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parvuluspuella Rookie 2 posts since
Apr 10, 2010
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Apr 10, 2010 6:19 PM

Newbie Frustration- c25k

So I tried the first run of the first week.  And by first run, I mean, the first minutes' worth of running...which I couldn't do. This is ridiculous- I can't even jog for a minute without having to stop halfway through?  I don't even want to try again, as I just get too frustrated and depressed knowing that I can't do it.


Anyone else unable to complete the first day?  Anyone have helpful tip?

  • SharynLS Amateur 22 posts since
    Feb 7, 2010
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    1. Apr 10, 2010 6:40 PM (in response to parvuluspuella)
    Re: Newbie Frustration- c25k

    Don't give up!  Try to run for 30 seconds..... then after a day or two doing that.....try for the 1 minute.   The program really isn't one size fits's a guide to help you achieve a goal.  You might just need more time.


    The important thing is that you are out there trying!  When I started, I did o.k. until I had to run more than 1 1/2 minutes at a time.  I can now run up to 12 minutes at a was kinda slow though, but I am so glad I didn't give up!

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  • Marykb Legend 1,347 posts since
    Jan 16, 2008
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    2. Apr 10, 2010 7:53 PM (in response to parvuluspuella)
    Re: Newbie Frustration- c25k

    Okay, I've preached this before, but it bears repeating.  C25K cannot possibly be a One Size Fits All program.  It is a great program for beginning runners, don't get me wrong, but the people who begin with W1D1 are starting from all different levels of fitness.   The "couch" for one person can mean they are literally completely sedentary and have no fitness base whatsoever, while for another person the "couch" might mean that although they have a fairly active lifestyle they just don't have a specific exercise regimen.  People are starting with different ages, weights, exercise backgrounds and health issues.


    What you need is a Pre-C25K conditioning program.   If you can't run one minute, then you need to start out walking and build your fitness level.   You need to walk for several weeks, gradually increasing your speed and effort, to condition yourself to begin a running program. Remember this:


    1.  Walking, if you do it at a brisk pace, is an excellent exercise.  If you have any significant weight to lose your results will be just as good with regular walking (4-5 times per week for 30-45 minutes) as it would be with a C25K program.  In fact it may actually give you better results since you will be able to walk more frequently and for longer periods of time than you can run.  Just remember to keep up the pace!


    2.  Walking does not equal "failure to run".  So many people think that if they can't go out the first day and run then they failed and walking is second best.  Its not!  It is a completely different exercise with benefits of its own, not the least of which is to increase your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen your muscles, tendons, and joints.


    3.  When your body is ready to run, you'll run!  But if you try to cut to the chase before you're ready then you are setting yourself up for frustration, disappointment and injury.  Be kind to your body.  Give it time to get in shape.  Listen to what your body is telling you.  You'll KNOW when it is time to take it to the next level.


    4.  Give yourself time to reach your goals. Again, C25K is just a general program for the average person.  Don't lock yourself into a time frame that might not be appropriate for your personal abilities.  This is something you are hopefully going to be doing for life, and it takes time and patience to become the runner you want to be.  Anything worth doing is worth taking your time and doing it right.


    Good luck, and happy walking/running!

  • ittybittyTink Rookie 3 posts since
    Apr 10, 2010
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    3. Apr 10, 2010 7:55 PM (in response to Marykb)
    Re: Newbie Frustration- c25k

    dude, i feel ya   i've been running for seven days now (walk/running, i mean!), and i was impressed with myself when i began to run 60 seconds at first.  i used to not be able to make it that long... don't feel discouraged--don't give up.  it's hard, but all great stories have conflict, right? 

  • 911jir Amateur 23 posts since
    Mar 16, 2010
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    4. Apr 10, 2010 11:01 PM (in response to parvuluspuella)
    Re: Newbie Frustration- c25k

    I have been trying to complete W1D1 for 2 weeks now!


    Today I did it!!!


    It felt great!


    this is NOT a 1 size fits all.  I had to really work up to it. I was on the WII fit - I've done group fitness classes - all to get thru today.

    BUT  I DID IT !




