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Apr 27, 2010 1:25 PM

Runaway parents 4/27/2010

Hi all you running parents out there!

I had a good run on Sunday - over 5 miles - so I took Monday and today off.  Today, I mowed the grass with standard push mower  - which should  count as cross training. I did do yoga both days because I really needed to stretch.  Boy did it  help alot!  I realize that I need to stretch more frequently.  I've read  a few posts about stretching pre and post run.  Many state that it is  not necessary to stretch, while some insist on it.  I have been kind of  lax about stretching after my runs since reading those posts. That is a mistake for me.  I need to stretch!  So I am vowing to incorporate yoga into my routine at least 2 to 3 times a week.

Funny totally un-running related thing happened to me the other day.  My 3 kids and I were riding bikes in the street in front of our house.  Our dog, an Australian shepherd, kept trying to herd us by biting our feet.  One of the kids put her in the house so we could ride in peace.  When we finished riding,  we found that the dog had accidently locked the brand new storm door.  All the other windows and doors were locked.  I had a key to the regular door, but no key for the storm.  No cell phones either!  I tried to kick in the basement door unsuccessfully.  Finally, I took a cinder block and smashed the basement door, splintering the wood and breaking the latch!  My kids were really impressed (and scared! Don't mess with Mom!).  I was even able to cobble the wood and fix the latch with longer screws!

Happy running everyone!


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    1. Apr 27, 2010 4:11 PM (in response to Francessmom)
    Re: Runaway parents 4/27/2010

    Hi everyone,


    Thanks for the fuel suggestions.  My stomach has become much more sensitive as I have increased my distances, and I was afraid to try something that might give me any issues out on the road.  I tried an FRS energy chew on my run this morning, and took a water bottle with me.  That worked out pretty well.  I had a pretty bad run on Sunday morning.  I wanted to run 10k but got overheated and had to cut it short.  Today made up for it.  I ran 6.3 miles on the trails and got to see some beautiful scenery.  I'm sore though!  Whew!  I need to take a cue from Marie & get in some more yoga.


    Marie -- Wow!  Do NOT mess with Marie!  Sorry you had to smash your door.  I've read that stretching isn't necessary, but my body tells me otherwise.  I haven't been doing pre-run stretching, but I can tell a huge difference when I slack on the post-run stretching.  My overall flexibility has really gone downhill since I started running.  I would also like to get in some yoga 2-3 times per week.


    Karen -- It's good to hear from you!  Sorry that you're still having so much pain.  Seated kickboxing sounds pretty fun!  I hope your little one is doing better.  That sounded like a scary night for all of you.


    Tracy -- Hooray on your half!  Some post-race German food sounds yummy.  I'm so glad your husband is going with you.  Happy birthday!


    I'm getting geared up for my race this weekend.  My parents live about 30 minutes closer to the race than we do, so the kids and I are going to spend the night with them Friday night.  I think they're coming to watch the race too.  They are wonderfully obnoxiously proud of their kiddos.


    Happy running to you all,


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    2. Apr 28, 2010 6:49 PM (in response to Francessmom)
    Re: Runaway parents 4/27/2010

    Howdy runaways,


    I wanted to drop in and give you an update on my ankle.  I have been lead down a path to think maybe its not my ankle that is injured but maybe I am just feeling the pain there.  Going back through all my old training logs my leg has been pretty unhappy.  I've had back aches.  Hamstring aches, knee weakness, calf tightness, ITBS flair up, and hip pain. Of course we can't forget that ankle pain. Yes all in one leg.  Anyway talking to some friends in the medical profession they said to look into sciatica.  Basically thats a pinched nerve of the longest nerve in the body.  I runs all the way from the lower back to the bottom of the foot.  That could also be why nothing has shown up on x-ray or mri.  Both said at this point the best thing to do is get a deep tissue massage.  Well I don't know if its sciatica or not, but sounds like a good excuse for me to get a massage!    I also got my appointment with a poditrist today.  Thats in 16 more days!


    Take care all,



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    3. Apr 29, 2010 7:59 AM (in response to Francessmom)
    Re: Runaway parents 4/27/2010

    Marie, we're fortunate in our area that there aren't many foreclosures.  The real estate market has held up very well around here.  Who would've known that living 3 miles down a dirt road would be prime property, but hey, I'm not complaining.  This is a farming area so 20 acres will be put to use.


