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  • lindakay228 Legend 201 posts since
    Apr 11, 2010

    Welcome to the new members here!!  This has really become an awesome group!


    Monets Muse - Another thing that can help with the sports bra if you can't find one that works well is to wear a regular bra and put a regular generic sports bra over it.   Sometimes really good ones for us larger ones are hard to find.  I've also heard of women doubling up and wearing 2 sports bras for extra support.


    The rest days are so important for us, especially since we're older, unless we have been running for years.  I do other exercise on my off days and I take one day of complete rest a week.  On the off days I do walking or water aerobics.  Most of my strength training is done in the water right now since it's summer and it feels so good.  Using styrofoam weights in the water can be great for upper body strength training.  They come in different sizes so you get different amounts of water resistance.  Believe me, they add a LOT of resistance in the water.  My gym has an indoor pool and lot of that type of equipment.  I go to some water aerobics classes when I can fit my schedule around their times or I go on my own.  The downside is my gym has limited amount of pool hours because it's owned by our hospital and the rehab center is part of it and weekdays the pool is used for some physical therapy.  But there is some time at noon and a water aerobics class I really like Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon.  I try to fit it in my work schedule for my lunch hour but it doesn't always work.  There are some evening classes.  Monday and Wednedsay night it is an arthritis class which is a lot of gentle movements for flexibility and sometimes I go to that and may add more movement such as jumping up and down or walking in place in the water while doing the movements or stay after class for the open swim time and do some more exercise.  Tuesday and Thursday nights there is an aerobic class and then open swim.  Friday evenings and Saturdays from 10 to 1:30 is open swim and none on Sundays.  I wish there were more hours available but still it's great to have this option.  There are 3 pools in the room at different temps.  One is a whirlpool but the other 2 are good for working out in.


    Yesterday I made it to 2 water aerobic classes so today if I do anything it will be some easy walking or go to the pool and just do gentle movements and a little easy swimming.  Just treading water burns a lot of calories I found out.  Tomorrow I will run again.  Ran on Sunday and Wednesday this week so far.


    I'm glad everyone is going strong and pursuing even in the face of challenges or discouragements at time.  Keep on going!


    Onward and forward!

    Whole Enchilada 5k, Las Cruces NM 9-26-10 43:32

    All Souls Trail Race, Silver City NM 10-30-10 45:55

    Global Health 5k Run/Walk, Albuquerque NM 11-6-10 40:11

    Ultimate Fitness 8th Annual Turkey Trot 5k, Deming NM 11-25-10 38:35

    New Beginnings 5k Jan 23, 2011 Las Cruces, NM 40:20

    Cupid's Chase 5k Feb 12, 2011 Las Cruces, NM 39:54

    Bataan Death March Memorial 15 miles March 27, 2011 White Sands Missil Range, NM 4hrs, 48 min 45 sec

    Fort Bayard Wilderness 5k Trail Race May 28, 2011 40:52

    Ultimate Fitness 9th Annual Turkey Trot, Deming NM 11-24-11 35:14

    Cupid's Chase 5k Feb 11, 2012 Las Cruces NM 38:29

  • LewB Amateur 23 posts since
    Jul 22, 2010

    The running club: I started out knowing just one person well and three or four casual aquaintances, but they're very friendly & encouraging. There are about 125 members in the club, a little heavy on the 40-and-up age group. Members range from very competitive to just in it for health. We have 3 official club runs a week--one long, one 5 miles, and 3-season speed runs at the university track. I've been doing all three and we'll have from 10 to 20 show up for them. All levels and distances are included, walkers as well. At local races we'll have up to 30 members competing and receiving a fair number of awards. We also have a good schedule of social activities. If you want to check out the club website it's I definitely wouldn't be doing as well on my own. My level of fitness when I started? Well, I wasn't an athlete in hs or coll. I went out for basketball & track in hs but wasn't any good. From then on I did very little exercising other than a little hiking. When my 2 sons were scouting age, I became a scoutmaster, so a little more hiking and one 60-mile backpacking trip that nearly killed me! Then nothing for almost 10 years. I started walking a 2-mile arboretum trail a few years ago and then a friend got me into running last year. My only natural advantage is being naturally slender with a good metabolism and being generally in good health. Right now I'm in the best shape I've ever been in--not too bad for almost 70.

