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Oct 6, 2009 10:16 AM

Running with people with different paces

I posted this in the Penquin topic but I think it got buried.  I hope you don't mind me posting it again.


My question is about running with other people.  How do I go about running with people that run a different pace from me?  A group of us started the C25K this summer and have just finished.  Running together kept us all running.  But now we are at different paces.  One is a used-to-be-runner who is much faster than the rest of us and she will now run on her own.  The other two plus me are slow, and between the three of us we are Slow (13 mm), Slower (16mm), and Slowest (18mm).  We feel we need each other to stay motivated, but Slow running with Slowest is very difficult.  Is it bad to run slower than you feel you can go?  Will speed and/or endurance happen?

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    1. Oct 6, 2009 12:19 PM (in response to hermama)
    Re: Running with people with different paces



    I would say 2  to 4 minute gap between people is way to much for anyone to run together as a group, i feel you need to be alot closer in time to be able to train together in a group run. The only way anyone is going to build speed and endurance is to push themselves everytime they run. I thinks is bad for any of you to either have a feeling of being left behind or being held back during any of your training.


    I do feel its great that you want to be able to help and rely on your partners, but then you have to be able to break out on your own and do it for yourselves.


    You all should be a support group for making yourselves accountable for your training and getting better, not a gauge at how much better you become.


    Everyone is different when it comes to training and you have to figure out what works for you and use that.


    Speed and endurance will come in time with training, and pushing yourself.



    It's not only about finishing, its about finishing healthy!

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    2. Oct 6, 2009 3:02 PM (in response to hermama)
    Re: Running with people with different paces
    I only run with my group 1 or at the very most 2 times per week.  I am the slow one of the group.  I'm not sure of the distances you are doing or if you are varying your pace on different runs.  I know what my weekly plan is and when my group does different types of runs.  What I do is plan my week so that I run my hard runs when the faster runners are doing recovery runs so that I can run with them.  When they are doing faster runs that I can not keep up with I do my slower runs.  Or when they run say a hard 10-12 miles I might run a hard 2-3 miles in the middle of a longer run and time it so that we meet up when I start my hard 2-3 so that I can run with them for a couple of miles.  On the days that you do not run together time your runs so that you finish at the same time so you can cool down and stretch together.
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    3. Oct 6, 2009 3:13 PM (in response to hermama)
    Re: Running with people with different paces
    It never is good to run at a slower speed than what you are capable of for a long period of time. In order to improve you have to ante up and push yourself. having each other is good as competition will encourage an increase in peformance. just look at how things are in the real world. Being under pressure is when you get the best results. Start setting group challenges with each other.

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    4. Oct 6, 2009 7:13 PM (in response to hermama)
    Re: Running with people with different paces

    I agree that it is not good to run slower than you are actually capable of all the time.  I actually run with a similar group (varying speeds and distances).  But what keeps us all running, is that we all start together.  So that way, at least we all show up to run at the same time.  Sometimes, depending on the day, when we are done, we regroup and discuss our run as well as our goals for the next one.  Even though we are all on different levels, we all encourage each other the same!  So while I wouldn't actually run slower to run with certain people, you can still run as a group.  This may not help you as everyone is different, but just thought I'd share my experience! 





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    5. Oct 6, 2009 7:20 PM (in response to hermama)
    Re: Running with people with different paces

    Hi Hermama,

    Good for you and your friends for committing to running and completing the C25K!  Here's what my husband and I do.  We run together at our local park that has a one mile loop around.  We start together and then one of us goes on at our own pace.  Sometimes we loop back and run past each other with a smile and a high five for encouragement.  I know some people don't like the idea of running in circles but it works for us.  We each get to do our own thing "together".  Best of luck to you all....


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    6. Oct 7, 2009 12:56 PM (in response to hermama)
    Re: Running with people with different paces
    You may also want to try a staggard start depending on your pace.  That way you all finish up together and can meet at chat about the run.  Everyone can cool down together for the last mile at a similar pace or do some strides together at the end.

    Plan your run and then run your plan.

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