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    Jun 23, 2008
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    45. Sep 30, 2009 4:27 AM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: Half Marathon Trainers week of Sept 27th

    Yesterday I got off the bus and ran the five and a half miles home.  This route is quite interesting - it starts in a plaza, goes up behind the highway onto the North/South Trail for about a mile, and then up one of the oldest roads in the area (now mostly suburban rural-residential.)  The trail is very hilly and rocky.  The rest of the route has three hills, including the last one which goes up at 7% right before my road, for about a half mile.  When I do this on my bike, this is usually an uncomfortable reality of the commute and I bear it.  But with running, I sort of just went "in" to the hill.  I just took it easy and cruised up.  Now, granted my heart was going crazy and I could feel it, but it was not as it is on the bike.  I had been fearing running this hill all week and there it was, meek as mayonnaise.

    I still managed the 5.5 in an hour - so I am really happy about that.

    Today I will do three.  Tomorrow looks shot as I have to work late - I was going to do another five up in the city.  Now it looks as if I will reserve that five for Friday.

    Westport MA 8K – 05/09 45:04  9:04

    Cox 5K Providence RI – 05/09 29:12.29  9:26 32/101 ag

    10K Springmaid Splash Trail run 8/22/09 NC - 291  1:24:23 0:13:35

    NK5K 9/12/09 North Kingstown RI 26:40 11/43 ag

    CVS Downtown 5K 09/09 27:44 123/714 1958/5900

    Amica Half Marathon, Newport RI 10/18/09 net-2:09:12.59 gun-2:10:34.12  9:59

    Lil Rhody Runaround trail 8 miles Charlestown 11/22/09 1:19 9:55 233/290 19/41 in age group

    Narragansett Super 5K 02/7/2010 25:10 8:06mm

    Westerly, RI WTAC Clamdigger 5 mile 04/18/2010 41:07.0 8:13/M 64/151 oa 5/20 ag.

    Cox RI Half Marathon 05/01/10: 2:00, 9:13/m, 951/2362  oa, 73/298 ag

    Lil Rhody Runaround trail 8 miles Charlestown 11/21/10 1:19:04 9:53  224/298 16/33 in age group

    Bristol Hangover Classic 01/01/11, 5 miles 42:02 8:24 127/285 4/47 ag

    Narragansett Super 5K 02/06/11 24:59 8:03 147/236 oa, 14/32 age group

    Hyannis Half Marathon 02/27/11, 1:54:08 8:43 1061/2694 oa, 90/317 ag

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    46. Sep 30, 2009 4:48 AM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: Half Marathon Trainers week of Sept 27th

    Morning Everyone, What a beautiful morning here. I think more rains coming but crossing my fingers as I would like to get out and bike after work today.    I hope everyone had good runs.


    JennyH:  About my ankle I'm not doing any formal PT for it, I am a PTA and have done rehab on plenty of ankles to know what to do and how to progress. So I've been doing alot of range of motion and will begin stregthening in another week. Still have some swelling even after 2 weeks.


    rnwalker7: Welcome to the group. This group has alot of good advice and ideas. Plus it is a great support area even when those at home think you've gone nuts with all the running.


    Anjuanja:  Great idea about running home from work and awesome on the hill. I hate hills but really need to work at them once I'm back into my running.


    Everyone have a good day and great runs or rest days.


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    47. Sep 30, 2009 5:29 AM (in response to xcmom2girls)
    Re: Half Marathon Trainers week of Sept 27th

    Okay, lets try this again....


    Hey gang!  Looks different around here!  Decided also to change my name to match my Twitter name.  Rest day for me today, and I welcome it as I didn't feel so good on the TM yesterday.  I thought of you guys and kept it up.


    Snowman - Lessons learned, still a great outcome!


    Melody - Good to see you keeping up.


    Runjr - Great race stats!  Wow, 38 degrees already?  Cowboys, played a sloppy game somehow managed to get the win!  lol


    Rnwalker7 - Welcome!  Looks like you signed up just in time for the new upgraded website!


