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Aug 31, 2006
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Apr 14, 2010 4:44 PM

lost my mojo

...for running and exercise in general.  With a couple of winter illnesses, my own and my daughter's and an aging mother with Alzheimer's, stress on the job, etc., I can't seem to get my interest or enthusiasm for running back.  Did a little bit of swimming and that has lost appeal, too.  I thought with the spring time sun and better weather, I'd want to get out there more.  Does anyone have some ideas for renewing the spirit?  Thanks,


  • runningman400 Legend 191 posts since
    Aug 26, 2009
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    1. Apr 15, 2010 2:43 AM (in response to joeyverville)
    Re: lost my mojo

    Joey, I know how you feel.  I've been in a similar slump myself, and I'm slowly working my way out of it.  What seems to be working for me is that I am setting up a race calendar for myself, 1 of the races will be with a bunch of my friends and family.  Setting these races is simply setting goals for myself; I have to get myself ready for each race, therefore I have to train.  By registering, I not only commit to the race in mind and body, but in the wallet as well. 


    Also, try to remember why you started running in the first place and how you feel when you reach your running goals.  Remember the freedom it brings when its just you and the road, remember how the sun and breeze feel on your face and how the grass smells when you go for a run after some rain.  Remember all the effort you've put in in the past, remember that you've conquered more than this before and you're a better person for it.


    I sincerely hope you find what drives you, and remember to have fun and GO GET IT!



  • skypilot77 Legend 1,077 posts since
    Dec 16, 2009
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    2. Apr 15, 2010 3:28 AM (in response to joeyverville)
    Re: lost my mojo

    joeyverville wrote:


    ...for running and exercise in general.  With a couple of winter illnesses, my own and my daughter's and an aging mother with Alzheimer's, stress on the job, etc., I can't seem to get my interest or enthusiasm for running back.  Did a little bit of swimming and that has lost appeal, too.  I thought with the spring time sun and better weather, I'd want to get out there more.  Does anyone have some ideas for renewing the spirit?  Thanks,



    My idea is take the time off. Walk away from the exercise.


    Part of the joy of running in particular, and exercise in general is the fun it can bring while you are stressing your body.


    You've got a plate-full of stuff and stress which is difficult, but not unbearable. Your mind does not want to go out an run. Fine. Give it a rest. The running Police will not come to your door.


    The running mojo returns. You'll come back as a hard-charging re-coverted runner -- in 6 months? a year? two years? Who knows. but if you are not having fun -- what's the point?

  • Marykb Legend 1,347 posts since
    Jan 16, 2008
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    3. Apr 15, 2010 5:53 AM (in response to joeyverville)
    Re: lost my mojo

    I feel for you because I've been there.  I call it "life interrupted".  I started running in 1995, and I've run off and on during that time.  There was a period of several years where "life interrupted" to the point that I gradually did less and less until I finally did nothing.  (It was mainly a stressful, time consuming job that stalled me out.)   When I found myself unemployed 3 years ago it was a blessing in disguise in some ways because then I had all the time in the world to get back in shape.  I started running again and quickly surpassed where I had left off a few years earlier.


    I hope you can find some time for yourself and use it to re-energize.  If you've run before you probably already know that starting is the hardest part, but once you put something in you start to get something out.  Someone else suggested race goals to get you motivated, but I would say the opposite.  You need LESS stress, not more!  Just plan to walk 10 minutes on a nice Spring day with no pressure to do anything more.  Breathe the fresh air and enjoy the feeling of movement with no goals for now except just doing what feels good. Enjoy the moment.  Once you start moving, you'll gradually feel like doing more.  Remember, its not all or nothing (and believe me, I have to tell myself that too!)


    I have been battling an injury for the last three months and watched my times and mileage sink lower and lower. It was so discouraging to log my runs - or lack thereof.  So for the past 6 weeks I haven't logged a thing for the first time in 2-1/2 years.  After the initial disappointment, it became very liberating.  I just took care of myself and ran as much or as little as I could each week without worrying about meeting any mileage goals.  I gave myself "permission" to just do what felt right and stop stressing over getting in my 20 mpw.  It helped a lot, my injury is almost mended, and I am getting back into my routine.


    I hope you can do that too.  Just follow your bliss and do what feels good.  You'll get it back, I'm sure!!!!

