.



    Sheila, good luck on this weekend's race! Hopefully your chip time will be more accurate!



    Lorie, have you decided what's next? I think you could do a full, but the training is time-consuming (I'm told!).



    samara, welcome! You have come to a great place for advice, and I don't think you'll have any trouble finishing within the time limit. Mind over matter



    kukri, hope the garmin arrives soon!



    Cara, great week and month of May! I can't believe how fast your training plan is going by! And 9 miles before work... I could only fit that in if I stayed up all night!



    Joe, what race(s) do you have planned for fall? I need to DECIDE, since I should probably be starting a training plan soon... Hopefully DD#2 will know in another 2 weeks whether she may be available to run the one I did last fall.



    runjr, it's probably cooler here than in KC, but it sure has been humid lately. Are you home yet?



    Megan, sounds like life is getting in the way of running, lol. Have you decided on a fall half? I don't do afternoon runs in IN, I just don't.



    Jill, nice bike ride! Did you restrain yourself at the pool?



    Simon, work? What's that? Funnel cake sounds yummy...



    Carmen, when you get back on track, you get back on track! Great job!



    xcmom, welcome! I also have 2 running daughters, one of whom did Boston this year. Sounds like your training is going well. Where is your race? Good luck with getting shoes!



    JP, welcome! Good luck at the ortho tomorrow - hope it isn't serious!



    spicegeek, welcome back! You ran what I had planned this a.m. (thanks!). Have you started your official training, or not yet?



    Jim, welcome! Yuck on the lacewings, and lol on "On your left!" Sounds like you are an accomplished runner... tell us more!



    Melody, sounds like you are getting a lot of cross-training in along with your running - good job!



    Okay, think I'm more or less caught up and off the phone with Garmin (it's going back, just can't get it to take a charge)... Happy running all!



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    48. Jun 10, 2009 2:14 PM (in response to macd019)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 7th


    Happy Wednesday, runners!



    Well, this week has been good and bad.  Good in that my DD is visiting but bad because I cought one heck of a cold Monday.  Got to spend quality time with my DD before she left back to Illinois this am.  Haven't done anything else but blow nose, go thru Dayquill nightquill and sleep.  Missed my Monday classes, won't be going to speedwork tonight and doubtful if I will run tomorrow.  Oh well, if this is the only sickness this year I will be happy.  So I have time to do all shout-outs:



    RLRF: Great 5K race.  Always great when local races support local causes. Great time. Look into the Baltimore half in October.  It's got hills! lol!



    Epon:  Do you ride in competition? Non tech runs like your 3.1 are good, and make you feel good, too.  Sounds good that you have more than one local running course.  Good to vary it up.



    Robby B: Won't your tri team mates set up a water stop for you on your running part of the race? Great that your wife is getting her feet wet!  I've decided to join a group of runners who do speed work together at the local HS track.  Directed by a master runner in the area.  It's evening running, which I'm not fond of, but the benefit of being in a group will be good.



    Sheila:  I know at my last race, as we were starting the officials made sure we did not go behind the atrt line by walking across the starting mat.  Maybe your chip recorded then.  Anyway, it's another reason I use my Garmin. (only I often forget to hit the stop bitton as I cross the finish).  On races, I gel at 4, 7 and 10 miles.  Water at same time.  Longs seem to go better first thing in the AM - Up and run, no fuel.



    Lorie: Way to stay in training mode even without running. If I had a bleacher nearby I'd run them.  Sound's like the full bug is biting!



    Samara:  Welcome! Training thru the cold winter monthstakes committment, congrats.  It sounds like you're back!  I'm a early am runner, also.



    Kukri: Sometimes I rub raw in certain places, but not bellybutton (yet!)  Hope you like the 305.  Can't believe Amazon changes prices that often during the day, but it wouldn't surprise me.  Did they respond to the wtf?



