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  • scubamichele Amateur 10 posts since
    Jul 19, 2010
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    15. Aug 9, 2010 9:13 AM (in response to Donna914)
    Re: Calling all Penguins (slow runners)

    For shin splints - when I started the program I had them pretty regularly.  I got a new pair of Asic Cayanos and immediately felt better.  After that, around week 7 or 8 my shin splints have really been much milder even as I increase distance and time running.  I've been doing a lot of calf strengthening work along with the running and I think my bones are getting stronger.


    The right shoes make a world of difference.

  • SteveBikeRun Legend 454 posts since
    Aug 3, 2010
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    16. Aug 9, 2010 10:11 AM (in response to scubamichele)
    Re: Calling all Penguins (slow runners)

    Michele:  Amen, amen and amen to having the right shoes AND changing them often.  I've read anywhere from 300 to 500 miles is a good interval for getting new shoes, so I use 400 miles as my interval and I keep track of my miles in my journal.  I had some mild shin discomfort before I got my most recent pair.  When I went back and added up the miles, I had way too many on the shoes.  Within a few days after getting my new ones, the shin discomfort was gone and has not returned.  Now I keep better track of the miles.


    Our running store takes old shoes for the "Soles for Souls" program, so that's where my old ones go.


    Completed in 2012:

    The Qualifier HM, Midland MI, May 2012, 2:58, 80+ degrees

    Dam to Dam 20K, Des Moines, IA, June 2012, 2:17, PR for this race

    Garry Bjorklund HM, Duluth, MN, June 2012, 2:20

    Fox Valley HM, St. Charles, IL, 9/16/12, 2:23

    Des Moines HM, 10/21/12, 2:19

    Tentative plans for 2013:

    Wisconsin (Half) Marathon, Kenosha, WI 5/4/2013 (registered)

    Dam To Dam 20K, Des Moines, 6/2/2013 (registration opens March 20th)

    Grandma's (Half) Marathon, Duluth, MN, 6/22/2013 (if I get picked again in the lottery)

    Des Moines HM, 10/20/2013 (registered)

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    18. Aug 9, 2010 6:38 PM (in response to Donna914)
    Re: Calling all Penguins (slow runners)

    I'm so grateful to be finding so many fellow penguins at or near my age. I was beginning to feel runners pushing 50 or over were rare indeed! The OP asked our stories. I wasn't allowed to run as a child, it wasn't feminine. My mother lost the feminine battle with me but I never did take up running - even though I'd always wanted to. Think it's time I stop letting my mother control my choices of activities! I've only been at this a month W5D2 tomorrow & while yes, it's work & some days haven't exactly been fun, I gain confidence with every run, good or bad. A good run leaves me grinning all day. A 'bad' run is good because I always learn from it - what went wrong & why. And 'bad' is relative. I've yet to be pushed too far out of my comfort zone - no doubt that's coming. LOL


    I'm a penguin by choice right now - no desire to see how fast I can go every day. I don't want to be injured. Slow, steady progress will I think, be more rewarding in the end. And there are advantages to being a penguin. I'll never get a speeding ticket or knock anyone over. I have more time to enjoy really nice scenery as I go by it. Penguin running means less slamming down hard on the ground - again, less risk of injury. Heck, next time I'm looking for running clothes, I'm thinking of trying to find black shorts & a white top, with a black windbreaker for cool days. Might as well look the part!

    C25K STARTED: 10/12/11



    Excitement is slogging through a spectacular dry lightning storm

  • runkitcatrun Amateur 25 posts since
    Jun 22, 2010
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    20. Aug 11, 2010 8:01 PM (in response to Donna914)
    Re: Calling all Penguins (slow runners)

    Yay! Finally, a place to call home.


    I am a 46 year old mom of 4 very active kids. I always wanted to run again (haven't since high school), but I was disheartened when I looked at that guideline on the plan - 20 minutes or 2 miles. Well, 2 miles in 20 minutes was out of the question! I'm running a 13mm (or thereabouts) now and I can't really see myself running any faster at this point. Honestly, I'm just ecstatic I can run 2 miles! I didn't think I could run one and I did. I couldn't really see myself running 2 and I am. Three miles will come, however long it takes me to run them.


    I'm so happy there are others out there like me! Thanks for starting this thread.

    Started C25K June 22, 2010 - Haven't run for 25 years.

    Completed 1st 5K on August 22, 2010 with my sister, daughter and 2 nieces

    Oktoberfest 9/18 with sisters and brother, daughter (10K), eldest son, Mom, Dad, and 2 neices - First PR 35:28

    Race for the Cure, Eugene, OR in the pouring rain! Ran with my sister, daughter, 2 sons, and 2 nieces. New PR of 33:59. Injured and on the sidelines for a while.

    I plan on running the whole thing!