    TyKy-- so sorry to hear about your pain and that the dr's can't find out what's wrong w/ it.  Do you have access to a pool?  Maybe taking up swimming for a while would be good exercise to hold you over til you can run strong again.  a deep tissue massage sounds good to me too!  I've never had a massage, but think after my race this weekend that I'm gonna get a lower body massage.  I'm just so ticklish I don't know if I'll be able to handle it!


    Ali-- Summertime is when the kids and I kick back and enjoy our time together.  No sports, just us.  We usually get season passes to the local waterpark and go on tons of picnics.  There aren't many 10k's around here either.  There was one I heard about 2 weeks ago, but didn't know about it 'til it was over.  Since we live so far out in the boonies, I have to drive a good distance for any race.  I once drove 1.5 hourse just for a 5k!  It was on Thanksgiving morning so it was good reason to eat that day  We'll be headed to nyc in the middle of May.  So excited!  It'll be the first time my girls will be on a plane!  The little man is staying w/ maw maw and paw paw.  I never run with a water bottle.  I usually drive my course before I run it and drop off water at different locations.  When I get to that spot, I drink and put the bottle back.  When I double back, I drink it again.  After the run, I"ll drive back and pick up my bottle... I hate liter.  As far as energy, I personally like PowerBar.  It tastes great.  You can get it at Academy for a great price.  It's the energy gel.  Real thick.  You have to take it with water.  But if you're training for a race, find out what they will be giving out and train  w/ that.  That way on raceday, your body and stomach will be prepared and there won't be any surprises.  These last two half marathons have both used GU energy gel.  I like it, but do prefer the taste of PowerBar.  I don't really like the chomps.  Don't feel like they do the job well.  I leave my energy gel with my farthest water bottle.  That way I don't have to hold it either.  I'm w/ Tracy, I can't drink a bunch before a run b/c of my bladder, but I do take sips when I get to my water.  I only do this for a run 5+ miles.  I will also drink a protein drink at 5+ miles.  I can't afford the calories otherwise.  It's great that your parents are coming to watch you run.  My father in law came to my first 5k.  It's cool to have somebody there.  Good luck on your 10k


    Karen-- it seems like your kids have been sick a lot lately.  Hate that.  Hope all the germs get out and e/body gets to feeling better.  Good luck on your swimming.


    Tracy-- I've always wanted to go to dc.  I especially want to go see the Holocaust museum.  I'm not Jewish, but it's been a dream of mine to see it.  Happy birthday Tracy.  Hope it's a great day!


    Marie-- It's so cool that your husband and daughter were able to go to London for a weekend.  How very special.  She will never forget this trip.  I've never done yoga, but am interested in doing it.  I have the p90x series and there is a yoga video.  I'm am pretty flexible so I think it would be easy (if my 3 yo would stay away!)



    Well after today, we are officially homeless.  HA HA  We have two weeks to move out.  Will be living w/ inlaws for about a week before we move into our new house.  E/thing is happening so fast over here.  We will be in our new house at the end of May.

      I had the worse run of my entire life this past Sunday.  It was 10 miles (in preparation for my half this Saturday).  It was in the afternoon so it was super hot.  The last 5 miles was very very windy.  I wound up walking most of it and ended up with about an average of a 14mm.  I've never ran that slow before!  Needless to say today (Thusday) was my first run since then.  I just figured there was too much going on and I needed to let my body rest.  I know I'm running 13 miles in 2 days, but e/body always says, "Listen to your body".  My body told me to stop.  I ran 3 miles this morning w/o stopping (which is huge for me!).  I'm aggravated w/ my progress.  I'd like to be able to run longer distances w/o stopping, but I'm not gonna beat myself up about it.  At least I'm up and moving.  My weight is not gaining and I'm very happy with my body and health.  Hope e/body has a great weekend!


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    4. Apr 29, 2010 8:08 AM (in response to Francessmom)
    Re: Runaway parents 4/27/2010

    Hey Runaways!!

    WOW, I've been MIA for over a week now.  Sorry!  I'll have to go back and see what was going on last week.  I had a crazy week last week, but managed to get all of my runs in, I did skip both of my cross training days but managed a short run on one of those days.  This week is a race week for me, I have a Half on Sunday.  I love race weeks, still get to run, but different from a normal week.  Today is a rest day, then I will do an easy 3 miles tomorrow, then Saturday off before race day.  The race is about 40 mins away; and I have to drive down there tomorrow to pick up my bib and timing chip.  I'm really excited for the race, but this is one where I'm doing it with a bunch of people and my mom and sister are walking it.  So, this isn't really one I will be doing for time.  I have my own half in June, and it's just me so that one I'm a bit more nervous about.


