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Apr 16, 2010 6:21 AM

a the neck.

Hello...been training for the Ragnar Race in Woodstock May 14-15 and have a question in regards to diagnosising a nagging pain/problem.

My lower calf/high right ankle causes me severe discomfort when i run past my normal running comfort zone.  I can run through it and even seems to get better after awhile but if pushed too hard for too long it actually hurts to plant my foot just while walking and begins to affect my knee.  Yes, does not sound good...probably should get checked out.


My therapy has consisted of hot baths rubbing my calf with a short shower rod to massage the muscle and promote blood flow and stretching (lack of stretching and running in the cold is what i think caused the problem).  The problem/pain seems to get better/subside when i achieve a higher level of conditioning.  And the following day the pain is almost completely gone.


How serious is this?  Is it just a muscle problem (tear/just weakness that needs strengthing) or could it be a ligament or something else?

Any thoughts and remedies appreciated...

At this point not training is not an option.


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    1. Apr 23, 2010 3:09 PM (in response to eljefepaul)
    Re: a the neck.

    I am sorry you are in pain. Sounds like you have a lot of drive and determination.


    Since your pain is lingering, I would suggest you go see a doctor. It is better to be safe than sorry.


    Other than that, there are some things you can do... These remedies help me. I hope you find relief as well.


    When my calves started aching, I would take ice baths. Hot water increases circulation, ice baths reduces swelling.

    The pain could be coming from inflammation of some sort. Fill the tub with cold water and add ice cubes. Soak for 20 minutes.


    I also do step stretches- stand on a step with half of your foot suspended off the back. Lower your heels slowly and then raise up on your toes slowly. Repeat several times.


    There is a pressure point on the right side of your calf, about 1.5 inches below your knee. Massage that area. Many times localised pain is actually coming from an injury in a different place.

    This pressure point relieves the pain on that side of the ankle. 


    The biggest improvement came from changing my stride. I was over-striding when I ran. My calves would ache after just a mile.

    By changing my stride, I am now able to run twice a day without any pain. To change, try jogging barefoot very slowly. Notice how your foot strikes the ground.

    My foot stikes with the ball/midfoot first, then the heel.

    Put your shoes on and imitate that stride with shoes on. You may observe that your foot lands underneath your hips instead of landing in front of you.

    It took some adjustment but it was oh so worth the effort. If your hips start hurting, just swing your legs one at a time for 20 reps and the pain will go away.


    I hope you find relief soon!



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    2. Apr 24, 2010 1:49 AM (in response to eljefepaul)
    Re: a the neck.

    a pain in my heart!














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