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    45. Jul 9, 2009 8:24 AM (in response to jubee13)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers week of July 5th


    Jubee - welcome to the group!



    I did similar to you a couple of years back... I finished C25K in July 07, went through OHR and then ran my first HM the March after.

    I would stick to the three runs a week with OHR - if you want to run more days, then consider something like Hal Higdon Spring Training instead which is a four days a week plan but starts off with shorter runs. This one is also based on miles rather than time.



    Once I had completed OHR, I increased the long runs a little and ran my first 10k in the December (I think my longest run then had been about 8 miles. I then started on the Hal Higdon Novice half marathon training plan shortly after (I did modify it a little to suit me). The HH novice plan is great and loads of us have used this - it goes up to a 10 miles long run which really does work, but I extended it to 12 miles as I had some extra time before my race.



    I did my first half without any cross training or speedwork either! I would recommend not doing any speedwork for a while yet as you may end up injuring yourself by trying to do too much too soon. As for cross training - I am recently converted to weights / core work as it's really improved my race times. Have you ever had someone check your form with weights to make sure you are lifting correctly?



    As for when to start... I would suggest picking a plan that you would like to follow for the HM and working the dates back to get your start date - as a rough estimate though it's likely to be early in the new year



    BTW - I can promise it does work as I am now training for my first full marathon in September this year!







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    21/02/2010 Sussex Beacon Half Marathon: 1:51:30

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    46. Jul 9, 2009 9:30 AM (in response to Cara_26.2)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers week of July 5th

    hi all I did take a rest day yesterday.  I biked a bit on the stationary bike for 35 minutes or so.  Today I hope to have a better run than the last one.  I am a touch behind on the shoutouts so I will try to catch up some.


    chuck - have a great time with the family.


    cara - great 8 miler with HM pace.  I need to get going soon.  You are really doing awesome.  God luck on the 20 miler, I am anxious for the report.  This is new territory and fun.  I bet you are learning quite a bit about yourself.


    warias - the work thing sort of interferes with running.   Hope you get your running in.


    simon - glad you ran better the other day.


    carmen - great race on a tough course. If the challenge is great you will do it.


    robyn - don't worry about the pace, you will get better without noticing. The gels make sure you take with water.  I use them for longer runs and you will need them for your HM.  It is best to try in training and find out what works for you. 


    jim - I have family up there I am a southwest of Milwaukee. It can get hilly up there.  It is definitely much hillier than Chicago.


    sue - enjoy the golf and have fun.


    jill - glad you are feeling better.


    exec - remember we all have bad days and good days.  Just follow the plan as best as you can and towards the last 1/3 of the plan you notice that you are running better than imagined.


    jubee - yes you can improve by running 3 days a week/.  The key is to never add more than 10% per week to your mileage.  Yes, for your first HM I would not do speedwork.  Get a plan like Hal Higdon's novice plan and follow it.  Welcome.


    take care.  Another week and I am on to my fall training schedule.

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    47. Jul 9, 2009 9:51 AM (in response to runjr)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers week of July 5th


    Good Thursday Morning, Runners:



    Yesterday at noon I had scheduled a pre-race massage with my trainer. I did 2 miles of speedwork first think in the morning, so my legs were really sore and heavy.  She worked wonders during the massage, I couldn't believe how good my legs felt after.  A massage works well after a hard workout, also.  Now I have another reason to get a massage! lol!.



    I was happy with the 4 miles and speedwork yesterday, the morning after a 6 mile run on Tuesday evening.  Guess that is why the legs felt as they did.  My trainer-instructor is on vacation this weekend, so no class tonight. may do a short run after work as the weather has stayed cool.  Tonmorrow will be rest (and evening fun at an outdoor Carribean steel drum concert) and then the Gettysburg 5K race Saturday morning with my brother and his family (should be fun but intend to go all out).



    Hey Warias, Kukri and any other VA Beach rock and runners!  8 weeks until the weekend.... getting excited!  R U ?



    Squeiladee:  I run the Garmin without HRM, because I'm more interested in pace/elevation/etc.  Don't know how my body would react to the strap. Make sure ther's no gunk in or on the charging terminals, could the charger be dead instead?  wow, rhyming.



    Vicki:  Glad your happy with progress.  Hear you on narrow, shoulderless roads.



    Spice:  Soon to have week 1 of marathon training in the books, right?



    Melody: Good race.  Don't beat yourself up over the time, sounds like it was just one of those days.  Hopefully my race this weekend will have ice cold watermelon at the finish.



    Ezec:  Welcome, sounds like a good base for hm training.  Have u picked a program?



