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Jun 7, 2010 6:33 AM

Runaway Parents -- June 7

Hi Runaways, I've missed catching up with you lately.


My May speedwork paid off this weekend.  I ran a 5K Saturday night and beat my old PR by about a minute and a half!  Running at night was great fun.  There was a kids run earlier in the day.  My 5-year-old daughter ran, and she was so funny.  She hasn't done any running before.  I took her on a "trial run" Thursday to see if she was up for the half-mile distance.  We had to run/walk it, and I told her that would be fine for the race.  Her race was supposed to be outside on the high school track, but it was pouring, so they moved it indoors to the basketball gym.  Her age group had to run 8 laps around the gym.  Keeping up with laps was incredibly difficult.  My little one was in last place most of the race, and got lapped by a couple of girls.  She actually ran the whole race, and surged past a couple of girls around the 6th or 7th lap.  She placed 18 out of 19, and she was so proud because the girl she beat was 7 years old.  She got a medal, which she has been wearing ever since, and she tells everyone she sees that she won a race.  It looks like there will be some mommy-daughter runs in my future.  During the race, my 13-month-old son got so excited, and squirmed to be let down.  I finally set him down during the awards ceremony, and he crawled off down the track as fast he could, yelling "Go Go Go!"  Maybe some mommy-son running in the more distant future? 


Today is the start of my half-marathon training.  I combined the Runners World Smart Coach program with Jeff Galloway's, a task I've been working on for weeks (and actually loving).  Today is supposed to be a 3 mile run.  I normally would have done that early in the morning, but I left my Ipod at my parents' house after my race Saturday, and I just don't want to run without tunes.  I'll be seeing them later today, when we head into town for a parade, so I may try to get in an evening run.  Or just put it off until tomorrow.


I started a blog to document my prep for the half (link below).  I had a dream a couple of nights ago after watching "Julie/Julia" that I wrote a blog called "Running from the Law".  Since I am a lawyer and I hate my job, I thought it was a clever title.  Of course, so did someone else before me, but oh well.  I had the dream and sticking to it! 


I'm reading "Run Like a Mother" right now.  I highly recommend it to my fellow runaways --  it's hilarious and has some good advice.


Have a great week!  I hope you are all doing well.



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5/1/10: Fiesta of Five Flags 10k -- 1:01:46

6/5/10:  Billy Bowlegs Night 5k --  27:18

10/2/10: Epcot Wine & Dine Half Marathon  -- 2:20:53

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    1. Jun 7, 2010 3:13 PM (in response to Ali-Gator)
    Re: Runaway Parents -- June 7

    Ali- AWESOME job beating your time!!!!!  I'd love to see the schedule you came up with for your half training :-)  I need to tranisition here soon and still have not decided on a plan....  And the blog is off to a great start.


    I had a busy weekend and I think I actually got most of the stuff done I wanted to.  I got in a 4.7 mile run Saturday morning and then spent most of the rest of the day outside trimming bushes and clean up.  Sunday morning I got in my yoga workout for strength and stretching.  Then I did some menu planning with grocery shopping followed by some fun filled bill paying :-)  Oh and then I had a planning meeting for Kalvin's 8th grade celebration coming up next week, YIKES!  This next 2 weeks is going to be insane. Kal has a game tonight and Kolton has practice….both at 6.  At least they are both in town.  Food and water could have been better but overall I'm pretty happy with the weekend.  I think the only thing I didn't really get done was some house cleaning.  I'm sure I'll have tons of spare time during the week to get that done… NOT!  Oh well, LOL.  I did get in 3 miles on the treadmill at lunch today and felt pretty good, maybe a bit sluggish but not too bad at all, probably due to not so great nutrition/water over the weekend.  Looking forward to some cross training tomorrow...not sure what I want to do yet, though, LOL.

    Karen (38)

    Mom to 2 boys (13 and 5)

    5/22/10 Festival of Hope 5k [39:12]

    10/17/10 1st Half Marathon - Girlfriends Half Marathon Vancouver, WA

  • Karensfit4life Expert 80 posts since
    Dec 27, 2007
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    3. Jun 9, 2010 10:53 AM (in response to Ali-Gator)
    Re: Runaway Parents -- June 7

    Ali- I'd much rather be running your race :-)  That sounds like such a fun one....  Maybe some day.  School is ending soon but baseball is going thru the end of July and T-ball I have about a month to go.  This is probalby why I never do to well with weight loss and exercise this time of year, LOL.  oh well...


    I actually jumped on the bike as soon as I got home yesterday. I HATE exercising after work so this is a near miracle :-) I got in just under 10 miles too. Overall I think I am doing pretty good. Today is another busy one. Kalvin has practice at 5:30. Kolton has pictures with practice to follow at 5:45-? And then I get to pick Kal up at 7:30. I’m not real sure where dinner is fitting in at yet, LOL. Luckily I don’t have to leave so I get to do my favorite workout, 2 mile run + full body circuit, at lunch and just might get in a walk at break…. Life is good :-)

    Karen (38)

    Mom to 2 boys (13 and 5)

    5/22/10 Festival of Hope 5k [39:12]

    10/17/10 1st Half Marathon - Girlfriends Half Marathon Vancouver, WA

  • Francessmom Pro 177 posts since
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    4. Jun 10, 2010 8:00 AM (in response to Karensfit4life)
    Re: Runaway Parents -- June 7

    Hey Runaways!

    It has been a busy spring!  My daughter graduated high school yesterday!  She went to a Catholic school so Tuesday night there was a baccalaureate mass at the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia.  Wednesday the graduation ceremony was held at Villanova University.  Now we have to get her party for next weekend planned.  This past weekend was my Triathlon and my 10 y/o first tri ever.  Frances did a great job!  She had to compete in the 11-12 y/o category as per tri rules.  She had a great time and wants to do more tris.  My race report is on the Tri community page:

    I was very happy with my run.  I had to do 2 miles and I averaged  8min/mi!

    Our community has a 4 mile hilly run in two weeks that I plan to do.  I have been running with my dog as long as it isn't too hot.  Today we did major hills about 3 miles.

    Karen - You sound sooo busy!  This time of year is always the most hectic.  I can't wait for August when we have the lull  in activities before school starts again.

    Ali - I will definitely check out your blog.  I love the name!



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