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  • jenma1973 Amateur 24 posts since
    Nov 4, 2009
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    30. Nov 11, 2009 12:42 PM (in response to GoRunIrish)
    Re: 200+ Nov 9th-Nov 15th

    Anthony you rock! The story about running to visit your parents is awesome. I too am a WW veteran. I was extremely successful on it in the past, then gained it all back going through a divorce and bankruptcy! I started again mid-September. This time my attitude is different. It's not a diet. I'm choosing to change my lifestyle forever by learning new habits for coping with life's curves. Here's what I have found on WW: 1. Exercise is the key. Without it I don't have enough points to feel satisfied. 2. Eat all of your points! I lose more weight on weeks when I eat all of my daily allowance and my activity points. Your body needs the fuel. I usually don't dip into the weekly extra 35 unless there's a special event. The program works if you follow the steps.


    I'm in week 4 of the C25K. I can't wait until I can run for an hour; thanks for the inspiration!

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    31. Nov 11, 2009 1:59 PM (in response to GoRunIrish)
    Re: 200+ Nov 9th-Nov 15th

    Morning Glories!  I finally ran last night and it felt great.  I had a lot of obstacles but I kept my eye on the prize (running) and got out with one of my psycho dogs.  My dogs are psycho so I did a lot of pulling and yanking an every once and a while I had to go a little faster than I wanted because she wouldn't slow down.  Hopefully she iwll get better over time or I will get faster.


    GoIrish   Seabrook is halfway between Houston and Galveston but on the coastline.  I am about  1/4 mile from the Gulf of Mexico.  As a matter of fact, the run was at the Kemah Boardwalk, which is on the water.  I love it here..except during hurricanes.  Our town was hit by Ike and some people still dont have homes to live in...wiating for ins money or Fema...still a few FEMA trailers.  We had whole neighborhoods that were destroyed and some homes that just vanished...people came home to an empty lot.  For your 2ND 5K don't fret.  This is a lifestyle will have so many more to do.  Relax and enjoy.  It is nice when you have a pace setter.


    Turtle  LOL I do the same faster for those two reasons.  Good pace 14.4...pretty soon you will have to change your name to rabbit instead of Hare.


    Amanda   I love it from No Way to 5K!!!  That is exactly what is was, wasn't it. WE all thought runners were crazy and now look at all of us.  I love the saying.  Amanda I am emotional also and cried W5D3 and then cried so hard that I started to hyperventilate and made it hard to run the cool family just laughed and I learned my lesson.  LOL


    Smashville  that is awesom about the second 5 minute run.  I think it takes our body a bit of time to warm up and normally when we try to start running, we don't allow our bodies to get to that point and just quit.  C25K gets us to that point.  My first 8-10 minutes are my hardest. If I can mentally push through those, hten I am fine.


    MFMR   Kids and communication.  My daughter does the same thing when it comes to afterschool events.  Very funny about the ambulance.  I am sure you guys are going to do great.


    Dade  Good question.  Right now focus on technique and endurance.  Don't worry about speedwork until you have 6 to 12 months into running.  Running is new for your body and you need to get use to the movement.  Listen to your body, and it sounds like you are.  I wear a heartrate monitor and watch my heartrate.  If it gets too high, I know to slow down to bring it down.  It is sorta a dance at first, speed up, slow down, trying different techniques of running...that is what these weeks are about.  Pretty soon it will come a little more naturally.


    Movie  If you want to lose weight you have to change your habits.  If you are like most of us and over 200 then you have some bad habits that need to be addressed.  Running is great. I typically burn about 400 during my run.  During y 10K I burned 1261 calories.  It is so much harder to burn than it is to consume.  It takes me 1 second to eat one m&m however, to burn off that m&m I have to run the length of a football field.  I can eat 4 100 cal cookies in a day and there goes all the calories I burned for running.   I know, it sucks.  I will workout until the cows come home...the eating is what I struggle with adjusting.

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    32. Nov 11, 2009 2:35 PM (in response to dadewitt)
    Re: 200+ Nov 9th-Nov 15th



    The biggest mistakes new runners make are that they try to do too much, to fast, too soon.  Don't worry about your pace.  C25K is about getting active and building endurage.  After you are running regularly (some will say at least 10-20 miles per week) then you can start worrying about speed.