    Jenny - LOL on the withdrawls!    Yes, I find the MapMyRun milege stats to be fairly accurate.  San Antonio?  That's my home town!    Bet you'll find a few Cowboy fans in SA! 


  • misswendy! Legend 1,056 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    48. Sep 30, 2009 6:00 AM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: Half Marathon Trainers week of Sept 27th

    hey yall


    just a quick hello before i take ds to school.

    got behind and then couldnt post yesterday, so  maybe shout outs later

    monday i took a rest day after running 8 days straight. i did cut the yard and trim up the bushes in the front.

    tuesday i ran 10.5. the first double digit run since the marathon (may 31)

    i hope to go 7 or so this morning. i already did the arm workout.

    i have been trying the 'sculpt a-list arms fast' workout from  riiiiiiiight. im supposed to get arms like madonna's.


    love to all

  • cyndi t Legend 1,061 posts since
    Aug 11, 2008
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    49. Sep 30, 2009 6:18 AM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: Half Marathon Trainers week of Sept 27th

    Good morning all....yes, Jenny I'm glad it wasn't only me (LOL).  Had major active withdrawl yesterday.  Didn't realize how much I look forward to all the posts.  Joe, like the new name.  I'm going to need to do some investigating on the new updates.  Hopefully I can figure it out (i'm still pretty lost on FB).


    Anyway, Ran 8 yesterday and today too.  Beautiful day outside.  It was the kind of run that was just kind of hanging out listing to the tunes on my ipod enjoying the fresh air and by the way, also ran 8 miles....if you know what i mean, relaxed and awesome.  Went to the dr yesterday, sinus infection.  Got a round of antibiotics and got started on them and feel better already.  Infection must have just started.  Never felt bad during the runs though, like I wasn't sick at all. Colds alwasy do that to me though and since I've got to watch for infections, I'm usually right to the dr when I need to be.  So its all good!  I'll be back to normal in plenty of time for the race...yeah!


    Have a great Wednesday all!



  • macd019 Pro 709 posts since
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    50. Sep 30, 2009 6:38 AM (in response to cyndi t)
    Re: Half Marathon Trainers week of Sept 27th

    Oh boy, we are back in here! Like the new look. Not much to report for me - 8 x .25m speed intervals yesterday which went decently considering the 20+ mph winds; 3.3 this morning without the wind or much energy. Sept. total of 108.7 is my highest mileage month ever.

    Snowman/Donald - great pics! You do look like you gave it everything you had, and then some, lol. Great placing, too. How's the knee doing?


    Rick, great long run! You are ready!


    Mindy, hope the ankle is improving.


    JRS, nice long run on Saturday!


    Simon, that's a lot of extra miles you've logged. When are you racing?


    Joe, you got your wish on the Panthers looking bad, lol. Hope you are feeling better today.


    Lorie, enjoy your taper!


    Melody, great 13! You're ready!


    runjr, great time/placing on the 5k! The wind finally died down here by this morning, but I've been imagining all the nasty possibilities for Monumental... DD#1 has an unflattering nickname for me for always thinking the worst :(


    Jay, I can't help you on the heartrate training but even an 11:04 pace would allow you to complete any race before the time limit.


    rnwalker, welcome! Sounds like you are well on your way!


    Jenny, safe travels and good runs!


    Anj, great job conquering that hill!


    misswendy, congrats on being back to double digits ;) madonna's arms, huh? I'll have to try that!


    Cyndi, nice 8s!


    Happy hump day, all!

  • Cara_26.2 Pro 711 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    51. Sep 30, 2009 6:50 AM (in response to macd019)
    Re: Half Marathon Trainers week of Sept 27th

    Hey everyone,

    Nice to have the site back... noticed though that i'm getting a few errors saying that scripts are running too long and should be aborted... whenever I log in it looks a little messed up too as I get these screens on top of everything that I can't move - i'm sure it's all teething problems then they'll sort :)


    On the running front, I ran 5 yesterday which felt a little hard - I picked the pace up to sub 9mm for the last 0.75 miles and that felt good! Still have the shin issues, but i'm working on it. Rest day today and 6 planned for the morning.