    Thoroughbred Classic 5K 11/26/09  30:49 (first race)

    Defenders Classic 5K  4/10/10  28:28

    Jennie Carol's 5K  5/8/10  27:11

    Run for the Brass 5K  6/12/10  28:27

    Bluegrass 10K  7/3/10  56:16 (first 10K)

    Bluegrass State Games 5K  7/17/10  26:27

    Railroad Days 5K  8/21/10  25:45  PR

    Born to Run 5K  9/11/10  25:45

    R. J. Corman 5K  10/2/10  25:56


    Winchester, KY Turkey Trot 5K  11/6/10

    Thoroughbred Classic  11/25/10

    Half-Marathon  March/April 2011

  • calbiker Pro 159 posts since
    Mar 21, 2010



    How did you do on your 1.25 session? I am glad to see you right back at it after your down time. Way to attack it man!




    Good luck tomorrow, you will do fine I am sure of it! We are all there with you in spirit! How is the tendonitis?




    I am glad to see you hitting it so hard coming off your vacation. I can relate to your water work outs, what a great way to train and stay cool too. I do not use any water weights but have a good time swimming laps when I can and I can and feel the resistance of just my body against the water so using water weights must be a challenge and very good training. Keep up the good work.




    Slow down man, you are making us younger folks look like whimps. Seriously, keep up the good work, you are an inspiration to us all.


    Today was my last day of pace work in the 5K range. I succeeded in my goal of finding my run forever pace, at least in a 5K. I worked at first finding then maintaining it for 19 consecutive 5 K runs. I think it is a safe to say that since I am breathing great, I feel pretty efficient, no aches or pains, my pace is about as consistent as I can get, and at the end of 5K I am feeling so great I want to just push the envelope and see what happens. That said, Monday I will advance but I am not sure yet how. It may be increase the distance at my existing pace or it may be to stay at 5K and speed things up to see what happens at a faster pace but either way it is time for me to step it up a little. I say a little because it is important to set realistic goals based on my own past achievements in running, not where other people are. Not too easy but attainable through hard effort and time. I have the weekend off to ponder things. I have come far considering that four short months ago I had not run since I was a kid. I went from C25K day 1 through to doing six mile runs in mere months but sloppy six mile runs, as sloppy as can be so I am glad I focused on settling in to doing 5k runs to learn to run as efficient as I can and to build the foundation I now have. For me running is a personal challenge. I do not do it to compete with anyone else or to lose weight in fact I hate that I am losing weight. Running to me is just an internal battle, me against me if that makes any sense? I dig that I am doing what I thought impossible of me to do.


    I have replaced my old Mantra of, "shut up and run" I now use, "I am not slow, I am not fast, I am sort of halfassed" Just in case they bleep me that last word should read halfa$$ed. While repeating this mantra under my breath I am still focused on the fact that I am my competition, not any body else. All of us have nothing to prove to each other, only to our selves so never let your self compare where you are to where the next person is or it will mess with your head! Slow is better than lethargic right?


    Every one have a Great Weekend and Happy running!

    Onward and Forward !

  • Laurelink Pro 70 posts since
    Jul 22, 2010

    I'm going to have to get the video.  I tried it (from the instructions on the website) on my run today and it sure doesn't come naturally to me.  I wonder if they have any trainers on it in MN... I will look but never have heard about it before.  It makes sense to me and I do get into a bit of a zone when I run.  I was wondering if one could get kind of meditative state while running but I won't be able to until it comes easier for me!  lol  My achilles tendons are feeling better today but the breathing was still hard, even after taking an antihistamine and putting on one of those nost bandaides that keep your nostrils open.  I must look silly as I also have to tie my hair up with a bandana to keep it out of my face etc... The things we do to get in shape.  lol

  • SlogOn Legend 368 posts since
    Jan 13, 2008

    Laurelink, I was up late last night, read your post & Googled Chi running & watched a few short videos. It made sense to me - in theory anyway & I was eager to try it because I'm awful at over striding & slamming down on my heels. Today you see, I wanted to try & get through a 1.5 mile run fitness test, knowing fully well I'd end up walking most of it. I wanted a baseline time though - something to chip away at.


