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Apr 11, 2010 6:27 AM

I'm so excited, the pain is gone!

This is my personal victory and I'm so excited I had to share.


I have been battling some kind of tendinitis behind my knee for three months.  It never got any better in all that time no matter what I did.  I got to the point that I was barely running, just a couple of miles a few times per week.  The pain was worst at night and would keep me awake in agony after any day that I ran.  There were some mornings when I was about ready to ask my DH to HIDE MY RUNNING SHOES to prevent me from being tempted to run.  (Because we all know how hard it is to give up running!)  I would skip two days of running, it would feel "better", then I'd run and it would be worse than ever.  It was so frustrating because I don't have insurance or money for a doctor right now so I had to rely on DIY remedies. I tried icing, wrapping, heating, Advil, "rest" days, etc. and nothing made the slightest change.  There were days it was so bad I honestly thought my running days were coming to an end because I have never had any injury that lasted this long.


Then, Easter week, I actually took off 4 days.  I was busy with spring cleaning, company and cooking and I just decided to focus on what had to be done and put running out of my mind for a few days.  By the third day (I never take off three days in a row!!) it was starting to feel good not to run....the danger sign which I assumed meant I'd never run again.  After the fourth day, Easter Sunday, I figured I was no longer a runner.  Okay, that seems a little extreme, but I'm sure many of you can relate. 


But Monday morning, though, I decided to give it another try.  Just three easy miles, with a mile of walking thrown in.  No pain that night.  Repeat Tuesday.  Ditto.  Wednesday I took off (no sense pushing my luck!)  Thursday, Friday, Saturday I did the same 3 miles plus walk a mile.  NO PAIN!   Maybe just the slightest twinge but pretty much 90% better.  I slept through the last two nights with zero discomfort whereas I had been in agony night after night for months!    It may not sound like much to run 15 miles in a week, but for me on the verge of giving up altogether, it was like completing a marathon.


I can't account for why the pain stopped so suddenly.  It "only" took four days off from running and I'm almost as good as new.  I'm so happy I am ready to start training for my next big race.  I still have some lost ground to recover after a few months of low, slow mileage, so building back up is the first order of business.  Off I go!

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    1. Apr 12, 2010 4:25 AM (in response to Marykb)
    Re: I'm so excited, the pain is gone!



    Congrats on your recovery I have frustrating injuries and taking (real) time off allow them to heal, but let me assure you even taking a week off isnt going to ruin your running career if you need to recover, sometimes we focus on the goal so hard we lose sight of what we need to get there, God knows ive done it too with my knots in my abs and calfs over the ast couple of years.....



    Any victory for you is a victory for all of us to share, no matter how little we personally think it is, Im happy for you as I always enjoy your advice and Awesome Stories...........




    It always makes us trully thankful for running when you get a fresh feeling of getting a another chance at something you trully enjoy........



    It's not only about finishing, its about finishing healthy!

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    2. Apr 13, 2010 11:42 AM (in response to Marykb)
    Re: I'm so excited, the pain is gone!

    YAY!  I know that "my career is over feeling" it stinks.....

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    Nov 11, 2007
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    3. Apr 13, 2010 7:15 PM (in response to Marykb)
    Re: I'm so excited, the pain is gone!

    Wonder if perhaps there had been some stubborn swelling, perhaps pressing on a nerve, that could have contributed to the pain, and it needed a few days of pure rest to recede...(?) But whatever the cause, congratulations on your recovery and lots of good runs to come!

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    4. Apr 16, 2010 5:28 AM (in response to Marykb)
    Re: I'm so excited, the pain is gone!

    FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!  Just coming back off an overuse injury myself.  It took 3 months of water running, a bunch of visits to the chiropractor, and a functional movement screen to find the imbalance to get to the bottom of the issue.  BUT  you're so right!  It feels sooooo good to run pain free.  Please come back slowly.  We are all looking forward to hearing about that first race.  Enjoy your spring runs.

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    5. Apr 16, 2010 9:23 PM (in response to Marykb)
    Re: I'm so excited, the pain is gone!

    Hey there! Glad to hear it.


    I too have had nagging tendinitis in the knee area, and it knocked me out for 6 weeks. Was finally able to run this week, although it felt awful, fitnesswise. At first I thought it sounded like ITBS (which I had never experienced  before) but after a couple weeks I realized the pain occurred almost at random, even when sitting, and wasn't just above the knee, like most people describe ITBS pain. The pain was just below, right on the head of the fibula. No swelling, no knee joint issues - so I knew it wasn't serious. The longer this went on the more it seemed like tendinitis, but... of what? After MUCH searching online, I found this article:  Bingo. It goes to show you how weird knee pain can be! (I DO have insurance -- in fact I work for my insurance company -- but I still didn't see a doctor because I knew that regardless of whether the pain had been cartilage, ligament, bone, or tendon, the advice would have been the same -- don't run!) 


    Your injury sounded much more painful -- holy cow, keeping you awake at night, even!  I can understand how you thought you were done with running. I was a little worried too, until this week... I hadn't even been participating here lately because it bummed me out. But I'm still relatively new to running (about 2 1/2 years) and my first injury probably caused more anxiety than it needed to. Whew.


    Let us know how your "rebuilding" period goes!

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    Apr 14, 2010
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    6. Apr 16, 2010 10:33 PM (in response to Marykb)
    Re: I'm so excited, the pain is gone!

    Again I will suggest you to be carful to your diet, and add some nutrition addition food to your meal, vitamins and proteins powder or something like that. The reason why we get hurt and sick is basically because we have eaten bad food or insufficient nutrition food. Sports and exercise is only one aspect of health, you will still need more nutrition, happy mood, and good sleep.

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  • Runnergal262 Legend 514 posts since
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    7. Apr 17, 2010 3:03 PM (in response to Marykb)
    Re: I'm so excited, the pain is gone!

    I can definitely relate.  I took some serious time off when my left glute wasn't firing.  Got pretty frustrated about running and nearly stopped as it is so hard to battle back after taking time off.  I took a couple months off, and yes, there was definitely a point where I felt like I was no longer a runner either.  I started to question why it was I enjoy doing this and got really kind of down in the dumps about it.  The mental game was harder than the physical in my case, for sure.  Still kind of is, but, with a lot of effort and even more patience, I am back.  I ran a strong seven miles over hilly terrain today in some really fantastic weather, with one of my personal favorite routes and feel great.  I am glad to hear you are feeling better too!!

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