    Jenny - I wouldn't worry about your average weekly pace... mine has actually gotten slower as i've got faster because I run more of my easy runs at a slow pace and even the speed work has warm-up  / cool down miles at slow pace so I often average around 10:30 for the week where as I used to average close to 10mm - overall though I am now able to get in quality speedwork so my race pace and increased significantly! On Map My Run - I think it's pretty accurate - never tested it though!

    Zero - great job on that 9.5 miles and good to hear you are getting the runs in!


    Meg - Hope you got that washer repaired! Thanks for the reminder that I ran a marathon... it seems like a whole lifetime away now... I need another to aim for :)

    Joe - Enjoy your rest day! Noticed your name change... i've been trying to change mine, but it wont let me :( Cool to push through on teh TM!


    Anj - You are nearly at your taper!!! Riding will definitely help with running and is great cross trainng! Great job on that hill!!!


    Robby - Great job on the 10k and amazing result for DW! Congratulations to you both


    Doc - Lol on the bird ;) glad you are back out there and cool to have someone to run with. DH has been running with me recently and it's nice to have company for a change... although usually i'm trying to keep up with him or shouting at him for going too quick :)


    Betty - Hope you are feeling better and the runs are getting easier. If you're not feeling well I would definitely back off the miles for a while and take it easy to give yourself time to recover.


    Cyndi - I think 40+ miles is possibly too much for 2 weeks before race day - that's more than I ran in the build up to my marathon! The training you do now is not going to make much difference on the day other than make you tired and risk injury, so make sure you give yourself plenty of rest between now and race day!!! Personnally I wouldn't run another 13 either, but we had that discussion last week ;)


    Snowman - Congratulation on your HM and fab race report! What a learning experience!!! I would guess that you weren't fully recovered from the 13 earlier in the week and also that your attempts to make up for it were un-rehearsed and hence caused you issues. Amazing to tough it out though and an amazing time! How's the recovery coming? Great pics! Mine normally look like i'm walking too ;)


    Macd - Hope you got those early mornings sorted ;) Nice speed work and great total on September! Not checked mine yet, but it's going to be pretty down after my last couple of 200 miles months!


    Rick - Great 10 miler... you are close to taper so now is not the time to push things - I would go with your plan to run 8 at the weekend and a couple of short runs next week. That's about what I did before my HM's and also before my full and it worked just fine. I personally think pushing it the last couple of weeks does more harm than good! Has the blister healed?


    Mindy - Cool on the marathon... were you cheering on? I was amazed how many of the crowd in Berlin must have been shouting encouragement for so many hours - they deserve a finishers medal too :) Wishing you a continued speedy recovery! Hope you get out on the bike!


    Sue - only 4 days to go?!? getting excited yet? I find sometimes it doesn't feel real until the day before race day!


    Simon - When is your race? I have already passed my annual total from last year with 3 months to go :) How many minutes faster should that make me :D


    Lorie - not long now... are you getting excited / nervous? nice to have the last big run over with - you will do great... enjoy the rest of taper time!


    Melody - great job on the 13. I used to have a lot of mental battles too... the full has really helped me with that - all of a 12 miles does not seem that far anymore ;)


    Runjr - congrats again on a great race result! I am sticking to the recovery schedule but am a little worried about my shin problem. I may take some time off if it doesn't get better as I want to start training in December in full fitness...


    Jay - I have slowed by using low HR too - it's actually made me faster as I can do my speed work at a quicker pace! I probably still go a little too quick, but it has really helped me. I was struggling at 3 days a week and was picking up injuries over that. With the low HR training I increased to 5 days a week and am much stronger and faster for it!


