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Jun 6, 2008
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Dec 17, 2009 7:21 PM

IT Band and treadmills

Hi there - this is my first post!


I've been running about two years now, but I am experiencing some pain today that near as I can tell from my research tonight is a common IT Band related injury.  I've recently been going to the gym and running on a treadmill to get my work in now that it has got so cold, but right now running in freezing conditions sounds pretty good to me!!  I've only been doing this for a couple weeks and today the pain was "real enough" that I felt I should shut it down.


I realize some amount of rest is necessary now, but going forward is there a particular incline one should use to help aleviate this for future reference, or is there evidence that treadmills are bad ideas?  Just looking for thoughts.  I am a little disappointed because here in Maine it is still dark until too late for me to start a workout and I'm not that keen on running in the dark, so I thought I had the answer (treadmill at the gym), but my body is telling me something different today....


Thanks for listening!



  • spicegeek Community Moderator 2,563 posts since
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    1. Dec 18, 2009 6:00 AM (in response to Deron Treadwell)
    Re: IT Band and treadmills

    IT band issues are made worse by running on inclines - up and down


    Most IT band problems are either worn out shoes and / or weak hips


    cycling will make things worse - so thats not a cross training option


    1. take a week off running - during this time - get at least one deep tissue / sports massge that concentrates on your IT band areas

    2. Foam roll your thighs and butt 20 - 30 mins each day

    3. after 10 - 20 mins of walking stretch out your IT Band - cross your legs and lean over and also you hamstrings

    4. ice and aleve !

    5. leg raises ( laying on your side ) / one leg squats with latereral leg raise and standing lateral / front and rear leg raises with a resistance band - if you go to agym that had then use the hip abductor machines - 10 - 20 reps each exercise 3 sets every day


    After 1 week run 1 mile nice and slow - stop strecth your IT band - - run and few more miles - stop every mile and check to make sure you have no pain - stop running as soon as there is the slightest indication  of pain -  keep doing steps 2 thro 5 - if you are not improving find a chiropractor that goes active release therapy ( ART )


    During your down week - if it doesn`t cause pain you can row or use the eliptical -

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  • Ddkb Amateur 31 posts since
    Nov 17, 2009
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    2. Dec 27, 2009 4:20 PM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: IT Band and treadmills

    Thanks Spice for putting it all together. I realize that I don't foam roll enough, usually it's been about 10 min. every day... So I'll def. increase that.
    I've had IT band issues for the past 4 weeks now and even though last week I thought it was getting better, after about a 1 mile run, it hurt so much I had to stop.
    Yes, I know... I'm bad in thinking that maybe I should run through the pain, since my training plan is basically not exsistant for the past couple of weeks. And I know that health should go first, but you know, the things that my mind tell me just don't always coincide with what my body wants to do...

    All I can say is take it easy on yourself. I know it's hard and I'm still learning this, but it's important...

  • SpasticSlug2 Rookie 3 posts since
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    3. Mar 15, 2010 8:47 PM (in response to Deron Treadwell)
    Re: IT Band and treadmills

    I've had off and on ITB issues for quite some time.  Initially it was just hurt a little at the start of the run and went away as I warmed up.  Then over a few months it progressed to being sore at the start and then after the run.   During a 12k race about 2 weeks later, it went nuclear and I could barely run.  It felt like someone was putting a cigarette out on the side of my knee if I tried to run.  That was a long 3.5 mile walk back.


    I've got mine under control and it only bugs me every once in a while now.   I do some very light ITB stretching before a run, warm up at least a half a mile and then stretch again once the muscles are warm.  I'll even stop occasionally during a really long run and stretch again.   I also do a little light stretching in the hot shower in the mornings. Usually that's all I need.  If it's bothering me at all, I run with the Protec ITB strap on which provides a little traction to the band.  I occassionally use the foam roller on the outer thighs.


    Key here is don't ignore it, thinking a little rest and ice will cure  this.  You're going to need to learn what particular ITB stretches work for you, possibly do some targetted strengthening if you've got muscle imbalances, and maybe have another look at what shoes you're wearing.  A good PT person can help a lot, but they can be hard to find.

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    4. Mar 19, 2010 1:16 PM (in response to Deron Treadwell)
    Re: IT Band and treadmills

    I missed almost 2 full months with my IT band.  I did the PT and now I use the foam roller about daily and after every run.  I am fine prerun with out stretching and back uo to 25+ miles a week and training for my next half.

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