    Cara:  Great long on Saturday.  38 mpw and 151 for May sounds like records this training period?  When I run early AM, my DW sleeps.  I try to get back in time to shower b4 she rises.  I think I also would wake her to see wildlife in the front yard pre 6AM.  Must be a guy thing.  I too worry that I can't race slow.   I've run some longer runs with newer runners, which since I'm with someone, that tends to keep the pace slower. Good 9 miler - at I think the pace you wanted?



    Joe:  My brother has been taking the summer off from running, but htis year I've convinced him to do a July race with me.  I lighten up the race schedule, but still keep eyes and ears open for summer races.



    Runjr:  Thanks for the comment about beginning and ending pace.  I'd forgotten that that is important on longer races.  Will have to keep it in mind for my upcoming 10-miler.



    Megan: Glad you got your runs in, even in the heat and humidity.  Great that you found a race this week.



    Spandex:  The workout with cardio in between sounds fun.



    JP:  Yikes, stress fracture doesn't sound good.  Hope the Doc finds it's something else. When I had IT band issues I did the elliptical but backwards with little pain.



    Spice:  Yeah, the board's been happening!  Welcome back and good luck gettin down!  Watching your trainer is a great diversion for taper week.



    Jill:  Sounds like the tri training is going well.  Does the plan have you do the tri distances before the event? 



    Simon:  first week done.  I wouldn't worry too much about the calories if you're doing that mpw.



    XCMom:  Welcome.  7 hills in 3 miles, sounds like a real cross country course!



    Jim:  Yes it sounds like you tensed up your arms/shoulder during.  I make a conscience effort every 1 - 2 miles to check my running form and shake out any tension.



    Melody:  Way to fill in the running with court time!



    Macd:  Hope Garmin service helps you out.  Hiking was good, it included her dog, a yr old St Bernard.  Other people, esp. children stopped us often wanting to pat "Beethoven".



    Good running to all!



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    49. Jun 10, 2009 2:38 PM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 7th


    Ahh .. pride comes before a fall .. yesterday I was happily gloating that I wasn`t sore after Mondays workouts... but it was one of those 2 day delay things - I felt like I`d gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson this morning ! Still made it to the gym and did another session with my training - I`m now working only with the eye candy and he`s loving every minute of trying to kill me - Currently he`s on a mission to perfect my barbell cleans - gotto say I`m impressed with myself that can clean 100 + lbs multiple times




    Jim don`t neglect upper body and core weight training that will help avoid holding stress in you shoulders and back - I have problems with that "on your left" thing too - I get sadistic sometimes toward the end of long rainy runs - not to mention board - I try and see how many tourists I can splash by stomping in puddles as I pass ... that makes them move the right way




    meg Still trying to catch up with my sleep !  Good luck with your 10K Sat - I have a 10K Sat too !



    Cara - i`m so glad you feel it`s easier once you are on the officiual training plan - I`m driving everyone nuts at the moment I feel goal-less !! I think I asked my trainer 4 times this week about his side of my training plan already - he got to the point today he told to calm the F down .. lol I like hte idea of minial fuelling in training I`m hoping that the wall will be less of issue on race day



    Robby - You guys should have a blast in Pittsburg ! I have yet to decide if I like training buddies or not - but I have found one friend who runs the same pace as me so I`ll run 6 - 10 miles then finihs up with 6 - 8 miles with her ! My trainer has said he`d bike alond with me on long runs so I don`t get bored ! Yes I like running intervals - they are my fastest/shortest workout ! - my crazy trainer chases me sometimes that usually makes them more fun ! - he`s a 20 odd year old football player - lets just say there were girls in schools with me with kids older than him !



    Melody - yes I was in Florida - Jacksonville - FT lauderdale - Key Largo and back again ! I had a blast - I`m regretting the unhealthy eating now though !



    Macd I have 3 more weeks before training officially starts so I`ll be a basket case in about 10 more days ! not that anyone will notice !!