    Rnwalker - welcome to the group! Great time on that first HM with what sounds like pretty low mileage I would take a look at some of the Hal Higdon plans as a starter


    Misswendy - Wow - you have really picked the miles back up! Great to get back to double digits!


    OK - hope i'm caught up and the system allows me to post this... if you're reading it, then it was success ;)

    Happy running all,
    Cara x


    18/04/2010 Brighton Marathon: 4:23:45

    21/02/2010 Sussex Beacon Half Marathon: 1:51:30

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    52. Sep 30, 2009 7:49 AM (in response to Cara_26.2)
    Re: Half Marathon Trainers week of Sept 27th

    Greetings runners! Forgot abt the upgrade here, that explains a few things.  Ran hard in the wind Monday 6.5, upper workout w/a few spice-abs.  Couldn't move on Tues. Delayed onset fatigue from the HM or just lack of a good rest day, no matter what it was...I rested and feel better today.  Heading for the elliptical and then off to work.


    cara-runnin btwn the planes caused me to lose focus on going hard toward the Finish.  Worth it tho'.  Your 10k sounds good!


    snowman-agreed, your push to go 13.1 twice in 5 days was a true test!  you passed, fortunately didn't pass out!!!  give the body some rest


    jennyh-great 2.75!


    zero-nice spontaneous 9.5!


    meganm-hope the washer repair wasn't too pricey


    joe-im predicting a major fall-out in Cleveland, it's bad on all sides of that field..bummer.  I cheered for the Bengals with DS on Sunday...he tried to convert me  lol, at least one Ohio team won!


    doc-you sound better, ditto on the more relaxed running.  Happy to hear you've got a buddy, that will be fun!


    cyndi-take it're there!


    mac-windy fall-like here too.  I dig it,those super hot days are behind us for now.


    rick-awesome pace on 10,5!!!


    melody-excellent 13!  gosh, this must be the week for distance~~woohoo!


    runwalker7-glad you enjoyed the USAF!  Welcome!


    misswendy-you're definately a natural~~very well done on rest day and that 10.5!


    anj-your posts are neat, good job on the bike/run/work!!


    Have a great day runners!

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    53. Sep 30, 2009 8:46 AM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: Half Marathon Trainers week of Sept 27th
    lets see if this works, kind of having problems trying to post...
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    54. Sep 30, 2009 9:02 AM (in response to Doc825)
    Re: Half Marathon Trainers week of Sept 27th

    Hello Everyone!

    Got to get used to the new way of doing things on here. LOL  And what's this?  No color font yet?  Uh oh!


    I had a rest day again yesterday to give extra healing to those sore legs. LOL  I did an easy 2 mile run today at 15:30, a perfect 7:45 each way.  Everything felt fine except that left knee.  The only way to explain it is that it feels tight.  I can run through it and Ibuprofen takes the pain away but its an annoyance.  My brother thinks its runners knee or something else from doing two 13 mile runs in a week.  Guess its my punishment for running when I shouldn't have. 

    It felt like it was going to snow while on my run.  Cold, crisp air and a grey cloud deck.  Feels great after a mile but rough to get started.  I could hear my warm blankets calling for me when I stepped outside. LOL


    So my plan is to run another half marathon October 24th.  Its a bit sooner than I'd like but after that, there really aren't any more races in Michigan.  I'll be running on Mackinac Island, it sounds amazing.  That gives me roughly 3 1/2 weeks before the race.  Is that too soon? 


    I'll catch up on shouts outs tomorrow!

    I will outrun the storm and run faster than horses.