    While that represents one specific view, the point is this: worrying about speed comes later.  Definately take your time, and go at a pace that works for you.  I found that my pace did improve over the nine weeks of the C25K program, but not because I was deliberately trying to build speed--it was because my body was getting used to running and it was able to move me at a better pace all on its own.

    Just get out there and stick with the program.  Being fatigued is a good thing, but beating yourself nearly to death to finish a run fast is just lunacy.  Many of us here started in such a condition that we felt completely out of breath (or that we wanted to die) even after the first few 60 second runs, so much will depend on how much cardio-pulmonary endurance you currently have.

    It was my wife's idea--really! Okay, it helps that I need to lose the weight, too. (FatManRunning - Couch to 5k)

    Completed Couch-to-5k - 10/30/09

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    Restarted running 6/26/10

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  • TransplantedPotato Expert 52 posts since
    Sep 6, 2009
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    33. Nov 11, 2009 7:56 PM (in response to GoRunIrish)
    Re: 200+ Nov 9th-Nov 15th

    Ok, as promised, my wrap-up of this morning. I finally got out for my first run in a week. I guess it went about as well as I could was a 5 minute warm up walk, 30 minute run, 5 minute cool down. I had to take a few brief walk breaks thanks to some icky stomach cramping (Um hi, digestive system. Get with the program, please.) but I'm glad I got out there.


    The more exciting news, though, is that according to my stats at, Friday's run will put me at over 100 miles of running! I am SO excited! I can't believe I'm going to hit such a ridiculous milestone! 100 miles! Crossed by me! On foot! Aaaaahhhh! I wish I had disposable income to buy myself a congratulatory gift! (I'd totally get a new, non-ginormous ipod and a nike plus sensor...I'd love to have some better and slightly more accurate statistics to play with and I certainly wouldn't complain about an mp3 player that's actually small and discrete compared to the pocket-Bible size of my old generation iPod!)


    I just wanted to thank you all for being with me on each and every one of those hard-earned miles! I'm so grateful for your humor, your sympathy, and your support! Keep on running, all!

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    34. Nov 12, 2009 6:04 AM (in response to GoRunIrish)
    Re: 200+ Nov 9th-Nov 15th

    Well... my first WW weigh-in **drumroll**.....9 pounds!!  I almost fell off the scale.. I even weighed in 2 more times and confirmed it. Thanks for all the tips guys/gals! I've been using all my daily points, and using the online tool to track my water intake, etc. I only had to use 3 weekly points this week- so I didn't dip into my activity points this week. However with the loss- I am deducted a point from my daily points total, so I'll have to monitor and adjust accordingly.


    As far as the running goes... man, I feel great this week. Did a 40 minute easy run Monday, last night did speed intervals (a fast 400m @ 9'00" mile, 2 mins @ 12:30/mile x7) and pretty much smashed my previous 5K time. Another easy run Friday night (hopefully- I have a work gathering to go to in the afternoon), and my distance run on Saturday...9 miles!!

  • joedadd Pro 122 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    35. Nov 12, 2009 6:57 AM (in response to GoRunIrish)
    Re: 200+ Nov 9th-Nov 15th

    Hey all. Wanted to introduce myself as I am going to start the C25K today (again) after slacking off for about 1 year and gaining weight back.


    The good stuff: I started C25K in 2004 and lost about 80 pounds in a little over a year and built up to run 12 miles at one time preparing for a half. My blood pressure and cholesterol dropped and the doctor took me off BP and cholesterol meds. Handling stress was easier and healthier. Life was better.


    The bad stuff: Training for the half set me back as I injured my knee and had to take time off. When I healed, I went back to running and maxed at 8 miles but again was injured. Slowly the weigh crept back and I got into some bad habits, went back on the BP meds, took essentially one year off running other than a spurt here and there.


    Good stuff again: I am still down 35 pounds from my high so all is not lost. I've done this before so I know I can do it again. My inspiration is learning of a (overweight) family member diagnosed with terminal cancer and her strength in fighting and continuing to fight the battle.