    Cara:  the 10 miler sounded like a boost for you.  Glad you felt good with it.  I'm not quite there yet with slowing and then getting started again without a struggle.  I think the speedwork/intervals helps in that area.  Keeping a 9mm hm pace sounds good when you have to keep yourself from going faster.  Good luck on the 20 miler tomorrow eve.  Yes, you are winning!



    Jim:  good 12 miler last weekend.  Since I carry my gear in the truck, I've been known to stop at new places, gear up and run new routes.  Last week in Canada I had a blast doing that.



    MissWendy!:  Am very interested in how the Sock works for you.  Have a little am ache in right heal lately, so, like you, haven't been pushing.



    Heather:  Your yoga sounds like my Monday class, at least the instructor ends the sessions with the greeting "Namaste" which roughly means "the light within me honors the light within you".  Crane, tree, warrior three balances - I still falter sometimes on these balance poses.



    Macd:  A step back week is ok.  I'm sure you can get back into it.  Sounds like Spice soon will have another k-ball convert!



    Elks:  They make licorice GU?  luv licorice, gotta go shopping!  Time vs miles sounds like a good changeup.



    Runjr:  Are you running more than 4 days a week?  I really felt the soreness after doing speedwork the morning after a pm run.  Think I need more than 8 hours recovery time.  Sun or rain? run or xt?



    Jill: You go girl!  Look out tri!  Oatmeal with fresh fruit Peaches! every day wouldn't bother me!



    Chuck: Always great when children visit!



    Simon:  Not shabby with the average 8:17 pace.  Do you push downhill?  I find myself taking shorter strides up and down hills, but have read that one should length or at least speed up strides going downhill.  I'm too cautious, perhaps?



    Carmen:  Glad the uphill start on your race didn't daunt you.  Great racing.



    Robyn:  don't be bummed about the slow easy run, you did the 8 plus miles.



    Sue:  Yea, sorry you didn't get a run in, but you were busy doing important stuff.  We have been relishing the cool weather the past week, cause yes, it is normally very humid here in July.



    Jubee:  Welcome, and ask away.  No question is lame, and there are plenty of us here that are interested in your progress.  As you start, one of the most important things to remember is take it slow.  Listen to your body, if you feel prone to injury, back off.  Each runner is different, When not in training, I do 3 times a week, occassionally 4 times, some back to back, but then again I am older and have been running for over a year.  I believe in cross training on the days I don't run, weights and core classes at gym do it for me.



    Well, it's about lunch time.  Tuna salad, cheese, yogart and sweet cherries!  Have a great day!















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    49. Jul 9, 2009 12:38 PM (in response to runthenumbers)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers week of July 5th


    warias-a buddy will def help keep you out there!  these days my runs are my zen, so I go alone nearly every time.  also, my schedule seems to dictate the spontanaity (sp) of solo runs.  I imagine that once my little ones and not so little ones are out on their own, I'll be looking fwd to the running groups and buddies. have fun out there together!



    chuck-great times ahead for you all



    sunshine-what can I you have any energy to send through the cyber-waves?  keep up the good work!



    cara-2 hrs will be a memory soon for you!!!  your training is amazing.  as for time vs. miles, I agree, it'll only help.



    runnumbers-so sorry dude, not licorice GU, it's just plain ol' black licorice.  Got it at the healthfood store.... great taste, carbs, iron (scant), and calcium (scant).  YUM!  Good goin on your training!



    robyn-the best GU is the Chocolate Outrage IMO, and runjr is right, take along plenty o' fluid for that.  I discovered it while training for my first HM this spring.  I always take it when I'm gonna be out there for an hour or more, I can't run w/o fuel and I feel better post-run as well.  Good luck!



    sue-kettles!!  i might give them a whirl at Dicks.  hopefully i won't slip and take out a wall in the process LOL!  thx for the tip!  I remember distinctly the feeling in my legs during my first HM, and I def need to get over the feeling of being on my feet for that length of time before I concern myself with miles.  I recall thinking that if I could just get beyond 'what mile is this?', that I'd be fine.  I know I can go the distance again (in Sept) but the mental hurdle is the kicker.  Same can be said for the full Marathon I hear.  Some folks prefer to get great at the shorter distances like the PR's for the 5K's and stuff, I love how individual it all is.  I hope you had a great game today!  yes, it's all xt!!!



    jubee-welcome!  check out Jeff Galloway's plans, and I agree, build endurance now, get your back in good shape, consult a trainer and stay in touch here....this forum is run-der-ful!  sorry couldn't resist



    hmmm, no run for me today, off tomorrow and gonna try to go 2 hrs on my feet Saturday eeeek!  Have a great day out there all.  Must get back to work here !!






