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  • mfssl Pro 84 posts since
    May 22, 2009

    Shebaruns - Welcome to our group. Look forward to hearing more from you. How has the progam gone for you so far? Our group is called Witness To Fitness, or WTF, which can also mean, What The F***! We have all had lots of WTF moments along the way. Feel free to share your WTF stories with us. We all love a good laugh.

  • Tchrmomto2 Amateur 24 posts since
    May 13, 2009

    Hi all!  I am deep deep deep in the midst of packing up my house, traveling between Dallas and Austin to prepare the new house for our arrival, and tackling a grueling graduate class all at the same time (while mothering and job searching between the chaos!).  Needless to say, I haven't had ANY time to run this week--I wake up exhausted and fall into bed dazed from the day. 


    As things become normalor some semblance of normalI will continue to share my running episodes.  I am reading the posts, and will probably run a few times in the next week at W8 (28 minute runs).  Happy running to all!

  • Bujdoso Amateur 9 posts since
    Jun 22, 2009

    Hi All,

    Completed day 2 of week 8!!!!  Wow, I'm amazed that I have been consistently exercising for the past 7 1/2 weeks!  Amazing, thank you Jesus!!! 

    Well, I started my cross-training with the FIRM Transfirmer system.  Seems to have worked out well. I'm not extra sore or anything.  I will be lean in no time!


    mfssl- thanks for the encouragement and kuddos back to you for running even when you don't want to! 


    Welcome to all of the new folks!! Let's Witness the fitness!!!!!


  • HoustonRunner Rookie 4 posts since
    Jun 23, 2009

    Hello Everyone! I don't post here very often (I'm sort of new to this board), but it's nice to read everyone else's experiences with this program. I just ran W7D1 last night - I actually slowed my pace down because I wasn't able to make it to 25 minutes at all last week. So I guess this is technically my 2nd week on W7. Slowing down really made my run much easier. I was able to run for 26 minutes, so I feel like I've made some progress. I really slacked off last week, but it feels good to be running again. I can't wait until I'm able to do the whole 3 miles (and at a faster pace).

  • UptownRunnerLiz Amateur 22 posts since
    Jun 2, 2009


    Hi all,






    My roommate and I completed W6D3/W7D1 on Monday (we didn't do W6D3 last week, and since it's the same as all three Week 7 runs, we're just going to fit in as many as we can this week), and I'm planning to another 25 mintues tonight.  I started Monday's run on the treadmill, which I HATE, so after about 15 minutes I switched to an indoor track, which I like quite a bit better.  I also developed a small blister, so it wasn't my greatest run, but certainly not my worst either.  Hopefully tonight will be better!






    Great job to everyone who is sticking with the program, especially those of you with small children - congrats on making the time to do this!



  • Chasing2boys Amateur 40 posts since
    May 18, 2009


    Hello Team!






    I did W7D1 this morning, but not without incident.  I was at the point where I turn around to head back home, and was looking over my shoulder to see if any cars were coming.  I was close to the edge of the road, and there's about a 1 inch height difference between the road and shoulder.  As I turned, my foot landed half on/half off the road, and since I was twisted to look behind me, I couldn't save myself from falling.  My palms escaped without a scratch, but my right knee has a scrape and there's a little road rash on my right shin, and I turned my left ankle.  I walked a few paces, and it just twinged a bit, nothing painful, so I decided to keep running...I was a mile from home so any way you sliced it, I had to hoof it back.   So I finished my run, at a better pace than the W6D3 run, and feeling good.  Then my ankle started complaining...and I had to work today.  So I wrapped it in an ace bandage for work, then iced and elevated it when I got home.  I was really worried that I had messed up my chances for "training" to run my 5K on the 25th, but it's feeling better now, with no swelling or bruising.  I hope it stays that way, cause I'd be really bummed if I had to stop running.  Whoa, did I just really say that?!? 






    Great job to everyone for getting their runs in and keeping things going!  Welcome to our lurkers!



  • MistyInSalem Amateur 24 posts since
    May 27, 2009


    Hi WTF'ers! I did my week 8 day 2 run yesterday, but decided to try 2 new things:



    Running outside (hadn't done it yet!)



    Running 3 full miles!



    I finished the 3 miles in 42 minutes. I'm still not able to run the whole thing without walking. Yesterday was very different for me, I had never run outside before and there were a few hills. It was also pretty hot mid day and I've never run in that kind of heat before so it was interesting. I probably ran 2/3 of it and walked 1/3 (I ran around the charles river in boston where i work and it was so pretty). My legs hurt today, and they don't typically, so i must have used some new muscles!



  • runmplsrun Amateur 26 posts since
    Jun 2, 2009


    Chasing2boys, please be super careful on that ankle!  You'd be surprised what little it can take to do some major damage.






