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Jan 21, 2008
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Jun 28, 2010 4:58 AM

18 Weeks Till MCM...Who...

Who is starting their offical training?  What training plan are you using?


I start mine today and I'm still using a variation of Furman's FIRST program where you run three none consecutive times a week focusing on Speed, Tempo and Long runs with cross training in between!


Happy training you all!

  • RubyBPG Legend 1,604 posts since
    Jan 19, 2008
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    1. Jun 28, 2010 5:53 AM (in response to Charlie!2)
    Re: 18 Weeks Till MCM...Who...

    Hi Charlie!! Hi all! I just got back from  my 1st training run of the season, a hilly 3 miles, in humid hotness! My left heel felt awful this morning, but I was able to run with normal strides, after about a mile. I felt slow, but maybe it's because of the 8 miler yesterday afternoon, in the scorching sun. The hardest part of this morning was getting up, but I did it!


    My first official run is done! I'm using Hal Higdon's Advanced I training schedule. It's got speed training once a week with 3, 20 milers. I contemplated using Pfzinger/ Douglas, but I just didn't think I could find the time for the 9 mile run it has scheduled for tomorrow. I think Higdon's plan is more realistic for me, right now.


    Best wishes to everyone training for MCM2010!!

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    2. Jun 28, 2010 5:45 AM (in response to RubyBPG)
    Re: 18 Weeks Till MCM...Who...

    I guess you could say I've started.  I planned it out in the book anyway, and I did 14 yesterday.  I make up my own plan, for a couple reasons.  I usually do long runs every 2nd week, and like Ruby, I find it hard to plan mid-distance runs mid-week.  So far, so good.


  • BOSNPM We're Not Worthy 2,482 posts since
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    3. Jun 28, 2010 7:33 AM (in response to RubyBPG)
    Re: 18 Weeks Till MCM...Who...

    Hello all,


    I just started it as well, I will be using a modified version of the Hal Higdon's Intermediate II with a change.  My club coach wants us to try doing a 10 mile Marathon Paced run every other week followed by a 2 1/2 hour run the next day for our long runs.  Good luck to us all, I am starting with several little naggings things going on (sore shins, achilles) but not that bad.  Phillip


    Change 1 I am doing a modified version of Hal Higdon's Advanced 1 program, just rcvd the e-mail from the club coach.  It is basically the same, but after a 19 on week 10, I do 2 1/2 hours on week 11, 13, 15.  Plan is to save the legs for the race, we will see if it works.

  • Becky8846 Legend 686 posts since
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    4. Jun 28, 2010 6:38 AM (in response to Charlie!2)
    Re: 18 Weeks Till MCM...Who...

    Good morning everyone!  Happy training!  I'm working up to October 3rd for the Crazy Horse Marathon, then the Pensacola Marathon on November 14th.  This summer I'm doing a couple 10K's, the first one this Sunday for the 4th of July (Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta).  I got out Higdon's 10K Intermediate and began it a week or so after my May 2nd marathon in Cincinnati.  I'm morphing it into Higdon's Intermediate I plan for the marathon.  It's going pretty well.  (I feel like such a big shot going for the intermediate!)  This morning's training called for an 8 miler.  My loop was 8.84 so I got a little extra just for fun.  It was in the 70's so felt cooler than it's been, so it was an enjoyable run.  I so enjoy getting those plans and laying them on my calendar and moving the pieces around to fit around my other schedules like a puzzle.  "I love it when a plan comes together!"  (Who's seen "A-Team?"  It's so much fun!)  Have a great week y'all and safe travels if you're moving around for the 4th.

  • thefirecat Community Moderator 2,779 posts since
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    5. Jun 28, 2010 7:47 AM (in response to Charlie!2)
    Re: 18 Weeks Till MCM...Who...

    Me. I just did my first "official" three-miler of a modified version of Higdon. I can't run four days a week without breaking something, ever, no matter what, it seems. Maybe someday that will change, but until then I just do what Len and Jimmy tell me to.


