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Nov 28, 2009
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Dec 30, 2009 7:51 PM

C25K Week 4...Yikes!!

Hey everyone...hope you all enjoyed the holidays!!  Well, I finished W3 and am really freaked out about starting W4...just not too sure why the anxiety.  So far the program has not been too difficult for me considering that I have never run in my life but I still don't consider myself a runner when I do so for only 90 seconds at a time.  I suppose seeing that I need to now hit the 5 minute mark means this is for real and I am afraid of failing.  I can't seem to shake it and I haven't even tried it did the rest of you do on W4?  Even if you were afraid you were not ready to move on, did you anyway just to see how it went first?  Help!! 



  • agreenegirl Rookie 1 posts since
    Dec 30, 2009
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    1. Dec 30, 2009 8:41 PM (in response to Bauer05)
    Re: C25K Week 4...Yikes!!

    Just completed wk 9 in C25K.  Our "trainers" called wk 4 the drop out wk.  It was tough.   Keep it'll do it.  If

    you need to repeat any of the wks, do it.  Some need the extra training before moving on.  My first 5k is 1/1/10.

    I have done 5K runs several times in the last 2 wk.  Some on treadmill, some on street.  2 times with what I call hills..haha.

    It is still tough, but who knew I would ever make it this far.  I have a great "coach", my husband.  He promises it will

    continue to get easier.  It has gotten better each learn as you go.  I'm hooked and I'm sure you will be

    also.   DON'T STOP!!!   You be glad you did it.....I can see changes in my body already.  I like them!!!

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    2. Dec 31, 2009 6:42 AM (in response to Bauer05)
    Re: C25K Week 4...Yikes!!

    Trust the program. I did c25k a couple of years ago and was starting from completely sedentary (i.e., true couch potato). I found week four challenging but entirely achievable.


    Remember that it's okay to slow down if you need to. I found that I could finish any run if I went slowly enough. I think you'll find that the five minutes goes more quickly than you'd expect. Just don't keep your eyes glued to the timer -- a watched pot never boils, as the saying goes. Pick a favorite song (or couple of songs) that are five minutes or longer and listen to them while you're doing it. If you spend your time enjoying the songs, you won't even notice that the time's gone by.


    You can totally do this.


    Good luck!



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    3. Dec 31, 2009 8:17 AM (in response to Bauer05)
    Re: C25K Week 4...Yikes!!

    Hey Tam,


    I was right there with you a few weeks ago. I just finished W6D2 this morning, but (as you can see in my signature), I had to repeat week 3, and then I repeated week 4 two times, for a total of 3 weeks on week 4. The reason I'm telling you this is to let you know that if you really don't feel ready to start on week 4 - if you think that the 3 minute runs are still a challenge for you - just do week 3 again, and then move onto week 4 after that. I was (and am) overweight by about 45 pounds and I have some asthma, so I admit that I was pretty much scared solid to move onto a 5 minute run when each 3 minute run felt like it stretched on forever. I think that once I made the decision to repeat week 3 a lot of my anxiety just melted away and I was able to actually start enjoying the runs a bit, instead of spending the entire time thinking "if this is so damn hard how on earth am I going to be able to do 5 full minutes?!?" And then when I finally did move on to week 4, I felt really solid through at least the first part of each run, so I know repeating the week was a good idea for me.


    Doing week 4 was a different battle for me - like in week 3 it was hard, and I decided to repeat it an extra week to get solid at the 5 minute runs before attempting the absolutely crazy (felt like!) 20 minute run in week 5. But I was only able to fit in 1 run that week, as it rained almost continuously the whole week, so I decided to just repeat week 4 for the second time because I didn't want too much time to go between my runs at that point. But the real difference in week 4 and week 5 for me was at that point it sort of became a mental game, rather than a physical challenge. Don't get me wrong - it was still physically tough and demanding, but it sort of seemed like my body could handle it by then, and what I needed to do was convince myself each time that yes, I really could do it. Like you said - I didn't feel much like a "runner" when I was only runnung a few minutes at a time, but that started to mentally change in week 4 and week 5... and it was a bit scary. The good news is that once you can conquer the mental stuff, I think it really is just a matter of time before everything else sort of settles in the right way. In a couple of days I'll be doing my first 25 minute continuous run, and I feel like I'm ready to do it.


    So I guess my advice would be to go for week 4 if you feel like week 3 was a challenge, but not that it was so hard that your walk recovery times felt much too short and you felt bad the rest of the day of the run and the resting day after. If that's happening I'd say you should probably repeat the week - not because I don't think you are capable of moving on at that point, but because I think you could mentally use the boost of feeling better about where you currently are.


    Hope it helped!

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