    I'm battling my own ankle injury this week, I twisted it over the 4th, ran on it on Monday and certainly felt it on Tuesday.  Last night I exchanged a good lengthy swim for my run, just to keep myself healing for my race on the 22nd.  I'm a regular ankle sprainer, the last big one was exactly 2 years ago (July 3! just like this year!) wherein the doctor told me I'd have been better off breaking it.  Sprains take much longer to heal, so if you do twist it, follow RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate) and TAKE IT EASY! 






    I'm hoping to give running a shot tomorrow evening, but we will see.  If I can't run, I'll definitely swim to at least keep up the cardio.






    Good luck to everyone in their runs this week, we've almost made it! 



  • Anij34 Amateur 41 posts since
    May 14, 2009


    Hi Everyone!  I can't remember how longs its been (probably 4 wks) since I last posted.  I stepped out of the running due to pregnancy.  Can I just say it was a blessing I did!  Turns out that although I have a healthy pregnancy (8wks now and good healthy heartbeat) I have a subchroinic hematoma (blood clot) that could be dislodged with excessive running.  sigh I was so hoping to get the go-head today to start running again but I'm stuck with walking.  I've had 24+ miscarriages due to these stupid clots and we're praying that this one continues to stick and we have a healthy little one in Feb (Valentines Day baby!) 



    I'm still here and kicking just can't get back to running...I so miss it! 






  • Gizolimo Amateur 16 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007


    Hi Witness,



    It's great to see everyone's progress. I would be on week 9 but unfortunately I fell fishing. Hit my thigh hard on a rock and have an enormous swollen bruise.  I did catch the fish, a 4 lb 10 oz trout .  Doctor said to stay off my feet and ice it and keep it elevated until the swelling starts to go down.  She says it will probably take at least 4 weeks before I can return to running.  WTF!!!  Who knew fishing was a contact sport.  Anyway, I hope you are all still here 4 weeks from now, cuz I'm definitely returning to running as soon as I get the OK.



    Happy running everyone



  • obxgrl Amateur 35 posts since
    May 16, 2009


    Great to see everyone who has "checked in" for this week.  Anij -- so happy to hear your little Cupid is still doing well!



    RachRob, Meryl, and Carly.... keep on plugging girlfriends.  I miss Blue and Lanity, any recent info to share on them? 



    These longer, no stopping runs are still a tough mental challenge for me.  Hard for me to zone out, I end up walking a minute or so in the middle then running more at the end.



    WTF moment --- I saw a runner downtown while in my car today and I thought "<<sigh>> I wish I was running instead of stuck in traffic", WTF?!?!?



    "Heart Keeps Running When Strength Runs out.... GOT HEART?"  Runs With Whales   

  • mattmikesmom Expert 67 posts since
    May 17, 2009

    W8D3 finished tonight!  I ran a block farther than last time, yeah!  Turned 40 yesterday, maybe that is why.  I find it hard to believe that I have finished 8 weeks.  Originally, I had planned to do each week twice, thinking my fitness level could not handle nine weeks.  Here I am, week after week, run after run!  My pace is slow, but I'm just proud to say that I have a pace.    Realizing that I need to add two more days to my fitness in order to really start losing this weight.

  • waltz8 Amateur 17 posts since
    Jun 3, 2009


    Hello all--



    I wanted to check in and say keep up the hard work, everyone!



    I think I have fallen into the trap of spreading myself way too thin.  I have applied to take a skating test next month, which means I have to perform a specified set of footwork patterns in front of a panel of judges to see if I am allowed to progress to the next level.  So instead of running, I've been skating skating skating.  



    Also, my new job finally starts in a week, and I need to do all the things I've been avoiding doing since I graduated in May.  I also need to dig into my boxes and find my business casual--I stuffed it away as soon as I got my offer.



    I think once I start my job, I can get into a better schedule.  My office has a gym, so I have no excuse to not use it, and hey, I might as well run during rush hour than sit in my car.  



    So that's my list of excuses.   I'm so happy to see that everyone is discovering that place you can go where nothing exists except you and your feet and the ground underneath you.   That is what has kept me skating for almost 20 years, and I hope to also find that place in running.



    Go Irish!  
  • UptownRunnerLiz Amateur 22 posts since
    Jun 2, 2009


    Hi all,






    I did a W7 run on Wednesday, but I didn't take my watch with me, so I'm not sure how long I went.  I ran about 3 miles but needed two short breaks, which disappointed me a bit.  I did run into some friends who were jogging around the lake, too, which was a pleasant surprise.  I had hoped to complete another W7 run tonight, but the blister I developed on Monday got aggravated by Wednesday's run and seemed to magically grow overnight.  I feel silly complaining about a blister when others are dealing with actual injuries, but it's driving me crazy!  I've been hobbling around for two days now, and it hurts to put all my weight on that foot.  Perhaps I'll swim tonight instead of run to give my foot some time to heal.






    Best of luck to everyone dealing with injuries, busy schedules, etc.  Have a great weekend!



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