    And I would just like to say that it is hotter than heck. Thank God the humidity's supposed to break big-time tonight. This is August weather, we shouldn't be having this in June. Wah.


    But I'm very proud of myself because I've toughed it out through some pretty disgustingly hot and humid runs in the past eight or nine days, and I haven't fallen over yet (though I did consider it today during the last half-mile, figuring that if I hit the dirt, my dad would come back and get me. Turns out he was thinking the same thing.)


    My "long" run is six whole miles this weekend! I've been slacking for so long that this seems reeeeeeally far. I laugh at my puny little self.


    Bring it on, yo.

    God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy.

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    6. Jun 28, 2010 8:34 AM (in response to Charlie!2)
    Re: 18 Weeks Till MCM...Who...

    I've enjoyed reading this thread so far to hear what others are planning. I am not running MCM this year (falls on Halloween, gah), but I am doing NYC (yeah!) and Disney (yeah! again). I also plan to do the Columbus marathon as a training run for NYC. I'm going to pace a friend of mine who runs on avg about 2 min/mile slower than me.I will stop and walk toward the end, so that I don't ruin myself for NYC.


    I've had to toss traditional training plans out the door and figure out what works for me. I was getting injured...badly and too often. I really like the Active Multisport Marathon training plan I found last year.  Like Len, I am only building mileage every two weeks. Plus, this plan lets me ride my bike a lot, run on trails, and do some hill training. So, when I go out to ride my bike or run in the woods, which I really like to do, I don't have to feel guilty about cutting a "training" run to do it. I also do some weight/core training (2x week) and hot yoga (3x week).


    I am trying something a little new this year. I'd be interested to hear what you think. Typically, I get a good base going in the spring. I spend several weeks in the 10-13 mile range for my long runs and do some spring-time half marathons. I always feel strong at that point in the season. Then, I start adding miles and I start breaking down, getting injured, etc. Soooo, this year, I built my 10-13 mile base in the spring and then moved to a 12-15 mile base for the early summer. I increased the long run mileage just slightly, but I'm planning to hover here through July. I am hoping that when the longer miles start piling up this "bonus" base will help. What do you think?

    I will run for cupcakes!!

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    7. Jun 28, 2010 2:00 PM (in response to HALOjen)
    Re: 18 Weeks Till MCM...Who...

    Jen, I'm sure Len and Immer will sound in on your training question.  I started 2 weeks ago and do the basic marathoner training program that the NYC marathon website had available for free but has now disappeared from their website.  It gives you mileage but I've adjusted it and add hills and speed (thanks Len).  They do weekly long runs but it increases the long run one week and then decreases the long run the other week by 3 miles, and it really gives you this

    feeling that the long run is easy that week.  Amsterdam is 2 weeks before the MCM.


    I'm not doing much this summer, just the Montreal Half and a half in Philly.  And I'm hoping to do some biking as well.


    Good luck with your training everyone.

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    8. Jun 28, 2010 4:44 PM (in response to Charlie!2)
    Re: 18 Weeks Till MCM...Who...

    My daughter and I start our official plan this week with 3 runs midweek and a long run on Saturday. Our plan is also 18 weeks cumulating in the MCM.   We are just using a modified Higdon plan as this is my daughter's very first marathon - and she has never run more than 5 miles and my running has been completely inconsistent this past year.  Good luck to everyone and looking forward to hearing about everyone's training.  Have a great evening.


    MCM 2010 -  Organization for Autism Research (OAR)

    - Run for Autism

  • silvereagle Legend 1,159 posts since
    Dec 10, 2007
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    9. Jun 28, 2010 5:40 PM (in response to Colorado Dreaming)
    Re: 18 Weeks Till MCM...Who...

    Glad to see everyone is got there plan together!!!!!!


    As for me, Im going to do a fly by the seat of the pants training plan. Im still running 4 days a week just my long runs havent gone past 14 miles so far. I have done a couple 1/2 malf marathons and  and a couple triathlons the last couple of months so I think my base is good.


    the only problem is I have my half Ironman in a little more then month and I dont want to screw myself up by doing really long runs on Sat until after because i have to do my long bikes too. so Im going to wait till the first of August to jump into marathon training, we will see how it works..


