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Jun 1, 2010 6:00 PM

Honest Opinion (Expectations to high)…

Hey how goes it?


Short story: Want to and think it is possible to do a 10-14 mile swim. Time frame to do this swim is 16 months when the event is in the late summer next year.


Long Story: I am in decent shape I run and occasionally swim. Within the next year plan on going to the military and decided swimming would be a great way to improve upon my overall fitness level. Just ran a marathon six months ago. After the marathon didn’t give myself proper rest and injured myself for two months. In the two months returned back to swimming. By the end of the two months was swimming about 4 miles a week and two days a week. My longest swim was a bit over 2 miles. The original plan was to swim a 5 mile swim in my area in the beginning of September. Then by summer of next year swim a 10 mile race in the area. That all went to the wayside. About a month goes by and hurt my back while swimming. Cause of it was related to technique and muscle strength. When swimming I twist my neck to breath that strains my upper back muscles. I have taken off some time from swimming for about a month. A friend was talking about doing a swim that funds go to cancer due to the fact recently a friend of his had issues with cancer. Upon hearing this began talking with him and the race planned on doing was closed and to long of distance, believe 12-14 miles in length. Said something if interested in doing we can plan on training together something to consider when registration opens up for the next running of the event. So now made me motivated to get back to swimming, and hopefully plan to return by the end of June.


In terms of training going to start a plyometrics workout to work on muscles that will help improve upon my running and swimming. It has been awhile since I did swim, and mostly relearned strokes for swimming on my own. I plan on picking up the Total Immersion Freestyle DVD to help learn how to greatly improve my stroke more efficiently. Then in the fall or by the start of winter the YMCA has a Master Swim Team and Triathlon Club with part of the focus is on workouts to help with swimming, nutrition, and to learn how to be more efficient in swimming. In addition to this in the start of winter looking to start a workout focused on using pull up bars/dips/push-ups/cross fit rings.


In terms of distances have points that would want to reach. By the end of August I plan to be able to swim 2.5 miles and do about 6 miles a week. Every five weeks from August would increase my distance by a mile. Would want would want to be able to swim 6-7 miles a day and be able to swim 10-12 miles two weeks in December. Going from there next objective is by the end of February would want to be able to swim 8 miles in a day. Then by the end of July would be able to swim 10 to 11 miles in open water comfortably. I would want to be able to swim 18 to 22 miles a week by the end of July.


So overall this is a question with many open ends to it. If you can offer somewhat of your honest opinion would appreciate it. Do you think it would be possible by the end of August of next year to swim a distance between 10 to 14 miles; leaning more to 14 miles? Pros/Cons? Again appreciate you feedback and have a good one.

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    1. Jun 4, 2010 3:03 PM (in response to zebUSCG)
    Re: Honest Opinion (Expectations to high)…

    TI is a great start.

    A little over a year to get to being able to swim 14 miles?  For me, that would be a 6-7+ hour swim (I currently swim a 5K in a pool in 1:45 ish).  Can you do it?  Sounds like you're young and ambitious.  I would say yes.  Having said that, I would be spending a LOT of time learning to swim efficiently and a LOT of time learning to swim very long distances.  This is more than a marathon.  You have to think about nutrition, pacing, safety, etc.  You'll need to spend as much time learning as training, I would think.  Definitely hit the Masters/Triathalon club.  They should have folks that can help you figure out reasonable goals and time frames.  But, sure, I think your goal is not unreachable.

    Good luck.

    05/09 Bridge the Gap, Quincy, Ill HM: 1:45:27
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    3. Jun 14, 2010 10:49 AM (in response to zebUSCG)
    Re: Honest Opinion (Expectations to high)…

    Forget about the total immersion freestyle DVD.  Just join the Master's swim program...immediately!  The triathlon club should be good, but the master's group will give you the best workouts.  You have one helluva a lofty goal, but I don't know you (or your swim ability) and you seem to have thought this through.  I'm impressed and inspired.  You must learn technique first.  Go see a swim coach.  The master's program should have a coach on deck.  I will say the same mentality of running is equal in swimming.  You know you just have to keep going.  That part you will have down.  Yes, you must be in shape to be able to swim that many miles; however, it is best to learn how to swim effeciently before trying to put in the miles.


    Good luck!


    Ex-competitive swimmer

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