    I tried Chi running - it took about 2 minutes before I wondered why I'd never caught on to this. It just felt so right. I slipped into some kind of zone, found a rhythm & honestly felt I could go forever. After about 9 minutes, I reluictantly took a walk break. After all, I only finished W2D3 the day before! My time was respectable but more importantly, now I KNOW I can run the next several weeks intervals with no problem. I'll be working but it won't seem like an insane struggle. It wasn't fast & I don't know how to improve speed using Chi running but I'l figure that out when I'm ready for speed & that will be a while!

    C25K STARTED: 10/12/11



    Excitement is slogging through a spectacular dry lightning storm

  • Monets Muse Rookie 3 posts since
    Jul 22, 2010

    Just back from my first visit to a local Road Runner Sports store.

    Score one for beginners luck.  Free parking in a part of town that is always lacking in parking spaces, due to it

    being a block away from the city's  most popular walkable urban lake.

    Came away with my first Moving Comfort Fiona  tata container.  Found a pair of running capris.

    I think I am set to begin running.

    Originally I thought I would try  C25K  but not sure.   I have no idea what Hal Higdon's program is about.

    I am so right brained, that if its to techy I would be turned off.

    But who knows.  Lately I have been doing some new things that are both challenging and out of character.

    I plan on beginning this weekend with walking/running.  I am going to hit the state park which offers paved walkways, gravel paths,

    and hiking trails through a evergreen forest.  Only 10 minutes from house to park.    A local junior high has a track that would be doalble.

    "When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. " - Lao Tsu

  • lindakay228 Legend 201 posts since
    Apr 11, 2010

    Calbiker I know what you mean about only competing against yourself.  That's all I'm interested in doing also.  I want to do 5k's and have done one before the weather got hot.  I walked a 10k and 2 half marathons also but want to work up to running them.  The 5k I did a mixture of walking and running.  My next 5k will be the end of September when it will be cooler.  I enjoy wearing the timing chip and being timed and the whole group thing but still what I'm most interested in is first completing the event, whether walking or running, and secondly bettering my own time especially as I proceed from walking to running.  I'm a fast walker and did the half marathon in 3 hrs 4 min which I thought was pretty good and I was in about the middle or a little further back in the overall pack so I was really happy.  It was in May and next year I want to be able to run that same marathon.  It was a small event compared to some of the huge ones.  It had about 300 full marathoners, just under 300 half marathoners, and I'm not sure how many running the relay.  To me that is a good size event and at this point I'm not really interested in an event with thousands and thousands of people.  The other "half" marathon (actually is was a little bit under 15 miles) was the Bataan Death March Memorial at White Sands in May and that did have 5700 between the full marathon and the 15 mile which was also a comfortable group and was so inspiring because there were a lot of walkers and a lot of past and present military personnel and I saw at least 2 with artificial legs and one in a special wheelchair and was just a super inspirational event.  There were also 3 of the original Bataan survivors, who are in their late 80's to early 90's now, to shake hands with particpants as we started out.  That was in March and I definetely will do that one again too.  It took me just under 4 hours to complete the 15 miles and about 20 minutes of that was lost to long lines at 2 port-a-potty stops I made.


    Yesterday I watched the movie Spirit of the Marathon, and loved it.  I watched it on Netflix where you could watch it instantly through the Wii and I want to watch it again.  I'm not at that point, and am not sure whether running a full marathon will ever be a goal, but it was so inspiring to watch them prepare.


    Today it's only supposed to be in the upper 70's and cloudy with some rains, and we had quite a bit of rain yesterday and last night so I'm hoping to go do an outside run today.  Much better than the 90's even though there is more huimidity due to the rain.  My main concern is not the rain but the lightening in these summer storms and will not go out if that looks like it's gonna happen.