    Walk more, run less. Just keep moving.  I was so shocked today when my work out was over. Shocked and proud.

    If I can do it - so can you!



    KEEP GOING!!!!

    It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop ~ Confucius

  • Runnergal262 Legend 514 posts since
    Sep 1, 2009
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    5. Apr 12, 2010 3:22 PM (in response to parvuluspuella)
    Re: Newbie Frustration- c25k

    I can honestly say as an experienced, avid distance runner that the first few steps are ALWAYS the HARDEST, and everything else after that is auto-pilot.  I'd actually stretch those first few steps to first couple of miles... and on some days, the whole thing is just a battle... but those days are thankfully few and far between.

    Do not give up.  After the initial panic your body goes through when you cover those first hard steps, it adjusts pretty quickly.

    I'd say slow down a bit or ease into it.  Try walking a bit first, then go to a jog, then a run.  If you haven't tried it already, try intervals where you run a bit, then walk some, say five minute to one ratio run to walk.  I started running in that fashion, and it really helps you build your endurance.

  • Runnergal262 Legend 514 posts since
    Sep 1, 2009
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    6. Apr 12, 2010 3:24 PM (in response to parvuluspuella)
    Re: Newbie Frustration- c25k

    PS-Mary makes such a great point.  Not everyone who starts running is at the same fitness level.  I wasn't always a runner.  I was at one point totally a couch convert, totally sedentary at one point, and believe me, did not just start out running when I started getting fit.  I started by walking and adding in some smart weights.

  • krissieb Amateur 11 posts since
    Nov 13, 2009
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    8. Apr 14, 2010 6:29 PM (in response to parvuluspuella)
    Re: Newbie Frustration- c25k

    I finished C25K in November 2009.

    I ran my first half-marathon in March 2010.


    I think I ran Week 1 of C25K four times. I think my first attempt, I completed 2 run/walk cycles and walked through the rest of the podcast. And I think that Week(s) 1 was more difficult than the half-marathon, mentally and physically.


    Starting is hard. Running when you can't breathe is hard. Running when your legs feel shaky and heavy and weak is hard.


    But it doesn't last as long as you think it will. And it will give you strength, perserverence, and perspective that you will draw upon over and over.


    Hang in there! Work up to Week 1! You'll get there!

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  • chigray Rookie 6 posts since
    Apr 17, 2010
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    9. Apr 17, 2010 7:23 AM (in response to parvuluspuella)
    Re: Newbie Frustration- c25k

    I did a week with four 30 minute brisk walks to get prepared for doing the c25k ... and then couldn't do get through the w1d1 on the first two tries.  I am trying again (and again and again if needed) until I can do it.  If I get to another day where I can't get through it, I'll do it until I can and then move forward.  It may take me longer than the what they outline as "the program", but as others have said it can't be a one size fits all, and the ultimate goal is to be able to run a 5k.  I can reach that goal; it just may take me longer.


    I didn't think I was in horrible shape, but this has just pointed out to me that I am and I need to take control .  Shooting for doing a 5K keeps me focused.


    You can do this  - just keep at it, you'll get through it.  You may just walk for the first few weeks, and it may take a while - but if you keep working towards it, you'll do it.


    Good luck!

  • latefordinner Rookie 1 posts since
    Apr 25, 2010
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    10. Apr 25, 2010 6:22 AM (in response to parvuluspuella)
    Re: Newbie Frustration- c25k

    I stopped partway through W1D1 as well. It didn't help that the place I chose to stop was my house! I went in, sat down and drank a glass of water. My daughter, who is 12, asked me if I was planning to go out and finish the last 8 minutes. Would I be shamed by a 12 year old? No! Back out I went, and truthfully, the last 8 minutes were physically easier. Keep trying! I am dreading the week that I will jog 8 whole minutes, but if I can't do it then, I'll keep trying-at least we're moving, right? Keep at it!

  • bethking0710 Amateur 10 posts since
    Apr 14, 2010
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    11. Apr 27, 2010 8:11 AM (in response to parvuluspuella)
    Re: Newbie Frustration- c25k

    you can do this!  Alot of good advise has been given.  I am only on W2D2 and it is still hard.  Good luck

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