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Oct 21, 2009 9:52 AM

Newbie!!  Help, pretty please... I asked nicely...

Hey guys,

I'm not new to active, but I am new to the swimming board.  I actually prefer running, but have now had a knee surgery and have had 3 docs tell me that if I keep running, I'll be signing up for a knee replacement sooner rather than later!  Boy, that's encouraging!

I've never swum (is it swum or swam?) for fitness, but swimming and biking are now really the only things I can do guilt free for cardiovascular fitness. The idea of getting run over while I bike is sooo not appealing!  So...

Where do I start?  I've gone to the pool with the kids and that's about it.  Do I need anything?  I guess googles are important.  Basic pair of swim trunks?  Jump in the pool and start swiming just like I did with running years ago?  Websites for swimming newbies?

Thanks for any help.

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    1. Oct 21, 2009 9:54 PM (in response to PedDoc1)
    Re: Newbie!! Help, pretty please... I asked nicely...



    I think starting with form is important... There are a lot of tools out there that can help you understand and perfect swimming form. One highly recommended book is ''Total Immersion'', which can also be purchased on DVD . I think if you can only get one the DVD might be better because you can actually see what they're trying to explain. As far as attire goes, trunks are for the beach and lounging, jammers are for swimming. I would suggest looking at some local swim shops or going to (I get most of my swim gear there). Oh, and speaking of gear, goggles are most important (at least for me). Honestly, you don't NEED anything else, but when I practice or others on my master's team do, we bring a kickboard, fins, paddles, and a pull buoy.

  - Has some good videos on form, including bits of Total Immersion - Cheapest gear by far - If you want a team to practice with, this may be the way to go. - A site for open water swimming.


    I hope you enjoy swimming!!!

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    2. Oct 22, 2009 3:24 AM (in response to PedDoc1)
    Re: Newbie!! Help, pretty please... I asked nicely...

    Good on you... swimming is GREAT. The best exercise to do!

    Here are some helpful sites, I'd recommend:


    Swimmers Networking Sites



    Swimming News and Info About Swimming Worldwide




    Swimming Safety & Other Info



    And to buy swimming gear, all you need to do is google "buy swimming ______" insert what you want there!


    And as Dory from "Finding Nemo" always says...... just keep swimming! (haha)


    Hope that's what you're after! x




    A little plug: I write for a bathroom company in the UK. If it's made for a bathroom, ie, shower trays, shower enclosures, baths, etc.... they've got it, on sale.

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    3. Nov 13, 2009 9:13 AM (in response to PedDoc1)
    Re: Newbie!! Help, pretty please... I asked nicely...

    Hey man,

    Glad to hear that you will be swimming.  Swimming is a great sport and helps with any rehabilitation.

    Same thing as any other sport or activity just don't over do it or you will be in the hole.


    Swimming is a very highly technical sport which takes a lot of practice and patience.  But once you

    have the components and keys points to swimming you will start to enjoy the great benefits it provides.


    Just remember that swimming uses the whole body as one unit.  Start swimming by breaking down your


    1. start swimming with your arms to your side and just using your kick to propel yourself through the water.

    2. Add a rotation to the side still not using your arms to start working on breathing.

        *Rotate by using your belly button and eyes to move in the direction of the side of the pool.

    3. Once you have rotated using your whole body as one piece and being able to breathe go back to your normal

        position and rotate to your opposite side.

    4. Afterwards add one arm.  Put one arm straight ahead of you with the other arm to your side as before.

        Your head should be pressed to your arm as it is a ONE ARM STREAM LINE.

    5 Perform the same tasks as before. Rotate to the side having your arm that is to your side come outside the water.



    Once you have performed these drills enough you are ready to put both arms together.  Take three stroke and performing the

    rotation to breathe to the side. and then take another three stroke and rotate to the other side.


    always remember that reach as far ahead of you as possible and pull down straight to you high (Thumb should slap past your thigh)


    This will provide you with a full range of motion so that you will pull every bit of water you can possibly pull.


    Hope this Helps you start,



    Matthew Olaya

    Swim Venture

    Huntington Beach

    Head Coach



    Matthew Olaya

    Personal Trainer

    Huntington Beach California

    -B.S. Kinesiology

    -NASM Cert.

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