    Runthe#s ack on the cold - I felt like I was getting one today but I think my trainer sweated it out of me ! Yes watching him flex his muscles in a teeny swim suit will definately be a good distraction before my marathon !



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    50. Jun 10, 2009 2:52 PM (in response to runthenumbers)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 7th


    runthe#'s - I do ride somewhat competitively, but I'm training my young horse, and right now our goal is to go to a show and all come home in one piece.  The running equivalent is going to a race, and finishing on two feet.  We ride dressage, but I showed jumpers for years.  I got to a certain height, and decided I was mortal and didn't want to jump any higher.  I also broke my back about 10 years ago and it bothers me more while jumping than anything else.  We have a show this Sunday, so hopefully that'll go well.



    I hope your cold feels better!  There's nothing worse than being sick in the summer.



    --- Heather




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    51. Jun 10, 2009 4:44 PM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 7th





    Had my easy 2 mile run this morning, the weather is perfect, 60 and cool.  I definitely don't miss running with my ski mask and gloves.  I ran with a friend who runs faster then me but she takes more walking breaks so it kind of works out.  Tomorrow 3.5 miles.   I need to start doing some strength and cross training, there aren't enough hours in the day!  Have a great day tomorrow everybody, thanks for all the encouragement.






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    52. Jun 10, 2009 6:50 PM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 7th

    Wednesday Night Greetings to All!!!


    First of all SPICE I always need more coffee.......LOL.........



    I have been working hard on the Tri Training, tonight was a "brick"....30 minute bike, and jump onto a treadmill for a run.......OF COURSE, there were no treadmills upstairs, so I also had to RUN downstairs and hop onto the last available treadmill at the gym. I did 30 minutes running; actually, warm up 2, which I still had a bit of jelly legs, and then ran for 20 and then cooled down for the other 8. It felt really, really good to run........I miss my running!!! I actually only did 2 miles yesterday and 2 more today, but they felt "good" and the running hasn't felt good in a while. So that made me happy. Made me remember WHY I loved to run. Had the trainer last night......I just know I'm going to be feeling it tomorrow.......EVERYTHING had core in poor abs!



    Way to go Chamblin with the 9 miles before work! The only way to get me out there that early would be to run a race, or to chase me out of bed with a gun! GOOD JOB!



    Eponacelt congrats on the hill run......that's all we have here in Pittsburgh......hills.....and if it's not a hill, then it MUST BE a mountain!



    Robby hope you got the email that the HM we are doing has been moved to November 1st! I look at it like it gives me another week of training!!! Nice to get new shoes, I am thinking probably late August for me so that they will be ready for the HM.



    Xcmom2girls my hat is off to you early morning runners............geeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!Jimmysbaby running and tennis...good cross training day!Carmen good job on the 15 miles! Girl scouts......I remember when my daughter was a girl scout.........



    Massgirl Decisions, decisions.......half or full............only you can decide; and yeah, I think it's scarey the way, how do you get the signature at the bottom of your post?



    *Mac, mac, mac....*the question was, "did I restrain myself at the pool"......silly, the answer is NO!!! LOL. I swam either 900 or 950 yards (lost count in the middle)...cuz I can. Then I went to the gym the next day and got "yelled at" by the trainer for doing TO MUCH?! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT? I might attempt the pool again on Sunday, as my friend who did the Tri gave me some pointers, and her husband used to be a swim coach, so I know what to do now.......yeah, swim back and forth!!! LOL



    Runthenumbers my Tri training does go all the way to the totals I need to do and beyond. I will need to do a 20 K bike ride, and the plan calls for me to bike 20 MILES....same with the runnning and swimming.......although I don't particularly like the running "program", so I'm kinda making that part up, sorta. I got the info on the swimming from my friend, so I should be golden. I can already do all the distances required; I just have never attempted to do them ALL TOGETHER! That there is the "trick".........