    I'm acting crazy like Becky   this fall as Im running Detroit Oct 17, MCM Oct 31, and Veterans Nov 13 to finish the season out.


    Looking forward to seeing everyone in Dc.....




    It's not only about finishing, its about finishing healthy!

  • Jimmy_D_Jarhead We're Not Worthy 4,477 posts since
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    10. Jun 28, 2010 5:45 PM (in response to Colorado Dreaming)
    Re: 18 Weeks Till MCM...Who...

    Well as for me I am doing my own thing with a big splash of Pfitzinger/Douglas thrown in.  Their plan works well for me and I use them as a reference to gauge and ensure that I am not doing too little.  One can never do too much as long as they listen to their body and take some runs easy frome time to time.


    Ruby ~ It is the most difficult part of the Advanced Marathoning plans to find time for the midweek longer runs.  I am blessed with a job that pays you to be in shape, and a house that allows me my space when I need it.  Dads have it easier it seems when it comes to this.  We don't have the guilt that is associated with taking time for ourselves.


    Sara ~ Glad to hear you are using what Len and I gave you last year.  If you need anything else let me know!


    Jen ~ As for the marathon for training approach... if your friend is really 2 minutes per mile slower then I would suggest just running the entire way and icing and such the days following.  You will be amazed at how well that works for training.  Also many marathon plans call for runs further than 26 miles but at a much slower than normal pace.


    Welcome to the insanity they call marathon training.  Running the marathon is not the insane part it is the hours and miles spent training.  Have fun everyone and when a bad run comes your way just think of it as a bad day at the office and nbot the end of the world.



    This place is like home!!!!

  • lenzlaw Community Moderator 10,539 posts since
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    11. Jun 28, 2010 7:01 PM (in response to HALOjen)
    Re: 18 Weeks Till MCM...Who...



    Flexibility in the amount and types of training (running) and cross-training you do can make a big difference in avoiding injury.  To me, there is a definite qualitative difference between say, 12 miles and 15.  Staying at that higher level for several weeks may better condition your body for the higher mileage still to come, as opposed to a continuous increase.


  • not injured this is how I run Amateur 7 posts since
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    12. Jun 28, 2010 8:15 PM (in response to Charlie!2)
    Re: 18 Weeks Till MCM...Who...

    Hi all,

    I am running MCM; it will be my first marathon.  I volunteered at the MCM when i was active duty and now I feel the need to run it.

    I started training at week 24, using a plan I bought on this website.  It is the Jeff Galloway 3:30 plan.  My goal is 3:30 so it makes sense.


    It is great to find this thread; I like seing all the devil dogs on this site.



  • Robby-B Amateur 25 posts since
    May 29, 2009
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    Re: 18 Weeks Till MCM...Who...

    The MCM will be my first marathon.  I am planning on using the FIRST program.  I like the three day a week schedule, the long runs seem reasonable, and I used the FIRST for my first two half marathons with good results.  Looking forward to getting to the race healthy and injury free.

  • osu04alum@ Amateur 25 posts since
    Nov 1, 2007
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    14. Jun 29, 2010 8:03 AM (in response to Charlie!2)
    Re: 18 Weeks Till MCM...Who...

    My training plan doesn't officially start until July 12th - it's a 16 week program that I bought through the website (it was 25% off, I can't ever resist a discount...).  It's a Hal Higdon plan, and goes with the Training Peaks program, which is pretty neat.  My husband convinced me to buy the 4:00 plan instead of the 4:30 plan, which seems crazy ambitious for me, since I've yet to even break 4:30, but I did the MCM Half in May in 1:57, so it shouldn't be THAT much of a stretch, right?  Wish they would've had a 4:15 plan!


    Hope everyone is dealing with the heat ok!  I couldn't take it anymore this weekend and ended up doing my 9 miles on a treadmill.  But it was nice to be able to run with my heart rate/breathing under control, and I spent much of the run recreating last year's MCM in my head - SO excited to get back to it this year!




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