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    30. Sep 7, 2009 6:06 PM (in response to joeyverville)
    Re: Reactions to the book: Born to Run





    I note that they didn't have anything like this for men - not sure from your screen name whether you're male or female.  My husband was actually irriated about that because he wanted something similar. 



    It was really just dumb luck that I found them.  I'd joked with hubby in the car (listening to Born to Run) that I was gonna go buy a pair of Keds for running



  • Grace Ward Rookie 3 posts since
    Sep 20, 2008
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    31. Sep 8, 2009 5:39 AM (in response to joeyverville)
    Re: Reactions to the book: Born to Run

    I am so happy to see this conversation taking place. I have been a runner for 20+ years and have developed Plantar FaSciitis in my right foot and IT band pain in my left knee. I recently purchased the Vibram Five Finger shoes and started slowly. The most amazing thing happened the first time I wore them, I started slowly as suggested and ran only on grass. My first time out, I was thinking I would just go until I felt my same old pains in my knee and foot. I was running on grass and after about 30 minutes I realized I had runn over 3 miles, so I stopped - Crazy I thought, I usually start to feel pain at about a mile or so. It was so much fun running with my toes free and feeling the grass, a really enjoyable run. It has been about a month and I am up to 5 miles now and can run on pavement. With 2 races coming up this month, I thought I should adjust to the harder surface. I will say that I have not felt any pain with the exception of muscle soreness as my calfs adjusted, but no more ITB or PF. Also - I found an easy way to clean the shoes. Us a bit of baking soda and some Woolite. I just wash mine in the sink once a week and set them outside to dry.

  • slcekala Amateur 22 posts since
    Aug 30, 2009
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    33. Sep 9, 2009 3:19 AM (in response to joeyverville)
    Re: Reactions to the book: Born to Run

    Ha!  Mine are brown too - they only looked gray because I run on dusty gravel roads!  There is another brand that makes a similar shoe to the five fingers without individual toes.  They're called Feelmax, but I have no idea if they're available in the US yet.  Check out

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    35. Sep 11, 2009 9:47 AM (in response to joeyverville)
    Re: Reactions to the book: Born to Run

    Feelmax are available in the US.  I bought one from this online retailer - just got it yesterday:


    I paid $80 + shipping.  I order it 1.5 sizes smaller than my running shoe.  I havent run in it yet but feel that it may be a little tight; either that or I am use to the roominess of my running shoes. 


    I was planning to integrate some Feelmax running into my schedule this month, but I changed plans.  I am going for some huge miles this month (for me) and do not want to throw a wrench into it.  So Feelmax running will have to wait till next month.



  • Anielka78 Rookie 3 posts since
    Jun 7, 2009
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    36. Sep 13, 2009 8:46 PM (in response to joeyverville)
    Re: Reactions to the book: Born to Run

    I have not read this book but have heard that it is wonderful. I will have to go out and get it this week.

  • ohliz Rookie 3 posts since
    Sep 8, 2009
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    37. Sep 14, 2009 12:43 PM (in response to Anielka78)
    Re: Reactions to the book: Born to Run


    I just read the book a few days ago. I also finished C25K a few days ago.



    I wrote about this over on the C25K forums when I graduated, I'll just copy it here because what i wrote deals with the book, running barefoot and  minimalist shoes







    I began working out in January, was getting in pretty good health, but

    running is something I could never do, not even when I was young. I

    love to bike, and I enjoy my gym workouts, but I wanted to both do

    something I could do anywhere without any equipment and something that

    I'd never been able to do: run.


    When I began C25K on July 6th, I

    could not run a block. But i knew that many other people had done this

    program and that they had succeeded, and so I set out to do it exactly.

    I printed it out and put it on my fridge.


    Now I am fortunate to

    have in my family a triathlete. My stepdad is 69 years old and still

    swim-bike-runs them, and he wins his age group almost all the time. He

    is an avid health freak and was really excited that I decided to do

    this.  He found, a couple of years ago, a philosophy of running called

    POSE - similar in some ways to Chi Running, Evolution Running - a

    barefoot philosophy with some other bio-mechanical theories and



    So I figured *since I had never been a runner and had

    no bad habits to unlearn, that i might as well start off with POSE. I'd

    read the book, I watched a video, I did weeks 1 on a football field,

    barefoot*.  Liked it.  I asked my stepdad to join me once during week 2

    to help me work on my stride, tempo, form and so on, which he did. It

    was very helpful.


    The following week I moved onto the rubberized

    track that ran around the field. At this point I wanted shoes so *I

    borrowed my daughter's Puma H streets which are pretty much a thin

    strip of leather on the bottom*, as close to barefoot as I could get

    without going to the Vibram 5 Fingers. 