    Back to Spice...trainers are the best aren't they? Mine is trying to get me ready for the Tri. What Tris is your friend the Tri-elite athlete doing this season? I have two planned, and they are two weeks apart...but my trainer guy told me "you will be in primo shape, no problemo"...... is it a job requirement for them to be NUTS? And by the way, basket case?! Come on now, you love and you know it!!!



    Samara good job on the runs.......and you are right, there are not enough hours in the day!!!



    I have a 5K coming up at the end of the month, but just going to use it for one of my running days on the Tri trainer is happy that I'm not stressing about it. He also told me about a Duathalon in Erie (PA), like I should just "throw" that into my schedule........gotta love those trainers!!!



    OK, that's about all for for the next two days is running......YIPPEE!!! Maybe it won't rain and I can get outside! Now that I'm getting into it, this Triathlon training is a RIOT!




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    53. Jun 10, 2009 7:25 PM (in response to sunshineangeljrs)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 7th

    Jill - yes a good trainer must be nuts - mine thinks I could qualify for Boston - he must be nuts - but then .. it`s making me try !! My Tri buddy has a crazy season planned - this weekend she does the Mighty Montauk - olympic distance - she was 5th last year she looking to win this year - next weekend she races in DC - not sure if thats a sprint or olympic  she has 2 weeks off then 3 weekends in a row mighty northfolk sprint - she`s the defending champion , followed by a half iron man I think she was 6th in the race last year and the NYC tri whihc is an olympic distance - she won her age group last year - she`s competeing with the elites this year - she has 3 weeks off them she has the national championships ! I tend to agree that a 2 week break is good - enough for you to recover from the first but not have to start retraining - I did 2 half marathons 2 weeks apart - it was perfect

    NYC Marathon          Nov 1 2009     -   4:03:13 ( 9:17 mm )

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    1 mile -  7:07                             10K     - 52:58 ( 8:32 mm)

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    54. Jun 11, 2009 5:37 AM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 7th


    Hey everyone,



    Not much to report here. Yesterday did 25 mins on the bike in the evening whilst watching some TV rest day today but my weights class tonight. Tomorrow is an easy 4 miles so nothing too taxing - 15 for Sat!!! Next week i'm going to have to shuffle the days round a little as i'm going away Thurs - Sun and my running time will be limited. Think I have it planned so that I will run all but an 8 miler before then so will need to do my 16 on Wed evening... Hope I have enough recovery time!



    Heather - running without watch is probably a good thing... i'm far too reliant on my Garmin! Great job on the hilly run 3.1



    Robby - I like intervals! They can be really tough, but I feel a real sense of achievement in the end... I think i'm ok with them as they are relatively short! I have many more mindset problems with tempo runs What shoes did you get?



    Xcmom - great 4 at 5am... rather you than me new shoes are fun... In fact i'm in the market for another pair too soon!!!



    Melody - It took me a while to get used to mornings, but now I love it! Beach / pool / tennis / run combo sounds nice but hard work!



    Carmen - 15 by Tues is impressive! Lol on the slacker feeling... I think we all get that from time to time!



    Lorie - If you really want the full, then go for it! I am terrified, but one way or another i'm going to cross that finish line and earn my medal! will I do another after? who knows! Do you have a plan picked out? You could always start training for the full and cut back to the half if it's too much?



    Macd - Sorry to hear on the Garmin... are they sending you a new one? I will admit that I can't believe how fast my training is going either... I am almost done with week 4 and should top 40 miles for the first time ever on Sat! 14 weeks to go!!! Good luck picking a race!



    Runthe#s - Hope you get over that cold soon! They are no fun - DH has been down with one since Sat... he is only really starting to get back to normal now, but still is having problems. I think I should be running my easy pace at about 10:30 fastest but i'm just not able to maintain that over about 2 miles - guess I shouldn't complain



    Spicegeek - lol on the delayed soreness... I normally get that after my weights class - it normally comes on Fri evening! great job on those cleans... I think I would struggle to lift half that! Hmm - one more thing about being on the marathon plan you should know... the weeks FLY by!!! I think you need a pre training training plan to settle you down



    Samara - great job on the 2 miles! Cross training and strength work made a big difference to me and took 3 minutes of my 10k time... I would definitely recommend it!