    Wishing everyone a great day.  Onward and Forward!!!!

    Whole Enchilada 5k, Las Cruces NM 9-26-10 43:32

    All Souls Trail Race, Silver City NM 10-30-10 45:55

    Global Health 5k Run/Walk, Albuquerque NM 11-6-10 40:11

    Ultimate Fitness 8th Annual Turkey Trot 5k, Deming NM 11-25-10 38:35

    New Beginnings 5k Jan 23, 2011 Las Cruces, NM 40:20

    Cupid's Chase 5k Feb 12, 2011 Las Cruces, NM 39:54

    Bataan Death March Memorial 15 miles March 27, 2011 White Sands Missil Range, NM 4hrs, 48 min 45 sec

    Fort Bayard Wilderness 5k Trail Race May 28, 2011 40:52

    Ultimate Fitness 9th Annual Turkey Trot, Deming NM 11-24-11 35:14

    Cupid's Chase 5k Feb 11, 2012 Las Cruces NM 38:29

  • TrishFahey Pro 146 posts since
    Mar 28, 2010

    Okay...I am still alive and no longer depressed an whiny like my last post!  Calbiker and Curtis really know how to get you back into the right mindset and I am also happy that Coolbikermom is bbbaaaacccckkkk (as she put it so well). My knee is no longer sore so I guess it is time to try alittle run/walking again. I did order Jeff Galloways book on 5k/10k training (and he says without injury) so I will be excited to read that as well. I am going to reread chirunning and watch the dvd again as well. Coolbikermom...if you live near KC and I am in you know if there is a CHiRUnning training in your area any time soon..since you live in the bigger city. I would be game if that were the about you?


    I am thrilled with all the new people weighing in on all of these issues!  Glad you got the tatas taken care of MonetsMuse!!! I wish I had that problem...those of us with tiny tatas can kind of use any old sports bra!!!


    Take good care to all of you...even though I do not respond as frequently as I would like .....I read all of you every day and it makes a big difference!!!

    Trish the Dish

    Started C25K on 4/12/2010 Graduated 6/20/2010

    First 5k June 20th Fathers Day Prostate Cancer Run Finished 40:31

    First 10k September 19th Omaha Corporate Cup Run Finished 89.06

    5k Memorial Park Turkey Trot 11/24/11 Finished 38:54 :-)

  • PJ Freeman Pro 115 posts since
    Feb 17, 2009

    I did it...I ran 4 miles this morning!  Going into it I was concerned about actually making it the whole 4 miles running (I really, really wanted to run the whole thing) and about how my foot would do.  I don't know if I actually have tendonitis or not.  All I know is that it was hurting a lot and I was afraid it was going to mess my training up and I had just paid $150 to enter the Las Vegas Rock & Roll half marathon.  I did absolutely no walking or runing for 3 days and didn't even go to the gym the last 2 days.  I've used ice, massage, ibuprofen and tiger balm to treat it.  It's still a little sore, but not like 4 days ago and I have an appointment with a sports chiropractor on Monday.  It seems to not be any sorer than when I started this morning.  During the run my calves were bothering me for probably the first 2 miles, maybe because I have new shoes, but they finally calmed down.  I felt really good for 3 miles and then I started getting tired and it was a challenge mentally to keep going.  I'm starting to think that maybe I can really do this long term and it's going to get easier.  Next Saturday we jump up to 5 miles for our long run.  I still think it's crazy, but not quite so much since I made it through 4.