    I followed the program

    exactly, never running less, never running more, always doing the 5

    minute warmup walk and adding a 5 minute cooldown walk as well.



    an aside here, once distances were offered in the plan (week 3), I used

    those instead of time. I figured my point was to get to 5K, not 30

    minutes, and since I don't own a watch and I had this track available,

    it was much easier to measure distance than time anyway. (I didn't find

    out about the podcasts until week 6).  So I ran it as 1/4 run, 1/8 walk



    I went on a family vacation to central Oregon during week 4

    and my dad helped me find a local trail with KM markers. I ran two runs

    there, joined my my daughter and brother. Despite the crazy heat, those

    were good runs. I also got to do a lot of hiking and realize how much

    more fit i was becoming...a mile and a half, up and down mountains was

    not only doable, it was enjoyable.


    When I arrived at week 5 I

    did the track the first two days. Looking at the third day's straight

    no-walk run, I decided it was time to hit the street...or bike path,

    anyway. I was a little nervous about my minimalist shoe style and how it would

    adapt to asphalt, concrete, pavement.  My stepdad assured me that my

    running barefoot and nearly so had been strengthening my feet and that

    I could run on hard surfaces without padded shoes...but never having done it, I was

    nervous.  I had decided on a real 5K to run and it was on the street,

    so I knew I had to get out there at some point.


    So I pulled up

    Google Earth and mapped myself a 2 mile run. I did my warmup walk to my

    start point, set my water down in someone's yard, and set out.  I won't

    lie, it was hard...mainly because in my head I knew I'd have no walk

    breaks.  But i did it, and it was one of the most satisfying runs

    ever...because to me it was a "real" run. 



    Also, my feet did fine.  *To

    this point I've been injury-free...except for after the Oregon runs

    when I was forced to wear shoes with a significant cushy sole (as my

    daughter was running with me and she wore her own that I'd been

    borrowing). I got some hip pain from those runs that did eventually go

    away...but whenever I've run in the "running" shoes, it returns.*  I've

    since learned more about why that is, and will be getting my own shoes,

    I just need to make a decision about one of two kinds.  Anyway...



    6, 7 and 8 had some good runs and some tough runs. Sometimes it was

    really hot (it was August) and sometimes I caught a cool evening. I

    learned to map runs with lots of shade if I had to run in the daytime.

    Sometimes I mapped myself a run that turned out to be much hillier than

    i thought....but I did them.  I let myself walk for a few seconds on

    those....and that got me through.  After those I returned to a couple

    of favorite routes, flat


    I did the first run of week 9 and it

    was hard. Really hard, not fun.  Here i am so close to the end that I

    can feel it, and it's gotten harder.  And now I've gone and signed up

    for a 5K...I HAVE to do this.  Enter labor day weekend and a camping

    event, music, friends, drinks...I took 5 days off.


    This week,

    Wednesday, I did W9D2 and it was FUN!  I added the .1 miles to my 3

    mile run so I could actually do a 5K and I DID it!  Man, that was a

    high.I did it in 38:55 - almost a 13 minute mile pace but I didn't

    care...I ran it all and I knew I could do the real race in a week and a



    In the meantime *I'd requested a book from my library

    called "Born to Run" by Christopher McDugal, and it came in yesterday.

    I picked it up and started reading it at 8PM last night. I read it all

    the way through, couldn't put it down, finished it around 2AM.I knew I

    had to finish today - not this evening (when i prefer to run - never

    been a morning person) But this morning.  The love of running that

    comes through in that book made me excited.*


    *So I got up and put

    on my duds and realized my daughter was wearing "our" shoes.  Wow. I

    really didn't want to run in the puffy running shoes.  But that seemed

    like an excuse to me this morning, it was too important to me to go

    on and finish the I put them on and set out on the same route I did Wednesday.* 



    was harder,* *I could feel the muscles  of my foot trying to feel the

    ground through the soles and not getting the feedback they wanted*, but

    I did not let that stop me.  I just ran.  When I got to a sunny part of

    the path, I ran faster, back in the shade i slowed down. I ran as fast

    as I could the last hundred yards, to where my water was stashed, and

    then I ran past it, just a bit, to add the .12 miles I needed to call

    my 3 mile run a 5K.


    And i finished.


    I have my 5K race on

    9/19 - next Saturday. I will use my daughter's shoes for that, then I

    will either get a pair of those for myself or go "all the way" and get

    the Vibram Five Fingers.  Not sure yet. But i know I don't want to run

    in the thick soled running shoes anymore.