    Jill - great job on all that tri training... Hope you are not too sore today from that core session The thing that is getting me out of bed in the mornings for my runs is the thought that missing just one run may mean I wont finish my marathon... i'm not taking any chances lol! Enjoy your running days!



    Lunch time is over now so best get back to work!

    Happy running all,

    Cara x




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    55. Jun 11, 2009 6:10 AM (in response to Cara_26.2)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 7th


    Good morning all, I just popped in to say thank you... you all inspire me so much!  I love reading what your all up to.  I am off for a couple of days, waiting on my doctor to let me know if I have osteoarthritis in my big toe. lol, i was afraid it was something worse. if that is what it is i will deal with it.       I am still looking at all the halfs in the fall.   I have not made up my mind yet.  Lori i won't do a full quite yet. i may do one next year, if so it will definatly be the one in DC ...  the marine marathon... that was so much fun to watch....      This board is awsome.    



    Keep running






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    56. Jun 11, 2009 7:44 AM (in response to Runlongrunfast)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 7th

    Howdy! I've run 3 times in the morning this week - yea for me! Yesterday I did 4 mi and added a new 1 mile piece of route and what a rude awakening that section was...1 mile, 2 hills. There's no plateau, no breather, just down one and back up the other. Really tough. Today I did 3.1 (without the hill section) and it was a BEAUTIFUL morning. A post storm morning with pink-ish orange-ish skies one way and then the other way you could still see the storm in the distance with lightening. It was really lovely until I realized that the storm in the distance was in the direction of my commute. Idyllic run over.


    Shins and such are still a little tender so I'll be heavy icing today/tomorrow in prep for the 5K on Sat (supposed to 99 here on Saturday...ugh.)


    Runlong - sounds weird, but good luck with toe!


    Cara - I do love your "whilst"s! Adds a little culture for my morning. J Weird to do long runs in the middle of the week, right?


    Spicegeek - that must be inspiring (and a bit intimidating) to have a friend so accomplished! There's another half marathon 2 weeks after the one I've registered for, but I think I'll just try to make it through the first one this year... And lol, on splashing tourists J


    Sunshine- tri's seem to require more coordination than I possess...more power to ya.


    Samara - I really need to pick back up so cross-training too. I think something like pilates is good since I don't stretch...yeah, I know, that's a no-no.


    Heather - Impressed that you broke your back, but you are healed enough to run. Ever have trouble with the jarring?


    Runthenumbers - at what distance (total run) do you start adding Gu? You mentioned doing it at 4, 7, 10 - for a 1/2M? Should I starting thinking about adding something when I hit 8 mile LSDs? Sorry for being OCD about it, can't help it...


    Mac - hopefully, you didn't sleep in again today!


    Massgirl - did you decide on full or half?


    Jimmysbaby - did you start running in the morning now?


    Talk to you Sat after the race!


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    57. Jun 11, 2009 7:48 AM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 7th


    Massgirl – what did you decide, full or half?




    macd019 – sorry to hear that you have to ship back your garmin. Hopefully you won’t have to wait too long!




    Runthenumbers – I am keeping my arms/shoulders too stiff. I noticed yesterday I have a strange tan line on the inside of my right elbow – from bending my arm while I run, the skin folds and, well, that’s one place the sun don’t shine, I guess. I’m going to have to make a real effort to stretch out my arms regularly. I tried yesterday on my short run and definitely felt better.



    Spicegeek – LOVE the splashing idea. I actually got the “on your left” from the bikers on the path and it’s become a habit. I may have to start carrying a water bottle or something so I can give pathblockers a “friendly” squirt…



    runlongrunfast - good luck at the doctor's. keep us updated with your news!