    12/18/2011 - 280 LBS

    10/2/2012 - 248 LBS

    Short term goal - 10/31/2012 - 241 LBS

    Intermediate Goal - 230 LBS by 12/31/2012

    Long term goal - 190 LBS - Sometime in the distant future.

    Running: Complete Broad Street Run May 2013

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    36. Nov 12, 2009 7:38 AM (in response to AnthonyJTa)
    Re: 200+ Nov 9th-Nov 15th

    Amandalynn - I feel the same way you do on many things. First, I love to use the HS track because it's softer and easier on the joints. And thank God that football is over! lol   I completely understand your tears of joy. Isn't it wonderful to do what you never thought you could do?


    AFMR - Thanks for the laugh re: your possible 5K placements. My DH and I received our Turkey Trot confirmations and he is listed as female. (I haven't told him yet) It's going to be interesting to see where he places!


    Smashville - You have really accomplished something. Sure feels good, doesn't it?!


    Potato - I've also decided to do the One Hour Runner. Tomorrow I run W9D1 which is 30 min running. I plan to start OHR on the same day since OHR has 3 weeks of 30 min runs. I went back and forth between OHR and GW28K. GW has a podcast which I think I would really like but on the other hand, I don't like intervals. I like to start running and just keep running.


    Darunningman09 - I have to say that I'm happy and a little jealous of your weight loss. Mostly weight loss is about calories in/calories out but for some reason, it's not working for me. My PCP could not really find any medical reason for stalled weight loss. I gave 2 weeks of calorie and exercise logs to a dietition and she is working on it. She said I should be losing about 2-3 lb a week. She is tweaking my intake percentages of carb/prot/fat and making up a menu plan for me. I'm frustrated but realize that this is probably the result of years of yo-yo dieting. 100's of lbs gained/lost/gained/lost.


    Anthony - Wow! You are doing so great with the weight loss and the training. That kind of success is infectous and gives you the motivation to keep going. And your successes give us the motivation to keep going too! Keep up the fantastic work!

    10/03/09  - GVSU family 5K - 41:25

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    12/05/09 - YMCA Jingle Bell 5K - 40:05

    12/13/09 - Jingle Bell Run 5K -


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    C25K started 8/30/09 finished 11/20/09

  • Turtle Who Runs Pro 110 posts since
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    37. Nov 12, 2009 8:16 AM (in response to babeinthewoods)
    Re: 200+ Nov 9th-Nov 15th

    Hi everyone,


    Another day in the life of a roadrunner:  Finished W8D1 today, and unfortunately it's crazy windy in NY today (up to 40mph winds) and I'm still nursing a slight injury to my right ankle after Tuesday's run, but I had to give it a try.  I was slower than normal; which for this turtle was a 15.34 pace, but at least I didn't struggle too much and my ankle felt okay.  Man it was windy though!  For parts of my run the wind was hitting me right in the face, so I just put my head down and kept pushing through (good resistence training!) until I got hit in the face with some leaves and garbage.  That made me feel just great!    Because I felt so good, I ended up running 33 minutes today after I pulled the leaves out of my face.


    Irish-I'm always nervous about every 5K I participate it.  Usually I'm so nervous, I feel like throwing up before each one.  Just remember to run your race, and not worry about everyone else.  If you could find someone to stick with during the race, I'm sure that will help.


    Anthony-Sounds like WW agrees with you.  Keep up the good work!


    Dade-What everyone is saying about pace is true-take it from a turtle.  Originally I was pushing myself too hard, and couldn't breathe; I was miserable.  Now, even though I'm slow, I feel so much better while I'm running, and look forward to days when I run.  Who would have ever thought I'd say that?  Also, your body will feel different everyday, so you may have some great runs and some bad runs.  It happens to everyone.


    Movie-In my experience, my diet is okay; not great, but certaintly better than it has been.  I find that in order to lose the weight, I have to run.  I need that activity to continue my weight loss, even if my diet is good, if I don't run, I typically will not lose, or only have a small loss, in a week's time.


    Libby-Nothing feels better than getting into clothes that you couldn't previously.  That is so awesome!!  Congratulations!


