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May 28, 2010
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May 28, 2010 5:56 PM

5K to 1/2M - Am I crazy?

Hey folks, I just found this site and thought I'd get some advice.  I'm a 40-ish male, 6'-0" and 225 pounds.   Other than the required running in highschool football and wrestling, I never ran before starting the C25K program and...(drumroll) I finished the training !! According to Google Earth, my route this morning took me exactly 5K, so I made my goal of finishing the program by actually running 5K in 30 minutes on W9D3!  I used the iPhone app which did the trick in a no frills sorta way.  Over the last two weeks or so, I also used a heart rate monitor, mostly out of curiousity.  I commonly was in the 150-170 bpm range during my runs (too high?)


I really want to keep the running going.  I lost 5 - 10 pounds on this training, and I've lost a total of 35 pounds in the last 8 months through better diet and abstinence from alcohol.   Not only am I down a pants size, noticed that my inseam has lengthened by a couple of inches as well....(the other middle-aged guys with beer bellies will understand).   Probably the best thing is that my resting heart rate is down around 60...which is probably 20 or so bpm less than before.  So my fitness is definitely improved.


Now here's a decision I'm coming up against.  My younger sister asked me if I'd run a 1/2 marathon with her in November.  So reluctantly but with some excitment, I said YES.  So, what the hell do I do now?  I definitely have some time to prepare (5-1/2 months).  She's not close enough to do training runs with so that's not an option.  My biggest concern is that I always laid everything on the line during these relatively short runs in the C25K and NEVER felt like I could go further and I never felt like I was going more than a jogging pace.  So is it really practical to train up to to a 1/2M distance in 5 months, especially given my size? 


I'm looking for some guidance here on a good program and other thoughts.  THANKS!!

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    1. May 28, 2010 6:24 PM (in response to Slatts2010)
    Re: 5K to 1/2M - Am I crazy?

    I think it's reasonable to do a half in November if you're just looking to finish. There are plenty of training programs out there; I'd recommend the Hal Higdon Novice Half-Marathon training program. It's a 12 week program starting with three and four mile runs, building to a long run of ten miles the week before the race. That should be sufficient training to get you across the finish line, though you'll probably be walking funny for a couple of days after if you *race* it.


    In the meantime, you'd do well to start building your mileage with other Hal Higdon programs. Don't worry about pace, just focus on distance. When I finished c25k, I started on the Hal Higdon Novice Supreme program, which is designed to take you from 5k up to marathon distance over the course of 30 weeks. I bailed out early to change to a different half-marathon program (I hadn't planned on training for a marathon; I just didn't want to have to find another training schedule for a while), but the plan was really excellent.


    Good luck, and enjoy your training!



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    2. May 28, 2010 6:25 PM (in response to Slatts2010)
    Re: 5K to 1/2M - Am I crazy?

    It's definitely doable - just be comfortable with the idea of taking some walk breaks when needed.

    "You can't plow a field by turning it over in your mind." ...and you can't train for a race by thinking about it - you have to put in the miles.

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    3. May 28, 2010 7:01 PM (in response to Slatts2010)
    Re: 5K to 1/2M - Am I crazy?

    Congratulations on you success thus far. That is exciting stuff to report.


    I'd say go for it with the idea of finishing and walking for parts if you need to.


    Since you have time find a 5K or two in September, maybe even a 10K in October and sign up and run in them to get use to the race time atmosphere.

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    4. May 28, 2010 7:18 PM (in response to Slatts2010)
    Re: 5K to 1/2M - Am I crazy?

    No, you're not crazy.  If you are commited to slowly build your mileage over the next several months, you can make it.  Try to find a 16 week beginner's plan and use the weeks before you begin it to SLOWLY build your mileage.  The best way to do that is to pick one run per week to be your "long" run and gradually extend the distance - maybe 1/2 mile per week for a few weeks until you are at 5-6 miles.   You are running 10 min/miles now but you say you are using it all up on your 3 mile run.  That means you really do need to slow it down in order to build endurance.  You are going for endurance (distance) right now more than speed.  The main thing is to train sensibly and avoid injury.  Increase your mileage SLOWLY.  Do your long runs SLOWLY.  It really is true, when training for your first long distance event, that "slow and steady wins the race".

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    6. May 29, 2013 4:50 AM (in response to Slatts2010)
    5K to 1/2M - Am I crazy?

    You're not crazy.  It sounds really doable given the amount of time you have to train.  Although a lot of folks have recommended programs to train with I would suggest that you add 'joining a group' to your training or finding a partner (check out your local YMCA-mine has been fabulous) or local running store and hook up.  Running with someone else keeps you honest, motivated and helps you develop a pace. I am being coached by my younger sister who also runs half and full marathons as well as triathlons! I am a novice runner only working on 5,8,& 10 k's for now.  Working with a partner REALLY makes a difference in helping with pace.  Ask yourself if you're going for time or just to finish?  That will also help your mind-set.  Have fun, enjoy the journey and good luck!

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