    My husband is WONDERFUL at his Tri!  He won a first place ribbon for his age/bike catagory!!   Which was great for his first event.  He excells in swimming, he has state records in Alaska from high school, that a kid finally broke just this last winter.  And his swimming time was over a min faster that he expected it to be, so that helped with the rest of his race.  It was so much fun to take the kids down to watch him compete.  I had them paint signs for him to hold up and they got really into cheering him on.


    We have decided to keep our 4yr old home another year.  We'll start him in Kindergarten a year from this fall, and I'll spend another year working with him at home.  I think we are going to send our older son to school for 2nd grade; he will definatly benefit from a year with his peers and this will give me much more one on one time with our younger boy.  Right now, we're just going year to year, and we'll decide every spring what is the best place for each of our babies.  I love home schooling but I know we need to make the right decisions for the kids, not necessarily the right decision for mommy. 


    And I got to meet the Pioneer Woman last week!!!  For those of you who blog and know who she is; I was SO excited!!  She signed her cookbook for me, which is a great cookbook by the way!  But that is pretty much all my news for the last 10 days! 


    Marie~  I always feel better after doing lots of streching.  I never stretch before I run, but always after.  I like to strech in the evenings while we're watching TV and relaxing.  But I agree that it helps a lot in your running.   Great job on the door!!!  Way to show it whose boss around there!


    Ali~ I'm glad that you were able to get in a good long run.  Doesn't it feel great!  You feel like you have accomplished something you can be proud of.  I have a really hard time with refueling!!!  Hard enough time that I don't, but I know I should.  My longest run to date is 14 miles and I didn't refuel at all.  I've got to change that as I start marathon training in 2 weeks.  Anything that you find that works for you please let me know!!  GOOD LUCK this weekend!  You'll do great!!


    TyKy~ Sounds like you might have a reason for the pain, or at least a starting point.  A pinched nerve would make sense for nothing showing up on a MRI.  I hope you get some positive results soon; or at least a way to start getting things healed up.


    I promise to be on again all the time!!  Sorry I was missing for so long- I'm back now!! 


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    5. May 2, 2010 9:20 AM (in response to Francessmom)
    Re: Runaway parents 4/27/2010

    Hi everyone,


    I had my 10k race yesterday morning.  I wasn't familiar with the race course, and got to experience my first "Big Bertha" right before the 2-mile marker.  Holy cow, that was tough!  I came around a corner and there she was.  I didn't know if there were more to come, so I got a little conservative with my pace.  Turned out, the rest of the race was mostly flat or gradual downhill.  There was a good turnout, and I took advantage of the free massage tables afterward.  Nice!  My goal was 1:05, and I finished with a clock time of 1:01:46.


    I am going to take a recovery week this week.  I really pushed myself last week in my training and in the race.  After that, I have 4 weeks to "play around" before I start my half-marathon program.  I may activate that one-month gym membership I won & do some strength training & maybe some speedwork on the treadmills.  I've been focusing on running longer distances ever since I started running, and it might be fun to focus on something different this month.


    Thanks to everyone for the fuel/water advice.  I bought a handheld water bottle at a local running store, and they gave me some free samples of gu and sports beans.  I guess it will just be trial & error to see what works best for me.  I carried the bottle on the race yesterday & it worked well.  It also had a little pocket where I stashed my ipod and energy chew.


    Rebecca, I hope your Half goes well today!  It sounds like fun to have your friends and family participating.  Speaking of family, congrats to your husband on his tri!  That's very impressive.  Are your kids athletic too?


    Angie, good luck on your move.  That sounds like a real challenge, but it's great that you were able to sell so quickly.  Was the timing of your closing affected by the first-time homebuyer credit?  My brother sold his townhouse on Friday, which was the last day for buyers to qualify for the credit.  He said it officially closed at 11:50 pm! 


    TyKy, I hope that the sciatica is the answer to your mystery pain.  At least then, you can start getting some effective treatment.  Please let us know how you are doing.


    This next week is scaring me.  We are only a couple hundred miles from the oil spill, and we are expected to see the impact within a few days.  Our beaches are so pristine, and our local economy is based largely on tourism & seafood.  People are already cancelling their summer vacation reservations here.  The news reports are saying that the environmental impact of the spill could last for decades.    I'm going to the beach this afternoon to enjoy the clean white sand and crystal clear water while I still can.  Please say a prayer that somehow they can contain this mess & minimize the impact on the environment & on so many people's livelihoods.



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