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    50. Jul 9, 2009 12:57 PM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers week of July 5th


    hi all!



    sue - i DID do kettleballs yesterday! some of the trainers were using the ones I had my eye on so I had to go pretty light - but the exercises felt good. definitely going to add them in on a regular basis - so thanks!!!



    just got back from a horrible, terrible 6 miler. i guess i should not have had a chipotle pork cheeseburger before the run - but maybe i'm just looking for something to blame for my own bad performance. well, i did ten on tuesday and still have a chance for a long run on saturday or sunday, so just have to chalk this one up as a Bad Run and move on...



    chamblin, i'm glad the HH plan works, i'm following a (self-)modified version of it for my first HM. Ideally I'd like to be able to run 15 miles comfortably before the HM - but it's only a month away so I'm not going to hold myself to that.



    3hungryelks made me curious - do most of you all run with others, or by yourselves? there's a running group in chicago that i've been really wanting to join, but they run a lot farther north than i am so i just can't meet up with them. i think it would be fun to have a run buddy to train with, except for days like today when i just don't have a good run in me...



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    51. Jul 9, 2009 1:57 PM (in response to Jim66441)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers week of July 5th


    Hey Everyone  wow got a little behind and can't keep up with  everyone's progress  way to go guys.   I did my training run with the goup last night  and  even on side walks you stil have to watch out for drivers I  missed being hit by inches by a driver pulling out of a gas station.    Stay alert  out there.    I was tight on my run and wasn't able to loosen up so I only did two miles when I got back one of our guys said I didn't even look tired and that I am ready for my half next Saturday. I am really excited and need to remember on Saturday not to get to excited that I'm tapering.






    Bryce Canyon Half Marathon    July 18th      goal is 2hrs 45mins   



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    52. Jul 9, 2009 4:24 PM (in response to Vicki S.)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers week of July 5th


    Hi all, I am back home and cannot even begin to catch up with shout outs and may not even catch up with reading them!! You guys are busy!!!    I ran a horrible miserable 7. 19 miles today!!!  1:21 minutesit took me!! ran the first 4 and then had to walk/run the rest.   I was full of questions the whole run!!!!!   Why am I running at noon in Indiana in July?   Why didn't I wear my awesome new Nathan fuel belt?  Why didn't I wear my wicking headband? Why didn't I put in my contacts instead of wearing my glasses? Why won't my earbuds stay in my sweaty ears?????  Why am I trying to runa long run after sitting around visiting the last four days?  lol  But It's done, I'm glad it's over!! Doing a 5k with some friends on Sat. Should be a fun race, a beer stop during and free beer at the end!!!  I don't drink, but should be a fun crowd.  The last mile is over a dune and then running along the Lake Michigan shoreline!!



    Happy running all!!    Megan






    *UPCOMING RACES*  ~ 12K Extreme trail race 5/30/11 ~ Sunburst Half South Bend In. 6/4/11 ~  Midwest Warrior Dash June 19

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    53. Jul 9, 2009 4:28 PM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers week of July 5th


    Hi, everyone:  just wanted to check in and let you know that our 4-some won low net today in the golf tournament    Despite my concerns about not having practiced much ( all), I played well -- I think I had such low expectations that I was very relaxed!  The score was determined by taking the 2 lowest scores on each hole, after subtracting strokes based on your handicap.  My handicap is so high that I got 2 strokes on every hole!!!  And, we had the first sunny non-rain day in a loooong time. 



    All in all, a perfect day -- and it sure beat working!!



    4 miles tomorrow morning. 






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    54. Jul 9, 2009 4:36 PM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers week of July 5th


    BTW, Jim -- I run by myself (or with my dog!)  I run so slowly that I am not comfortable running with anyone else...  But, as I type this, I think maybe someday it would be good to run with others to improve my speed.



    Have a good night,






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    55. Jul 9, 2009 6:29 PM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers week of July 5th


    sounds like a few people had some rough runs today. i got a little heaviness in my left knee around mile 3 but a little stretch and it was fine. i did get in 5.1 miles at 50' was perfect and i would have loved to keep going so i hit the hills a little harder then an easy pace but not all out.



    for those that asked i'm on a slightly modified HH hm plan. and to jim i usualy run with my gf but my sunday long runs are by myself. i wish i could get into a running group but i'm a little self conscious and don't want to push it too hard to "fit in".