  • BoresEasily Amateur 35 posts since
    Aug 1, 2010
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    21. Aug 11, 2010 11:32 PM (in response to SlogOn)
    Re: Calling all Penguins (slow runners)

    That's interesting because for me the slower I go the harder it is on my joints, when I move quicker I have less of the pounding against the cement, I can't explain why that's just the way it is. Great thread Donna! Thank you for that information Mike I hope to use it in coming weeks. I'm only on week 2 of the Couch to 5K but I like it.

  • johnsosa Rookie 4 posts since
    Aug 12, 2010
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    23. Aug 12, 2010 7:40 AM (in response to Donna914)
    Re: Calling all Penguins (slow runners)

    This is a great idea, and I hope that this helps all of us slow runners.  I am 64 years old, and have been running for 8 years.  I run about 1000 miles a year on the road and on my treadmill, so it is a passion of mine, and I do it strictly for enjoyment and good health, and the running bibs and the tshirts. I do several 5Ks and 10Ks a year, but strictly the family type runs.  I am out there for fun and to help any young people who are just starting in with side stictches, and shin splints.  I have no injuries, and I credit my trainer for that.  I buy my running shoes fro Road Runner, and I work just as much on strength building as I do running.  That is truely the key to running without injuries.  I have a bad back, which hasn't bothered me since I started this program, and a tricky knee, which only gets better with strength building.    My husband is 69, soon to be 70 and is running also.  He just started about 5 years ago, and he too is running uninjured, and excellent health.  The trick is enjoyment, which is a real head game for anyone.  You have to convince yourself that you are just going to do it without thinking.  Have fun with it.  Skip, walk backwards, side step, and challenge yourself to a nice hill run.  I am from NY so we have a lot of those, so Maine running is really easy.  Sprint running from mailbox to mailbox is also a good idea.  It build muscles, which any runner needs.  See you on the 19th.  Enjoy the journey


  • petesgirl66 Expert 44 posts since
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    24. Aug 12, 2010 10:54 PM (in response to runkitcatrun)
    Re: Calling all Penguins (slow runners)


    Congrats on th 2 miles! My next run is week 5 day 3, and I have been debating whether to do the 20 minutes, or go for the 2 miles, which will probably take me 30 minutes or more! Maybe I will do something in between, shoot for 1.5 miles- it seems strange to already be at 3 miles, when the longest intervals so far have been at .75. It took me 11 minutes to do the last interval to reach .75, I did the first 8 min interval only by time and  I didn't even hit ., oh well, we'll see how I feel Saturday.

    C25k Started on July 11, 2010

  • petesgirl66 Expert 44 posts since
    Feb 4, 2008
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    25. Aug 12, 2010 10:58 PM (in response to Donna914)
    Re: Calling all Penguins (slow runners)

    Donna, you are about my pace! I am also overweight and want to do what I can to prevent injury-so far so good! I can't wait till I can run 4 mile, good job!


    Johnsosa-Great advice! Once I have a bit more of a base I do want to work on speed.

    C25k Started on July 11, 2010

  • lvivas Rookie 4 posts since
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    26. Aug 12, 2010 11:05 PM (in response to johnsosa)
    Re: Calling all Penguins (slow runners)

    It is so neat to read about others who are like myself.


    Shoes definitely make a difference. I wear asics too, and they are great. This week I'm W2 at 20mm and R2 at 12mm. Saturday I'll do

    a long run, 4.5 miles, W3 at 20mm and R2 at 12mm. I have worked up to 4.5,starting at 2 miles, then 2.5 miles, etc..

    I really like the slower long runs on the weekend.........last Saturday I went for 4 miles, switching

    back and forth from W3R1 to W3R2, it took me 66 minutes, over an hour...


    Today's run was really difficult, work was tiring, and i really wanted to just sit on the sofa. When I first started, my legs were

    rebelling. I find it amazing that even though I'm a slow runner, some running days can be so difficult compared to other days.

    I have to admit, I was glad I didn't talk myself out of running today though.

  • SlogOn Legend 368 posts since
    Jan 13, 2008
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    27. Aug 13, 2010 7:21 AM (in response to lvivas)
    Re: Calling all Penguins (slow runners)

    I've only got 5 weeks in at this point - with C25K. Before I ran a step, I decided NOT to worry about the distance covered for now; just run strictly for time. So when a session calls for say... 2 miles OR 20 minutes, I opted for the 20 minutes. That was a huge relief mentally because I'm so unfit. I'm not carrying extra weight - I have the opposite problem - being significantly underweight. A walking bone rack is bad enough - running too fast, I risked losing a couple of finger bones & ribs along the way...LOL. I've been fighting depression you see & when I'm depressed I'm not hungry. My thoughts were that a running program I could do slowly enough to ENJOY, with no stress added by opting for the tougher goal would make it easier to make this part of my permanent, more healthy lifestyle.


