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May 2, 2010 6:16 AM

what to do when you tank your last long run?

So, I was scheduled for 12 this morning as my last long run before my first Half (MCMHH).  Well, as the subject indicates, didn't go so well.  I've done a couple of 10 miles runs and they went well, but today, just not happening.  I started running in January (couch potato before that) and have completed a couple of 10K's and did pretty well sticking to my training schedule.  No real injuries to speak of and things had been going pretty smoothly until today.  Do I just chalk it up to a bad day?  To it being the first real run in the heat (75+ and a little humid)?  This was also the first time I've tried back to back weekends with double-digit runs with a 10 miler last week.  Anyway, any encouragement is appreciated.  My diet was pretty much the same as all other weeks, so while maybe the overall diet could improve, it wasn't really any different than before.


Thanks and looking forward to a much better run in 2 weeks.  Holy Crap, it's in 2 weeks!



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    1. May 2, 2010 6:35 AM (in response to chug0lug)
    Re: what to do when you tank your last long run?

    My first instinct was questioning diet because that always! effects me but when you mention the heat and humidity it is most likely that. Even the slightest increase seems to slow me down for a few runs until my body gets used to it. I spent all winter running in -10 to -15C weather, when we hit 0C this spring I remember thinking "how am i ever going to run in the summer, Im already overheating!" but with time and proper hydration Im doing ok.

    I think thats probably all it is for you, just keep hydrated, make sure you get enough rest time and eat well and you should be good to go on race day!


    Good Luck!

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    2. May 2, 2010 6:44 AM (in response to chug0lug)
    Re: what to do when you tank your last long run?



    I would say its a combo of the 2 double digit weekends and the heat. I also bonked out yesterday morning on my 14 miler and only did 6 1/2 with a 25 mile ride on my bike in 80 degrees heat friday night, for me it was first ride in real heat.


    Im thinking the heat did it more then the back to back, if your not use to it, I think heat will take its toll if your not use to it..


    Either way I wouldnt worry to much about it, a few miles here or there aint really going to make a difference, if you followed your plan youll do great, and Im sure you will just forget about it and move forward with your training!


    Realize you might have to slow down alittle as it gets warmer... and drink more fluids too


    Im looking forward to the run too, make sure you have fun and it should be great race......





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    3. May 5, 2010 4:08 AM (in response to chug0lug)
    Re: what to do when you tank your last long run?



    I would not worry about it too much.  It can take about 10 runs in the heat before your body becomes "used" to it.  You have rocked some 10 milers in your training already, you can do it!  :-)



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