  • Doc825 Pro 165 posts since
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    55. Sep 30, 2009 9:10 AM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: Half Marathon Trainers week of Sept 27th

    ok- so i'm having some troubles trying to post...

    anyway- not much excitement to report. my cold is being sneaky and decided to come back last night while i was sleeping. up all night coughing away, so decided to make today a rest day. registered for my next race! will be doing a halloween 5k in a cemetary on 10/18! cool! its also a 1st annual, so should be fun. AND- i have not just one running partner, but 3! they multpilied! my sister signed up with her husband. it will be her first race ever- i'm very excited!!! she's really looking forward to it, should be fun!


    donald the snowman- great race report although it sounds a little scary. hilarious about the beer bets!! well done. and a lions win the same day for you!! cool! still think you're nuts but thats not necessarily a bad thing!

    jenny- i use map my run religiously. i love it- its helped me a lot. i'm suffering from a minor football induced depression right now. seroiusly confused about the panthers, which brings me to...

    joe - when did jake start playing for the NFC East?? swore he was wearing a panthers uniform, hmmmmm....

    jay- i totally understand the distance thing!! i had previously ran a ten mile race as well as a few ten mile long runs, but somehow didnt think that i would be  prepared with just ten for a half. i'm glad i adjusted the long runs and did the 12. it was completely mentally assuring. you wont regret it- i don't think you need to do the full 13 though.

    rnwalker- Howdy ! i was very tempted to sign up for the mardi gras half, but decided on the shamrock half in Va beach instead. cant wait to hear about it!! i'm new in here too, but everyone is so helpful and gives great advice, so i decided to stay!

    mac- just checked my mileage and i'm at 108.25 for spetember! cool!

    runjr- awesome 5 k time, cant wait to see the pics!

    sue- enjoy the taper week and best wishes on your race! you'll be great! cant wait to hear about it!

    cara- hope your shins get better! take it easy for awhile, you deserve a break!!! are you considering any new big races yet ?


    happy wednesday everyone!

  • Legend 1,556 posts since
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    56. Sep 30, 2009 10:22 AM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: Half Marathon Trainers week of Sept 27th

    Hey guys!

    We hope to workout any and all issues you guys are experiencing since the upgrade so please go here: and tell us in more detail what's happening.





  • snorth100 Legend 293 posts since
    Feb 11, 2009
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    57. Sep 30, 2009 2:22 PM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: Half Marathon Trainers week of Sept 27th

    Hello all – glad that our “therapy site” is back up and running!!  I missed everyone during the upgrade.  Due to biz travel, I haven’t done a thing for 2 days…bad Sue.  Tomorrow, I’ll do a short, easy run – although my hammy’s been a little tight – probably from KB’s and then sitting in the car driving for 4 hours!  If all goes well tomorrow, I’ll decide whether to do another short run on either Friday or Saturday before the race on Sunday.

    The new job situation is marching forward aggressively – if all goes according to plan, I will have an offer letter tomorrow and will resign.  Oh boy, another sleepless night thinking about THAT encounter…

    Zero:  great job on the 9.5!!!!  Fantastic progress – don’t wear yourself out too much – you need to make sure you have enough energy for that math study group – lol!

    Lorie:  it’s all downhill from here!!

    Melody:  great job on your long runs!  I have taped that George Patten quote onto my computer monitor (about the mind ruling the body and not vice versa) and try to read it frequently…such a head game!  I can convince myself to stop running and go home in a nanosecond…need to get those negative thoughts out of my head!

    Runjr:  super race time!! 

    Jay:  I have no more information about training based on HR…but would be interested if you find out any tips!!

    Rnwalker:  good job on your HM, particularly without a formal training plan. As mentioned Hal Higdon’s plans are good, as are Jeff Galloway. Others use a plan that’s available here on Active (I forget its name). You should do a little research to see which plan fits best with your current level and lifestyle.

    Jenny:  I too use mapmyrun but have no real way of measuring its accuracy, as I don’t have a Garmin. Perhaps someone who has one could test it for us…

    Anj:  sounds like an interesting run. There’s a hill on one of my runs that I’ve tried unsuccessfully to bike up, but I can run it…seems odd that a “machine” wouldn’t make the job easier.  But, perhaps it’s a speed issue – when I run, I can go as slow as necessary. I got a chuckle about you running home from work – I would have been trailing a 25 lb. wheeled briefcase J

    Joe:  like your new name! I noticed that several people’s names changed…now I have to learn who they are all over again! Good job sticking with the dreaded TM…

    Wendy:  racking up those miles!!! Will you send a picture of your Madonna arms???