    Chamblin – you’re looking for new shoes? I’m interested in how you decide what pair to get; do you have loyalty to a certain brand, or do you get help at a running specialty store? TIA.




    How about everyone else? How do you pick your shoes? They’re the most important piece of gear we have, so I’m curious – what do you wear? And why? I’m sure there’s a thread on here about shoes, but, well, you guys are MY guys and I want to hear about YOU.




    By the way – all of you all who have hills on your runs are awesome. We don’t have any here, not anything you guys would call a hill anyhow (I thought of this yesterday as I was running up the mild swelling I used to think of as a bad hill on the path). I grew up in MA so I remember running them, and Chicago is so flat. So my hat is off to you – especially the folks in our thread who are training for long runs. Much respect.



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    58. Jun 11, 2009 9:00 AM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 7th


    good morning runners!



    i ran 5.55 miles this morning and it felt great.  grand total for the week is 21.93 goal was 25 miles my next run will be saturday or sunday i haven't decided yet but i know i will get to my goal this week.  i found some structure triax and the nike outlet for 40 bucks so i bought four pair of them.  that should last me for a while. 



    runjr how did the hiking go?  i need to try that for sure.



    kukri - which garmin did you decide on?  i hope you get it soon.



    lorie - sounds like you are leaning towards the full.  i sure you will do well dont let the nerves get to you.



    sheila good luck with your race this weekend.



    macd i hope you get more runs in soon.



    spicey great runs and workouts you always amaze me.



    samara great run, your weather sounds perfect to me.



    ephon -  congrats on hill run i definately need to more of those in.



    jim - i just left chgo and have to report ahat i didnt get any running in, the only thing i did was eat and drink.  i know i am so bad but i don't get to go that often and the food is just great.  i just love that city



    question for all of you anyone thinking about purchasing the new iphone?  i am debating now it is nike + compatible now.  anyway im off to get some work done. have a great day everyone!






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    59. Jun 11, 2009 10:45 AM (in response to cscmartin)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 7th

    hi all I am back in Wisconsin. I did get in an 8 mile run last night with some intervals.  Weather here is cool, upper 60's. I am far behind so I will try to shout-out as best that I can.  There is a new plan in Runners World for full marathons from Yasso.  I may incorporate some of that with Pfitzinger.


    meg - we all have ups and downs with the running. Keep pushing when you can. I see you got some running in.  You have a tough schedule.


    jill - intense training is good.


    simon - sounds like the running and eating. Thats the best part of training is you can eat more.


    carmen - way to run.  You are back.


    massgirl - you are ready for a full.  16 weeks is what I train sometimes 12 if I have been running a lot. I think you are selling yourself short to just think of finishing. You are a great runner.


    spicegeek - I have to ask, did you use your kettle bells while you were gone?


    kukri  - congrats on the garmin purchase. It will help so much.


    cara - great running.  Any new shoes lately?  As for the fueling IMO, I try to refuel for sure if I am running 10 or more and if it is hot 6 or more.  If you wait too long you are too late, IMO.


    sheila - great move to the AM. I am going to switch for the summer as well.


    robby - I run in shoes for 300 miles max.  Some can get more out of them but I can't. I also rotate three pairs. 


    xcmom - great run and dedication to run at 5 am.  Keep pushing.


    macd - that was a long week for me to be gone. I hope you get that garmin fixed.  My DD is still considering a full.  If she decides to run it, my guess is it will be in Indy.


    runthe#'s - great that you got to spend time with your DD.  Rest well, and hopefully you will be back to full strength soon.


    jim - enjoy the weather, sooner or later it will get warmer.  I am north of you in Wisconsin


    samara - great plan... one run at a time. I agree with the winter comment.


    heather - the hills will make the other route seem easy.  Eventually you will not even notice the hills.


    take care all, easy 6 tonight.

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