    2010 Coronado Independence Day 5K - 40:12

    2010 AFC 5K - August 15 - 37:32

    2010 End of Summer Fire Run 4mi- August 29 - 49:55

    2010 Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Relay - October 2 - 57:12

    2010 Shelter Island 5K - November 7 - 36:20 PR

    2010 Silver Strand Half Marathon - November 14 - 3:14:05

    2010 Las Vegas Rock & Roll Half Marathon - December 5 - 2:58:35

    2010 Jingle Bell 5K for Arthritis - December 11 - 37:28

    2011 Los Angeles Chinatown Firecracker 10K - February 13 - 1:25:46

    2011 Lost Dutchman 10K - February 20 - 1:19:11

    2011 Saint Patrick's Day 10K - March 12 - 1:13:48 PR

    2011 Carlsbad 5000 - April 3 - 34:30 PR

    2011 Rock & Roll San Diego HM - June 5 - 2:51:54 PR

    2011 Coronado Independence Day 5K - July 4 - 35:34

    2011 America's Finest City 5 K- August 21 - 34:40


    2011 Rock & Roll Los Angeles - October 30

    2012 Disneyland Tinkerbell Half - January 29

  • donna0325 Expert 53 posts since
    Jul 12, 2010

    Thanks to all who welcomed me to this community!  I had intended to do a second post earlier, but was struggling with how to reply.  I'm new to blogging and  I wasn't sure if I should keep replying to the original post, or reply to some in between. 


    PJ Freeman - Thanks for the water/gel advice.  I tried gel this morning on my run.  Although it was quite warm after sitting in my pocket pocket for an hour, it definitely help me get through the last 3 miles of my run (after I got past the first warm mouthful).  I'm going shopping tomorrow to look for a better solution to hold water.


    DiDi - Have you registered for your Half Marathon on September yet?  With your mileage, you're totally ready!!  I know how you feel though.  I first got the idea in April, and happened to mention it to my doctor (who I knew was also a runner) at my annual exam.   She asked the race I had in mind, which was the Boulder Backroads.  She recommended a different half, because it was a half and 10K instead of a marathon and a half.  Anyway, I kept starting and stopping a training program over the next two months.  The best piece of advice I got was to tell as many people as you can, and actually mail in your registration form (I didn't mail mine in until last week, so I took awhile to follow that advice).  Anyway, first I told my family.  Now they are starting to support me when I say I have to go to bed early, or dinner/breakfast will be late, etc.  Then, I told some of my neighbors at our annual block party.  Sometimes they'll honk when driving past, or wave when I run by their house, which is kinda cool. 


    tinpanharry, sueinNC - Thanks for the encouragement.


    coolbikermom - I love reading your posts!!!


    Hopefully I don't sound like I'm bragging, but I still feel "high" from my morning run.  My goal was 10 miles.  I had wanted to start @ 7 am, because that's when my race I August starts.  Anyway, I woke up at 4 am, and couldn't get back to sleep.  I finally fell asleep around 5:45, only to have the alarm go off @ 6.  I shut it it off, slept until 7, and was out the door at 8.  Luckily, there was a cloud cover, and it was somewhat cool the first 8 miles.  Usually, I have to talk to myself the entire 1st mile so I don't quit.  Today, that first mile was a little quicker than usual (I think) and I felt strong the entire run.  I was nervous about that last mile being uphill, but again I think my pace was decent.  When I looked at my running watch when I was done, I did a double take - - 1:40:30.  I"ve re-calculated the pace about 5 times, and plan to measure my route again.  Even for 3 or 4 mile runs, my pace is usually 10:30 - 11 min/miles.  I was so happy when I finished my run, I actually started crying (I think I'm just starting going through menopause, and the whole divorce thing . . . so crying isn't unusual).


    In my last post, I mentioned I just start running with an iPOD.  My playlist ran short about a mile, so I started to put together a running playlist for the half marathon, and am looking for suggestions.  I start out with "Before He Cheats (Carrie Underwood)" and have "Bad Girlfriend (Theory of a Deadman) later on for a faster pace (see, I have a sense of humor).  Anyway - - for those of you who run with music, would you share some selections from your running playlists??

    Half Marathon:

    Heart & Sole, Boulder, CO - 8/22/10 - 2:09:51

    Denver Rock N Roll, Denver, CO - 10/17/10 - 2:11:01

    Platte River, Littleton, CO - 4/10/11 - 2:01:31


    Bolder Boulder, Boulder, CO - 5/30/11 - 58:00:00


    Quicker Quaker, Lafayette, CO - 1/8/11 - 26:57

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