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    4. Apr 15, 2010 8:50 AM (in response to joeyverville)
    Re: lost my mojo

    I feel for you and have been there several times myself in the past.  It's so hard when your life is busy and stressful, it ends up feeling like you're pilling on the stress when you think of working out rather than doing something good and helpful for yourself.  What I found worked for me is trying to take on a different frame of mind.  One, life has times when it doesn't even seem to allow time for breathing,  you know what, it's ok to not run during that time because you probably are running around like crazy anyway.  Then there are times when you actually do have time to run or exercise but don't feel motivated.  Those are the times that frame of mind helps.  Be selfish, take the time for yourself,  engage in activity for YOU!  All of a sudden your out the door jogging, then running and end up feeling great.  You did something for yourself!!  Instead of dreading a hard workout you enjoyed some "me time".  For some reason that always ended up getting me out the door when I did have time.  We all know how great it feels when you finish a workout or run then add to that a little "me time"  and for a short time the stress seems to melt away!!  Good luck,  hang in there and try not to be so hard on yourself, be good to yourself.  Take some "me time"

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  • RunninOnE Pro 74 posts since
    Apr 10, 2008
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    5. Apr 15, 2010 6:47 PM (in response to joeyverville)
    Re: lost my mojo

    THat is a full plate.  Keep the emphasis on the important things, and if you need a break away from things and running/exercise if what it takes, go for it.  But don't make running or exercise another thing you have to do.  It is supposed to be rewarding, not a chore.


    I went through this not too long ago with some very stressful situations in life and work, and my training suffered.  Running became not my way of training for my next race, but my way to escape the pressures.  Started leaving the iPod at home and just ran some familiar routes.  DIdn't worry about pace.  Kept it simple.  I also purchased an $$$ road bike and cranked out some pretty fast rides on that.  Nice to mix it up a bit!


    Also, remember back to some of your recent runs: how many times have you run when you didn't feel like it and felt better?  How many times have you skipped a run and felt worse?


    I hope you find your mojo, even if it isn't for running.  You'll get there.  If you had found the will to run and exercise once, you can do it again.

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    6. Apr 17, 2010 3:19 PM (in response to joeyverville)
    Re: lost my mojo

    I can relate.  After my last injury and a promotion I nearly called it quits too.  It almost felt like an overwhelming mountain to climb to get back to running pain free again, and the added stress of my new job it has been plain hard to even get to the gym some days.  I often work long hours and dont' have much energy after to do much other than eat and crash, so definitely once you are out of a habit it is so very hard to get back into it.  While I admit, I certainly don't have as much on my plate as you do, I can still relate.  I find solace and peace when I run/excercise consistently.  It gives me energy and helps me to focus.  Maybe it's time to try something different, like kickboxing, step aerobics, biking outside or even a spin class.  Let's not forget walking this time of year is an excellent way to keep moving too.  Or, as others have suggested, take some time off altogether.  It may be a good time to focus on your many faceted life and its challenges and then come back to it when you are more able.  I hope it goes well for you and I hope you find what you are looking for.

  • debbie voiles Amateur 16 posts since
    Oct 24, 2007
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    7. Apr 17, 2010 5:22 PM (in response to joeyverville)
    Re: lost my mojo

    Sounds like you need to jumpstart your running. I have a couple of ideas.

    First, you need a new goal, maybe a race a few months from now. Your goal doesn't have to be speed, though, maybe it's just to do it, to achieve completion, maybe a distance you've never done before.

    Second, you need to run with a group. You are online already, so find a group you can join in your area. Making new running friends could make a huge difference. Find out where the largest number of other people in your area are running, and go there regularly, even if you just walk. Just being there, eventually you will meet other people to train with.

    Three, and this is the most important suggestion. Get off road. Have you ever run off road? Getting out in the woods on a trail, feeling like an animal running through the woods is invigorating and might be just the change you need to supercharge your running. I have several articles on my website about running in the woods.

    Fourth, you have done a wise thing connecting on this forum. Continue to do this. Interacting with other runners, even online, will provide motivation. You'd probably like my website; you'll like the name I started it just for people like you. You are not experiencing a rare problem, believe me.

    Hope this helps.

    Debbie Voiles

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