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    56. Jul 9, 2009 7:23 PM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers week of July 5th


    Hi everyone!



    Lots of new people, greetings to all!



    Had a fabulous 1000 yards swim (maybe more, what the heck, I keep losing count in the middle!!!) took a little under half an hour.  I'm thinkin, hey pretty good.  Although, the funny part is; it takes me longer than that to get there during rush hour; so I spend 30 minutes in the pool, and it's like an hour and a half travel time on the bus.  Talk about dedication!  LOL



    Yes, I am ready for the Tri.  I feel GREAT, FABULOUS, WONDERFUL..........really, really good!!!!  I am doing the last 2 weeks of my training, getting the biking in and the doing extra swimming.  Tomorrow is weights with the trainer and a 50 minute run/walk, so that I can have Saturday completely off.



    One funny story; I have been walking with my friend from work at lunch, and we were by the water where I will be swimming for the Tri and this guy is holding a HUGE fish that he just pulled from the river.........and I am like eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!  Hopefully they will all swim away with all those people in the water.  I am talking UUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYY fish. (although I will admit it only had 2 eyes!)



    Anyhow, shouts to all my buds.  Just got my brand new runners magazine, and this issue is dedicated to HALF MARATHONS!!!  Time to go read!!!!



    and Spice, you ARE one rockin chickie!






    PS  Hopefully I will have time this weekend to get some shouts to everyone!



  • jubee13 Pro 181 posts since
    May 14, 2009
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    57. Jul 9, 2009 8:33 PM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers week of July 5th


    Thanks to everyone who gave me very valuable and welcome advice. I can see I'm going to have to figure out something for cross training. We are adding some rooms to our house, and one is an exercise room, so I might get a stationary bike to cross train with.



    I'm sure I will return with more questions as I progress and get closer to training for the HM.



    Happy running, everyone!!! (Isn't it just so awesome?)



  • runthenumbers Pro 160 posts since
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    58. Jul 10, 2009 4:17 AM (in response to jubee13)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers week of July 5th


    Good Morning, all!



    Elks - Who do i approach with the idea of licoirce GU and Gel?  Know any of the bigwigs at powerbar or hammergel?  I want royalties for the new flavor!



    Jim:  There are bad runs...... and then there are good runs.  My take on running buds.  If they are compatible, with about the same pace and at the same point in training, and particularly if you are training for the same race, they are invaluable.  Also good to run with buds who are faster ( to improve one's speed) and slower (to pay the experience forward). They are motivation, company on longs, can relate to issues and concerns.  I am so lucky that one of my best running buds is also a trainer and close friend.  The times when we can run and race together are great!



    Vicki:  Taper well next week.



    Megan:  Sand dunes in Michigan.  You're not running down to Lake Michigan at the dune at Silver Lake, are you?  That is one wicked steep dune down to the water!



    Sue: Congrats on the golf tournament!  Have a great run today.



    Ezec:  Good 5 mile run!



    Jill: I'm looking forward to your Tri report.  My running bud is doing her first tri next month and I'm trying to keep her upbeat about it.



    Jubee: keep the Q's comin.



    To all racers this weekend - Have at  it!  See you on next week's thread.



    Saturday - Gettysburg 5k  part of a family of 9 that will be there!






  • cyndi t Legend 1,061 posts since
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    59. Jul 10, 2009 5:22 AM (in response to runthenumbers)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers week of July 5th


    Good morning runners,



    Haven't been here is a few days because I was honestly to mad at my injury to post.  I've been reading though and you all have been doing great.  I look forward to being able to report on my runs too.  This hamstring is coming along....I'm still riding my bike and walking but the walking isn't giving me enough of a workout to be meaningful.  I leave for vacation on Sunday and think that I'll keep up my rehab at the fitness center at the hotel as well as adding walking around the lake (I'm going to Lake Placid NY which is a very physically fit place to be....they encourage fitness so it's very easy to find fit activities.....another reason why I'm so disappointed in this injury as I was really looking forward to running the lake). feeling is that it is smart to not do any running until I return from vacation and to give it the firnal 3rd week of rehabilitation.  This has truly been a lesson in endurance, patience and perseverience (sp).  Thank you all for your support.  By the way, I prefer Accel Gel to GU on my long runs.  Gu I find to be very thick (the flavor is ok) but Accel gel is thinner and doesn't glob going down the throat so it requires a little less effort to eat.  I wouldn't do a long run without a fuel break.....makes a huge difference in my performance during the run but also in recovery. 



    I hope to report on the 19th that I'm back, did my first run (unless I try it on vacation) and I'm good to go!







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