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EPE09 Legend 508 posts since
Dec 28, 2009
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Dec 28, 2009 7:54 PM

When do I need a agent?

I 'm 9 and I've been playing for 3 years. At one point I want to go pro. When should I get a agent?

  • Rajon4Rondo9 Rookie 7 posts since
    Jan 6, 2010
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    2. Jan 6, 2010 4:50 AM (in response to EPE09)
    Re: When do I need a agent?

    Are you serious?

  • leege Rookie 7 posts since
    Jan 8, 2010
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    3. Jan 8, 2010 4:30 PM (in response to EPE09)
    Re: When do I need a agent?

    You can not be serious!!! You're 9 and you've been playing for 3 years!!!! I'm 11 and I've been playing for 7 years and I have'nt even thought about an agent. I don't know how good you are but if you want to make to the NBA you're gonna have to practise heaps more!!!!

  • Rajon4Rondo9 Rookie 7 posts since
    Jan 6, 2010
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    5. Jan 12, 2010 8:18 AM (in response to EPE09)
    Re: When do I need a agent?

    dang bub you a cracker jack. lol

  • iAthletes Legend 429 posts since
    Jan 7, 2010
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    6. Jan 12, 2010 8:54 AM (in response to EPE09)
    Re: When do I need a agent?

    I am glad you are looking towards the future and have a lot of basketball goals. At age 9, you need to keep practicing and working to develop your fundamentals.


    You need to find an identity on the court - what position you want to play, what type of player your going to be. Get with your coach and have him teach you some things.


    Concentrate on your technique's. When I was 9, I was thinking about getting a college scholarship - college comes before agents.


    If you ever need any more advice or are looking for drills and workouts to improve your game - shoot me an email -


    I'd be happy to work with you.


    Founder of the worlds first ever online basketball camp, 3-Point Academy

    Our home website; Innovative Athletes


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  • Joe Kane Legend 320 posts since
    Oct 18, 2007
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    7. Jan 12, 2010 12:00 PM (in response to iAthletes)
    Re: When do I need a agent?

    Here are the steps you should take for your basketball career.


    1. Make the elementary school team

    2. Make the Middle School team

    3. make the junior high team

    4. possibly join an AAU team

    5. Make the High school team

    6. Play AAU or something like that to get exposure to college coaches

    7. Choose a college to fit talent levels

    8. make the college team

    9. If you are good enough, decide whether to TRY and play professional basketball in the NBA or somewhere overseas AFTER you are finished college

    10. Hire an agent, you do know you have to pay agents right?

  • RyanActive Pro 87 posts since
    Jun 4, 2008
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    8. Jan 12, 2010 4:49 PM (in response to Joe Kane)
    Re: When do I need a agent?

    Most 9-year olds aren't thinking about agents yet, so you're a step ahead!


    Unfortunately, you have some work to do before you're ready to hire an agent. Keep working on your basic skills (and using iHoops to help you improve) and work your way to the high school team.


    Before you start thinking agent, you will want to try for a college scholarship. You can't play college basketball and have an agent; it's against the rules.


    If you work hard every single day, keep your grades up and help your team win some games, you can get a college scholarship. From there, a select few play professionally. Between playing college basketball and professional basketball, if you're lucky enough to get that chance, is when you will need an agent.

  • leege Rookie 7 posts since
    Jan 8, 2010
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    9. Jan 12, 2010 6:37 PM (in response to EPE09)
    Re: When do I need a agent?

    EPE09, I average 8 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists, 7 steals and 4 blocks a game. And how can you teach yourself to play when you're 2? You could not have possibly developed hand-eye coordination when you're 2!!!

  • Duke Pryor Amateur 18 posts since
    Oct 19, 2009
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    10. Jan 13, 2010 7:24 AM (in response to EPE09)
    Re: When do I need a agent?




    Great question?


    I am glad that you have dreams of playing on a professional level some day. Its seems like you have goals and that is terrific. I have to say that you have started the process early at 9 years of age and you have so much ahead of you before you are ready for that process.. There are so many other things in your life that you should be focused on. School should be your #1 priority. Making the best grades that you can make. Also at the same time being a kid is very important too. Don't try to grow up so fast. Be the best student, son, and friend you can be.


    Basketball wise, you have to work on your skills.

    I would work on the fundamentals of the game, dribbling, passing, shooting, etc....and try to become as good as you can at those things. Then as you get older and start to develop your game and develop physically, you and your family may want to look to hire a personal trainer. Right now in your area where you live, you may want to join or contact an "AAU or travel team, local rec league or YMCA.


    Lets talk about if basketball is even going to be the sport that you excel in? At the age of nine you are not even sure if you like another sport better than basketball or not. You may be better skilled in swimming, hockey, football, baseball, tennis, soccer, for all you know you may be an outstanding track athlete one day. Just think, you might even be a road scholar in school.


    Kid you have so much ahead of you that having an agent at 9 years old will not help you in any way, shape, form or fashion. On the other note, if you were to hire an agent right now, it would jepordize your high school and college eligibility. 


    When do I need an agent?   You need to hire an agent after you have finished your four years of college basketball.


    My biggest advise would be...enjoy being a kid. Be a great student. Work on the fundamentals of the game. "Perfect your craft"


    Strive to get an academic scholarship.


    After all of the above steps have been taken and you have become the great young talent that you inspire to be, the agent will come to you.


    In your spare time read some of Duke's Diary or the motivational letters in the First Team section on


    Take care and I wish you the best...STAY FOCUSED!

  • brettsp Legend 307 posts since
    Jan 16, 2009
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    11. Jan 14, 2010 1:25 PM (in response to Duke Pryor)
    Re: When do I need a agent?

    my advice is school first. Concentrate on that and everything else falls in place.Making it to the NBA is literally a one in million shot- no pun intended.Enjoy your childhood and work hard at basketball and maybe one day you will get a shot at the NBA.

  • XxibAllAlldAyxX Rookie 3 posts since
    Jan 13, 2010
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    12. Jan 14, 2010 10:12 PM (in response to EPE09)
    Re: When do I need a agent?

    lol i doubt u coulda even walked on ur two feet let alone u teaching yourself how to play ball at age 2. c'mon man, think of the long run.u got a lot of work to do. and if u seriously think ur gifted enough to play pro then go for it. when i was ur age, i was like "i wanna be a pro" then when u grow up, u realize it's a fantasy ur living in. i dont know kid, do what u gotta do. do work.

  • leege Rookie 7 posts since
    Jan 8, 2010
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    14. Jan 18, 2010 10:22 PM (in response to EPE09)
    Re: When do I need a agent?

    EPE, no one cares if ur doing the skills challenge. That comp is for any1!!!!!!! And who cares if ur a 3.0 student. you should'nt be thinking about an agent until ur like 21!!!!! Bottom line, u should'nt get an agent when ur 9!!!! u should'nt even be even remotely thinking about it!!!! if ur a 3.0 student there's still room for improvement! u r a noob B)

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