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Nov 12, 2009 5:46 AM

Ten Can Run at Savannah Christian Church/FCA Savannah 2009 Reviews

Share your experiences with the Ten Can Run at Savannah Christian Church/FCA Savannah 2009 below Back to event details page.

  • dprunning Rookie 3 posts since
    Nov 26, 2007

    I have run this race every year and have always loved the event. Everyone is so friendly, the course is beautiful and peaceful, and I know I can eat a huge thanksgiving Dinner because I have already done my running for the day. Last year my whole family ran in the race together and it made for a great start to Thanksgiving.

  • LithuanianGirl Amateur 23 posts since
    Mar 19, 2009

    I have run this race twice before (2006 and 2008).  Frankly I think the 2006 was the best organized. For one thing, I knew my time almost right away. Mind you, I am not a fast runnermore like a fast walker but my time is important to me because I strive for my personal best. This year the organizer's seem to have the same problem they had last yeargetting the times straight. Someone said that hopefully the times would be up on the website by last night. Well it is early afternoon Friday and I STILL see no sign of the times being posted. Additionally when the awards were being given out to the fastest runners, there appeared to be some confusion and embarassment by the announcer of the results. I also did not like that the results were not presented in an orderly manner--sort of willy nilly as the times came in. I know there was an emphasis on trying to get people home to Thanksgiving dinner but if they really did not have the time to do the race, perhaps they should not have been there in the first place? 

        On the plus side, I DO like that this was a charity and ten cans of food were collected from each participant to help feed the needy. I appreciate that there was a prayer before the start of the race and at least part of the National Anthem was (sort of) sung--I wonder why the tape cut off so fast?  Also, the refreshments were beautifully prepared and there seemed to be enough for everyone. When a race participant is on the slow side (such as my husband and myself) it is very disappointing when you finish a race and you find your replenishments having been quickly gobbled up by the fastest runners. Here offered to everyone were beautiful bananas, grapes, pieces of bagel and flatbread, cookies, water and coffee nicely displayed.

        I wish I could have placed in my age group this year but alas, it was not to be. I had placed second and third in past years and I liked the "awards" given. Someone was very creative in 2006 and 2008 to present awards in the form of cans with labels on them indicating the place of the winner. This did not cost too much to the organizers and it was something concrete the winners could hold onto in the future. I also think it was really cute!  Bring back the can awards!



  • Karen Dove Barr Rookie 4 posts since
    Oct 10, 2007

    The weather was beautiful and the course is great.  10K and 5K runners overlapped so the courses were marked with yellow arrows for 5Kers and yellow arrows for 10Kers. The arrows did NOT say 5K or 10K. A few runners got lost. 

    The race was 45 minutes late starting, timing chips were provided but not activated and the organizers after more than an hour admitted they had no idea who most winners were.

    Postrace food was good, restrooms available, the charity was worthwhile; needs a race director.

  • jdgelj Rookie 2 posts since
    Apr 16, 2008

    Great charity, over the top positive and friendly group of volunteers and runners alike. Seems the event did need more organization.  10k vs. 5K should have different color signs so you're sure you're on the right route and at tricky points have a volunteer confirming where to go. Kids awards metals should be given out after the kids pass through the finish line, not at it.  Will defiantely participate next year! Maybe start earlier in the AM too?

  • liz st.l Rookie 3 posts since
    Dec 27, 2007

    This race was the second in a series of three. I ran the first race and I thought the course was very well marked and well staffed. The results took forever but were accurate.


    The Ten Can Run was better attended than the first (IMO) but there were A LOT more walkers/strollers/dogs. Since the 10kers and 5kers ran some of the same route, I found it mildly annoying to have to run around people walking and talking up the entire path. I think for future races, instructions should be given to walkers/strollers/dogs to stay to the right to allow runners on the left. ALSO, some of the signs were confusing and I personally did not see any mile markers for mile 4 and 5. There were no signs on the return run through the woods and it was confusing with no staff to direct runners where to go (at the end of the woods my husband and father were there and had to tell numerous runners where to go). I think because of the holiday, it was harder to have enough staff, which is understandable but enough, correct, easy-to-read signage should be in its place.


    The post race staff did a great job taking the bib numbers and having enough refreshments. There was also a bounce house for the kids waiting for their parents, which my girls loved. My girls ran in the kiddie run and were so excited to get medals AND hats. I am not sure what happened with the race results. They were waaaay off and a couple of times the organizers had to go back to the record table to try to get the correct places.


    BUT the people in charge of the event (FCA Endurance Savannah) are very nice and I truly believe some of the minor annoyances were due to the inexperience of organizing a race of which time will change. The course was great (I liked running part of it on a trail) and one could not have asked for better running weather in November! I am looking forward to this being an annual Thanksgiving family tradition and plan on running the final race in the series.

  • RoyalStar Rookie 2 posts since
    Apr 26, 2009

    I ran the first race in the series which was less confusing for the 10k because the 10k did a double loop.  But I liked the trail portion of the 10k and I prefer a different course over a double loop when there is a 5k and 10k.  I really enjoyed the race, the only real problem was the awards.  The awards are nice to get but are not the reason I run.  It was a worthy cause.

  • chris93880 Rookie 4 posts since
    Apr 19, 2009

    first off thanks for the race and the hard work by those who organized it.

    the good: very nice and friendly folks, very nice race shirt, lots of food at the end, awesome charity to give to, very nice course. very organized check in, now the not so good: started late, signs marking 5k and 10 k were really not good, on the return to finish comming out of trail there was alot of confusion as to where to go, more water stations with 10k, on the part where you must take a second lap on 10 k some only took one lap then finished (my wife witnessed this), bips should be different color from 5k to 10k, need better awards system and medals, age groups are way to wide, 35-45 is not standard 40-45 ect is, timming was really bad placeing are suspect. overall i loved the race and will run it again, loved the folks who ran it they were extremely nice folks and extremely helpful. dont take this the wrong way just fix problems listed and you have i think one of the best races out there. Thanks

  • RussellLawless Rookie 1 posts since
    Nov 9, 2009

    This is the first road race that I have done and I would like to say it was extremly well.  I would like to say that the 10k course was awesome however the markings not so good.  For the 10k I only saw one marking and that was on the double loop and I was not sure if the marker was for the first loop or the second one.  Maybe make the 10k markers with a blue background and the 5k with a red background.  Each marker can have a white arrow.  I would like to say that running with the 5k people was some what annoying to run around, but it was fun to hear the "good Jobs" and "your doing great." The awards where very good except for the fact that all of the places had to be changed alot.  I like the idea of the ten cans because it helps out those with less fortune. It was a great start for thanksgiving.


    Also how do you upload the times from this race because I cannot find the race.

  • PenAimie Amateur 20 posts since
    May 30, 2007

    I ran in the Ten Can 5k on Thanksgiving morning.

    The run was to benefit FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and a local food bank.  All entrants brought 10 cans of food (in addition to the registration fee).  They raised over 3000 cans of food.


    There was some disorganization & confusion after the race concerning the results.  I think maybe the company who volunteered their services for the timekeeping was new.


    This was my first real 5k (I have walked a 5k in the past).  And so I was pleased with coming in under 35 minutes.

    The weather was crisp & clear and I look forward to doing it again next year. livin' in Savannah, GA

  • PenAimie Amateur 20 posts since
    May 30, 2007

    Hi Russell and congrats on your win!!!

    You can find the results at livin' in Savannah, GA

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