    Fluffy-It must feel good to run again.  Hopefully you and your puppies are training each other, and eventually they will calm down and you can go on the pace you want.


    Potato, BITW, and Jasmine-Being that I'm on week 8 of C25K, I have to start thinking of what program I want to transition to.  You all give good reasons to either do OHR or GW28K, or even incorporating some speedwork into my program, but I'm still unsure of what to do.  I like the ipod application for GW, but I think I'm still at the point where I need to build stamina, and I would love to get faster because I'm still can't finish a 5K in the 30 minute program.  I have a lot to think about. Thanks for all the insight.


    Happy Thursday Everybody!

    -I may be slow, but at least I'm moving forward. 
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    38. Nov 12, 2009 10:50 AM (in response to AnthonyJTa)
    Re: 200+ Nov 9th-Nov 15th

    Way to Go Anthony!  Very impressive.  You'd be sitting pretty on Biggest Loser with a loss like that!


    Yesterday was so crazy at work so I didn't even make it in here.    Lots to catch up on today.


    Amanda - I love the shirt saying.  I need to remember that one!


    I am so jealous of everyone else's run's.  My mantra is "next week, next week..." 


    I am excited.  Tomorrow is our first hula hoop class where I work.  There are a bunch of us that are going to work on our core by hula hooping.  (of Course for me, I have to first figure out how to hula hoop, but that a minor detail, I hope!)  The person leading the class can hula hoop for a full hour!  Supposedly 15 minutes is a great core workout.  I also have my last walk before I start walk/running tomorrow so its a big day for me!


    Have a great day.


    The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start!  John Bingham



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  • AnthonyJTa Amateur 30 posts since
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    39. Nov 12, 2009 11:31 AM (in response to babeinthewoods)
    Re: 200+ Nov 9th-Nov 15th

    Thank you all! I have to admit, this community and my short time being here as a poster has been super-positive. So thank you guys in return!!

  • aprillilly Expert 53 posts since
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    40. Nov 12, 2009 11:52 AM (in response to GoRunIrish)
    Re: 200+ Nov 9th-Nov 15th

    W6 D2 tomorrow


    Yes, I have been trying to lose weight for sooooo long.Up until March of 09, I could not make it through one day without screwing up my eating. I mostly lost it at dinner time, eating too large portions and giving in on the weekends to eating fast suppers like pizza. I had been increasing my activity by going to a gym and doing cario, spinning and strength training. However, I was not able to lose even a pound.


    In March, I joined a weight loss program at my gym that had a nutrition component. The instructor mentioned the bodybugg..And I do not work for them. That has been my magic. (As we all know, this is a daily challenge) so I don't know how long this motivation will last but do check it out at


    If you haven't heard of it, you wear an armband. At the end of each day, you take it off and plug it into your computer. It measures your daily actiivity on a chart. You manually enter the food you eat and it tells you if you have eaten too much, too littlle .. It does many other things as well but just have a look.

  • aprillilly Expert 53 posts since
    Oct 30, 2009
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    41. Nov 12, 2009 11:55 AM (in response to GoRunIrish)
    Re: 200+ Nov 9th-Nov 15th

    Oh..I forgot to mention that I lost about 26 pounds. (I started at 200 pounds) It is so slow and I haven't lost anything in a month but I keep trying..The scale is stuck..really stuck..

  • Smashville Pro 93 posts since
    Oct 20, 2009
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    43. Nov 12, 2009 12:37 PM (in response to GoRunIrish)
    Re: 200+ Nov 9th-Nov 15th

    A little caveat emptor for you all.


    I took a walk last night in the Five Fingers...looked down, noticed I could see my foot.


    The stitching is separating...I've had them for barely a month...hopefully they'll take them back, but I don't feel so confident in said product anymore.

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  • JohnNJ Rookie 6 posts since
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    44. Nov 12, 2009 12:47 PM (in response to GoRunIrish)
    Re: 200+ Nov 9th-Nov 15th

    Hey everyone, I figured it'd be appropriate to drop in on the this thread. I'm just starting out on the C25k program and I'm at 245lbs. I'm hoping to get down to around 175 one of these years. I started another thread about my C25k experience, but since everyone here seems to be in the same boat...

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