    And it's working that way. My depression is being successfully treated - I'm one of the lucky ones who was prescribed the right antidepressant on the first try. Increased appetite & weight gain is one of the significant side effects - a marriage made in heaven with me. Over the five weeks I've been able to go from 102 pounds to 109. My energy levels are much, much better. I sleep solidly - first time in years. Qutting smoking, (don't ask!), is part of my lifestyle plan - almost there. If I'd put the added stress on myself of running faster, trying to get the distance within the time, I'd have given up by now; too discouraged to think about running again.


    But I haven't. My running is work - make so mistake but it's a workload I can handle. At almost 50, I don't expect to be threatening world records any time soon! I need to keep my goals realistic for ME - what my body can handle now & in future. I've been delighted with how well it's gone - no injuries, able to complete every session & even added a 'long' run - which for me is a jog/walk session. On non-run days I do rerps of very low weights. It took me decades to become this unfit, this unhealthy. I accept it will take time to change that. But now, I know I can running my way - very, very slowly.


    It's really encouraging to know that many others aren't stressed about speed or time either & that by keeping within their own limits, they're being successful. If all I did was look at the few runners I see out there running at 'normal' speeds, I might be inclined to think I wasn't meant to be a runner. But the posts here & John Bingham's books have helped me realize it's okay; that it IS truly an individual thing. What matters is the ultimate goal of improved health & fitness & clearly there are many unique but EFFECTIVE ways of getting there. It's reassuring to this newbie, insecure runner.

    C25K STARTED: 10/12/11



    Excitement is slogging through a spectacular dry lightning storm

  • MsLilyT Expert 39 posts since
    Jul 28, 2010
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    28. Aug 13, 2010 9:52 AM (in response to Donna914)
    Re: Calling all Penguins (slow runners)

    I just finished W3D2 and I go by time not distance. I'm not in it to "race". I just wanted something to get me out of the house, enjoying the fresh air and keeping my body active! I just get out and run. I downloaded the C25K podcasts by Robert Ullrey from itunes and they're great. He tells you when to start and stop and the music is perfect for my running pace. I do not run fast, I keep it slow and steady. My shins are never sore after the run, only during. I was fitted for shoes, so I'm just thinking my legs aren't quite in shape yet for running as I've never run before. I already do strength training, so that will help.  I ran on the treadmill this morning for the first time since I started the C25K and I think I like running outside much better. I'm sure come winter, I'll be glad to have the treadmill here at home ha!


    Kudos to everyone for their determination and dedication to running and staying fit! 


    Go Penguins!!

    "Whether you believe you can or believe you can't, you're probably right." - Henry Ford

    (So, believe you CAN!!!)

    "If you run, you are a runner. It doesn't matter how fast or how far. It doesn't matter if today is your first day or if you've been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no  membership card to get. You just run."  - John Bingham

    Started C25K August 2010!!

    I'm driving from VA to ME to run my first 5K with my sister on Oct 2nd

    "The Dempsey Challenge" - If you'd like to donate for the cause (cancer) please send me a private message and I'll send you my donation link

  • BowieLinda Pro 136 posts since
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    29. Aug 14, 2010 5:13 AM (in response to Donna914)
    Re: Calling all Penguins (slow runners)

    Hey!  All!  I'm joining in here too.  Anyone else find the forums (Community) just a bit confusing at times?  I joined the "group" for 50 and over, and I check that thread often, Some other discussion topics I will post on and then I "lose" them later, even though I'm a very seasoned user of the Internet and online discussion boards and email.  Go figure!  I THINK it is that there are a whole bunch of ways of getting to a particular "place" on CoolRunning, and I am not actively using the "bookmark" option.  I might have to "RTFM" (Read The F*ing Manual!!!!), I guess!


    I am slow right now, at least -- even slower than many of you posting your times.  But it's okay with me, and like others have already posted, I'm running for me, not for speed records.  I think that my current weight, as well as my age, factors into my speed.  I admit that I was hoping running would help me drop weight, but it hasn't.  I'm definitely fitter, but at my "advanced age" , I seem to do EVERYTHING more slowly.  This metabolism shift stinks!


    I feel confident though, that with consistent training and the right kinds of interval work and so on, I will increase in speed somewhat.  And that's nice, but really, as long as I don't cause event staff to have to come out and look for me on the course, I'll be happy.  I want to stay injury-free, increase my aerobic capacity, run longer distance, and have fun.


    Now I guess I'll have to plan on finding some of the Bingham books at the library too!!



    C25K Training begun (Treadmill) 6/1/10); restarted 7/11/12

    First run OUTDOORS - Club Fun Run 1.75 mile circuit time 26:06:72 on 7/29/10

    Proud C25K Grad, 8/7/10

    College Park Cares 5K Sponsored by Vecna Technologies, Inc. 9/25/10 44:04.4

    Fell off of the regular running routine, experienced the DC Derecho Disaster, and now aiming to get back on track!


    Jug Bay Run for Wildlife 5K 11/3/12


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