    Do I LOVE running? I

    don't know. There are times I feel good when I'm doing it and times I

    do not. I always feel a huge sense of accomplishment when i finish a

    run, for sure. I love what it has been doing to my body...muscles have

    popped out in places I didn't know they were there.  I can hike, I can

    run, I can do a lot of things that were hard for me, or even

    impossible,  before this experience.  I love that I set a goal and

    worked towards it and accomplished it.


    I love that I have

    options open to me I want to become a One Hour Runner? Do I

    want to go for a half marathon? Do I want to work on my swimming

    technique so I can do a triathlon? Do I want to keep biking and working

    out and simply run 3 miles a couple of times a week?


    I don't know yet. But it feels great to be able to consider the possibilities, and know I can do any of them if I choose.


    So thanks, C25K, you have been an empowering experience.



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    38. Oct 12, 2009 10:18 AM (in response to ohliz)
    Re: Reactions to the book: Born to Run
    i loved this book. been running marathons for 12 years, this book has given me new life . Now i run without my shoes"i mean half of the time" but my running stlye has improved, my legs are higher in the air, making my upper thighs really strong. every runner should read this book.I'm looking a caballo's website to register for his race. anyone interested in going.? o'yeah the rocks do hurt my feet, looking forward to buying vff's.  cabballo's website " "
  • DCtoPgh Community Moderator 3,033 posts since
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    39. Oct 22, 2009 8:16 AM (in response to runpacowin)
    Re: Reactions to the book: Born to Run
    I haven't read the book yet but I sure have heard all the hype. I wanted to point out this article from the NY Times that weighs the limited evidence on running barefoot vs. with shoes.

    I do today what you won't, so tomorrow I do what you can't.

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  • marley mission Pro 65 posts since
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    40. Nov 5, 2009 8:02 AM (in response to DCtoPgh)
    Re: Reactions to the book: Born to Run

    just got vff kso's and love em - right outta of the box have done some long run (a 16 and 15 miler) - no knee pain whatsoever - when i was running with my mizuno 'speciality' shoes for overpronaters i could go 100 yards before major pains set in - these things are awesome - awesome fun too - never enjoyed my runs as much as i do now - anyway - just my 2 cents - only negative has been my pace slow down but that is due to the learning curve with these guys - imo - you use new muscles and there is some stiffness and soreness - but i feel like i get stronger with every run - and running w/o pain is great - do they look goofy - well heck yes - but for me - it only adds to their attraction - i have the black kso and the blue camo kso (my fav)


    edit: the author is in montclair this weekend at a running store - i cant make it as my dtr has soccer match but i would go otherwise - i recently went to nyc to see dean karnazes - was cool to see him in person even though all he really did was tell the same stories from his books

    now running in...

    Vibram Five Fingers KSO and KSO TREKS

    come ck out the vff enthusiast community

  • cmarieo Rookie 7 posts since
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    41. Dec 31, 2009 8:20 AM (in response to joeyverville)
    Re: Reactions to the book: Born to Run

    I loved the book! As a slightly overweight newbie who will probably never run an ultra anything, the book inspired me to begin jogging/running mindfully and concentrate on my form. I had plantar fascia from new shoes, and instead of listening to the doc, I walked/jogged sock footed and it automatically changed my form. No more plantar fascia. I'm also addicted to chia seeds.

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    42. Feb 2, 2010 9:20 PM (in response to joeyverville)
    Re: Reactions to the book: Born to Run

    Just finished reading this book last week. Great book, read it in three days. I couldnt put the thing down. Im training for my 1st marathon and it was the perfect motivater. Its a must read for any runner, no matter how much you run.


    In which it turned me to Vivram Five Fingers. Found them at REI and cant keep them off. Havent run with VFF though, Im enjoying just walking im them.

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    43. Feb 7, 2010 7:45 PM (in response to joeyverville)
    Re: Reactions to the book: Born to Run

    My wife gave me the book Born To Run book as a Christmas gift.What a awsome book! I have read it twice. Anybody that can read this book and not just have a sudden desire to go  outside and start running must not be a real runner!

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    44. Mar 23, 2010 9:43 AM (in response to joeyverville)
    Re: Reactions to the book: Born to Run

    I know this is an old thread, was glad to have found it... I (like everyone else) loved the book.. Was considering buying Vib's until I learned on this thread about the feelmax. Now I'm undecided which to try first? I am a little reluctant to buy shoes on-line unless they are shoes I have and know the exact size. I read somewhere  that REI carries the vib's so I can go try a pair on and get the right fit-And who knows maybe REI now carries the feelmax as well. Anyone know a major sporting goods line that has both? Anyone run in both?



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