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Mar 1, 2010
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Mar 1, 2010 7:53 PM

Please if you've played on a team or coached give me tips, (READ)!

Alright, I'm 13 moving into High school next year (freshman) and I'm 5', weigh 90 pounds and can only bench 60. I've also just started playing in 7th grade, but I feel I'm very solid for a two year player. Keep in mind I've never been on a team.



Also keep in mind these are pickup games I played and bet like a dollar when I play so I try real hard and heres how I do and our refs are friends that's dad's are refs and teach them what calls are used and when.





-60% success when attempt to crossover someone



-At least 4 assists

-Only like one turnover from a pass

-Always look for my big men to be in the post



-Sean Marions, or Joakeem Noah

-I love my shot because it goes in a lot and surprises people because I'm little and they think I don't have a good scoring game, however I want to change it, should I? I've only used it for 2 years, and change wouldn't be tough for me to get used to.

-(2nd best 3pt shot in my school)- 41%

-Mid range- 64%

-Inside game- 32%, I miss lots of layups (PLEASE GIVE ME SOME DRILLS OR TIPS)

-Try to use floaters, I need a technique I'm terrible at them.

-Streaky shooter

-Can't create my own shot

-Tend to take any open ones I can get

-Don't shoot deep

-Not clutch

-Free throw- 78%( I THINK IT"S SOLID+ I make more I'm just being modest)



Man to man

-Very good, force my adversary to pass a lot!

-Will miss most of their shots against me, because I contest well.



-I keep my eye on the ball always(IS THIS RIGHT?)

-If I get a steal it's rarely a foul




-Rebound like 4, I tip the ball a lot and actually alright for a little guy

-When I'm boxed out it's a tough thing to rebound the ball


Shot blocking

-I have high ups and will jump very high to block bigger men

-Average at least a block per game, I think it's good for a shorter kid.




-Can't run very fast with the ball, I lose it a lot more often

-If I'm getting back on defense I'm pretty fast



-In my opinion I can play 16 minutes in all without getting very tired

-But even after 16 minutes, if I slow down a little, I tend to recover the energy that degraded from me


Injury factors

-Never sprained, bruised, or broke a bone or any body part.

-The worst I'll get on the court is a jammed finger and a cramp



-How will I be able to train the following:

Speed with the ball?

handles*left*right*behind the back*spin*between the legs*?



fancy passes?

Should I change my shot form although it goes in A LOT?

How can I create my own shot and whats a jab step?

How should I work out (STRONGER,TALLER,) foods to eat to?

What should I do to create a spot for myself on the team after I've done the workouts and mechanics to my game?



  • H4D193 Rookie 2 posts since
    Mar 1, 2010

    FIrst off, getting a good nights sleep every night and eating right will increase your height, and you will grow as you get older anyway.

    You are only 13 so i advise you to do Bodyweight strength exercises such as pushups Pull ups chin ups Dips etc until you get to high school where you should start working with weights. Weights will NOT stunt your growth and squats are NOT bad for your knees. You should work to gain mass, strength and explosiveness

    I advise changing your shot in the off-season, and keep in mind that it will get worse before it gets better, and will take a high amount of repetitions to get it right, but this will be beneficial for you in the long run. I suggest buying the better basketball better shooting 2 dvd to improve your form. is the link

    You should work on your ball handling, because you will play point gaurd on any team and I suggest the effective ball handling program to get you started. is where you can get it.

    Lay ups. You just need to calm down, on a fastbreak you will obviously be sprinting full speed but when you lay it up, do so with soft hands. Meaning lay it off the top corner of the backboard lightly.

    You can create your own shot using a good crossover move, or a step back. Youtube will help you out with how to do each one. A jab step is when you are in a triple threat position and you fake like you are going to drive by stepping diagonally with one of your feet quickly. This can put your defender off balance so you can rise up into your shot, make a good pass or drive the other way.

    You should eat healthy meaning lots of protein rich foods such as fish and vegetables and eat a lot. Eating a lot won't make you fat if you eat healthy, itll also help you grow. Fried foods are bad and so are anything that is processed. You should limit your junk food to once a week.

    To get on your team you should play unselfishly, take sensible shots i.e. not when there is a 6'5" guy with a hand in your face. Take charges, play intense defence and respect the coach's/ref's call. Don't argue with your coach.


    Hope this Helped

  • DelioJessen Rookie 1 posts since
    Mar 2, 2010

    I think that you need to play with a team, and play a lot, basketball is a collective game, you don't need to take body wheights yet, you are only 13, but you need to improve your running, because is now that you learn to be fast, and all the individual aspects of the game ( passing, driblling, ball handlling, shouting...). Listen to what your coach, and are the teams that win games, and normally the more smart one, so don't take impossible shoots, give importance to your defensive game, are a lot of good individual exercices that you can do, you can find them here or in youtube, or google it. Sleep well, Eat well, drink a lot of water, try not to eat fat food and drink sparkling drinks and sodas. Remenber that all the places that have a basketball court or playground, can be a practice spot, and play the game every day, because only playing you can improve.

    Hope this help.

  • iAthletes Legend 429 posts since
    Jan 7, 2010

    Hey Omar,


    I like how passionate you are about basketball and the fact that you are willing to seek out advice, this speaks to your willingness to learn. I hope I can provide good answers to all your questions:


    What I do is design customized workouts for young players like yourself, we are getting somewhat overloaded with requests but I think we can fit you in. If you want, I will work with you and give you drills, advice and workouts that will drastically improve your skill development, fundamentals, techniques and basketball IQ.


    Being only 13yrs old you have much time and room to really start to see improvements and reach your potential, this workouts are designed to maximize your talents, every player is different so its important we work together in a trustworthy fashion.


    Please email me at:


    I look forward to working with you, also check out our website  and youtube site for further drills and tips.


    Founder of the worlds first ever online basketball camp, 3-Point Academy

    Our home website; Innovative Athletes


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  • kd35fan Pro 92 posts since
    Jan 30, 2010

    Okay. First, to grow taller, that needs to run its course. But eating right and getting a lot of sleep will help you in that department. As far as shooting is concerned, start close to the basket with good form and once your muscles get used to the right form, developing strength will help in getting more range. You dont need to lift wieghts, just pushups and situps and chinups. Practicing layups takes repitition. Just practice them going as hard as you can full court.(This will also help with stamina and controlling the ball while running fast). With dribbling, just practice the moves that you are weakest at and turn them into strengths. Focus on making sharp passes so the ball wont get stolen. Also use bounce passes, which are a lot less likely to get stolen. As far as shooting is concerned, just practice from different spots on the floor. Dont use fancy passes untill you are 110% with the fundamentals. Also with floaters, you have to practice those kinds of shots because they usually dont come naturally, unlike for me. A jap step is when you thrust your foot in the direction of the defender to create space for shooting. BUT you must bring the foot back fairly quickly. Stretching will help with the cramps. If you do get a cramp, do what i do, play through them. Playing through minor pains like those will make you a little bit tougher. DIVE ON THE FLOOR COACHES ABSOLUTELY LOVE HUSTLE! Joina team, since they practice every day, that will help you improve you game a lot! Good Luck it looks like you have a bright future in basketball if you stay this passionate about the game.

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