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Aug 3, 2009 11:54 AM

Journey of a Thousand Miles...


My wife and I are working on the C25K program and are starting our third week of it...but we're still on the week 1 regiment. I'm a former athlete but am woefully out of shape so its coming along slowly but surely. My wife is in better shape but she's not real athletic. Even so, she's smoking me now.



Yep, 6'1" 326 (as per my last Dr. visit) type 2 diabetic with high BP and high Cholesteral. My ideal weight is 222lbs according to a doctor a while back. I have a long, uphill climb ahead of me. I haven't been in anything approximating good shape since college and I'm 34 now....and I was always a 'fat kid'. for about 3 years, starting with the summer after my senior year in high school and my first couple of years of college, I got into pretty good shape. it went alright for a while but once I got out of school and got married, it slowly started to erode. The last four years have been really awful with very little physical activity despite having many opportunities at my disposal.



I credit my wife and some friends for this getting me moving. The C25K struck a nerve with my wife as she has participated in the last few years (Her mother is a breast cancer survivor) but she doesn't want to just walk, she wants to run it. we go.



Specifically, I am having issues with tightness and cramping in my legs. I have at various times in the past been heavily into weight lifting...I played HS football and it stuck with me and as a result, I have alot of muscle in my legs. Hefting around this amount of weight requires it anyhow. I feel like I've gotten 'my wind' and breathing isn't an issue like it was on day 1. I can go until my legs start to lock up.



Reading some things here reminded me that a while back, my doctor suggested I take a potassium supplement to counteract my cholesteral and BP meds. I think that's what is causing the cramping and tightness in the legs.....well, at least part of it. So, hopefully, that will help some.



The bottom line is I really could care less about running a race or the whole running thing in general. Its about fitness for me and its something I have done (err...a long time ago) and effective to meet my fitness goals. It allows me to set a goal and shoot for it knowing it is working toward any other fitness goals I may have. I will probably add in some light at first weight training as I go and we're going to the gym tonight for the first time(for me) in 2+ years. We've been running the track at the local HS and a park near by these two weeks and will continue. So tonight, though we are two weeks in, will be a chance to weigh in and make an official start to things.



Anyhow...I'm glad I found this site and I've already found some valuable information. Wish us luck!



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    1. Aug 4, 2009 5:20 AM (in response to Horacio9)
    Re: Journey of a Thousand Miles...


    Remember that C25K is just a guideline and it's fine to repeat weeks or even insert your own weeks.  I think I did two weeks at 20/45 or so, then maybe two weeks at 30/60 and then only added 15/15 every week so I was only hitting C25K goals every other week. The key is to keep pushing yourself instead of stagnating.



    The other thing to remember is that your goals may not align with the plan's goals.  I made slow progress in part because I was retraining myself to run fast(er), not just cover the distance at a snail's pace.  I dropped it after 90/90 because my runs with my dog were finally lasting 20+ minutes and it was too stressful (on my joints) to continue doing both.  We've both continued to make progress though and our weekend runs are now 4 miles, although there's gaps when he jumps into a creek or absolutely has to investigate an interesting smell.



    My only other advice is to find good shoes and run on soft surfaces, e.g., on the asphalt road instead of the concrete sidewalk.  Talk to a local running store, although you might also want to get light hikers that offer ankle support.  I started at 270/6'2"/forty-mumble and find my joints and tendons far more problematic that the cardio work.






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