    Cyndi:  rest, my child….

    Macd:  great job on the mileage for Sep. I should total mine…

    Cara:  I had always heard that shin splints will resolve themselves with continued exercise…but I guess if they don’t, you should rest a bit.  Glad you’re back on track so quickly following your race!  I truly think I have so much other stuff going on right now (potential new job, golf weekend coming up, moving to FLA for the winter, followed by another long weekend in CA with college friends) that running my HM is almost incidental. But, I’m sure I’ll start to get cranked soon….

    Elk:  a rest day sounds like a good idea! Be careful of those spice-abs J

    Snowman:  Mackinac Island sounds like it would be interesting! 

    Doc:  sorry about your sneaky cold – hope you’re getting past it!  Fun to have running partners – I find it hard to run with someone because I’m not used to it and the talking really winds me…but if you do training runs with others, I would think that would condition you!

    The Red Sox managed to clinch the wild card by losing 5 in a row…not getting good vibes about the post-season! I’ll check in tomorrow.  Have a good evening everyone!


  • snorth100 Legend 293 posts since
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    58. Sep 30, 2009 2:23 PM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: Half Marathon Trainers week of Sept 27th
    Just fyi, my prior post looked much better in the editor than it did once posted...odd.
  • rnwalker7 Pro 141 posts since
    Sep 27, 2009
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    59. Sep 30, 2009 5:09 PM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: Half Marathon Trainers week of Sept 27th

    Whew, 7 miles today!  At least it's kinda starting to feel like fall down here, we still got to about 85, but MUCH lower humidity.  Run went well except for last three miles...not due to fatigue, but nature calling and I told it to hold up.  Needless to say, the last 3 miles were the fastest of the run, didn't even stop to stretch out when I got back to the truck.


    Doing the Gulf Coast Heart Walk Saturday in Gulfport, they say it's a 5K route; I'll probably end up running that and doing a long run Sunday (end-to-end Dauphin Island...roughly 15 miles down-and-back).


    Anyways, I should probably join in the shout-outs:


    Joe - Glad I missed that game, even if it did mean sitting while my professor dragged out class.  Looking forward to seeing my boys from College Station BHTO Arkansas though!


    Sue - It's easy to fall off the wagon, I know.  Hope that hammy heals up well!  And good luck Sunday!


    Doc - Good luck at the Shamrock!  I'm still waiting to find out what our running route is; if it involves anything outside the French Quarter, I might see about picking up some


    Cara - Congrats on the marathon, and I'll be sure to check out Hal Higdon.  Thanks!


    3hungryelk - Oh, it was a blast...I'd only driven thru Ohio once before, hadn't ever even been to Wright-Patt.  If y'all's winters weren't so cold, I might consider putting in BOP to go up there.  4 years of Nebraska winters were enough for me.  They laid out the route very well, though, and I personally enjoyed pushing myself down the bomber run towards the finish.


    Jenny - One of the guys I work with got me on; from my experience, it's usually pretty accurate.  Hope San Antonio's going well...I love that city!  Well, anything outside the 410 loop, that is.


    Snow - Great time on your first!


    And to anyone I've missed (sorry, still new at this), I apologize!



    Upcoming events:

    Missoula Marathon, Missoula, MT - July 8, 2012


    First Light Marathon, Mobile, AL - January 9, 2011 - 4:09:33 PR

    Pittsburgh Marathon, Pittsburgh, PA - May 15, 2011 - 5:20:43

    Air Force Marathon, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH - September 17, 2011 - 5:07:27

    Gasparilla Half Marathon, Tampa, FL - March 4, 2012 - 1:50:57

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