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Sep 2, 2010 10:18 AM

Doppel Games September Invitational Race for Virtually Everyone

This is a handicapped virtual 5k race.  Runners of all levels are welcome and because of the handicapping have an equal chance at winning, BUT you are almost certain to have to PR in order to win.


Here’s how it works:


1.         Enter any local 5k between September 11, 2010 and September 26, 2010.


2.         Post the name and location of your race and a recent 5k PR by September 10, 2010, in the DoppelLaufers Good Natured Taunting and Race Reports thread.  We do not want to penalize anyone who tore up the track in school, but who does not run at that same level now.  If this is your first 5k, simply take the best one mile split you have run in training and multiply by 3.1.  If you are unsure of your one mile pace, then we can set your PR equal to the average of all runners (effectively a 0:00 handicap) and you can use the results of this race as your PR for the next virtual race, likely to be a Turkey Trot.


            Honor system folks, this is just for fun, so no sandbagging!


3.         We will average the PR’s of the all entrants to establish handicaps and adjust finishing times accordingly in order to determine a winner.


4.         Post your race results and if you like give us a report about how the race went.  Your finishing time will be based on your chip time, if available, and will be adjusted based on your handicap.


5.         All entrants must have a sense of humor and a thick skin.  Good natured trash talking is encouraged.


6.         In the event of a tie – a virtual Thunderdome is under construction.  Two men enter, one man leaves!


7.         The winner will receive a virtual trophy, bragging rights and the ire of everyone whose butt they kicked.


To witness the evolution of this event, begin here.


Here is a list of our current entrants and their races:


dwm082.bmp dwm082 (Linda Yalem Safety Run, 9/26)


JimDo64.bmp JimDo64 (Oompah 5k Run/Walk, 9/16)


rbird.bmp rbird (Autumn Rock-n-Run 5k, 9/11)


Maryalicia.bmp Maryalicia (Roundup on the Bluff, 9/18)


ShonaP.bmpShonaP (Paws for the Cause 5k, 9/11)


thingmabobby.bmp thingmabobby (10th Annual Ft. Phoenix 5k, 9/12)


johnnysocko.bmp johnnysocko (5th Run Walk for Recovery, 9/22)


squeakygirl.bmpsqueakygirl (CVS Caremark Downtown 5k, 9/19)


BowieLinda.bmp BowieLinda (College Park Cares 5k, 9/25)


vcackerman.bmp vcackerman (Fall Fitness 5k, 9/11)


FaithUpHigh.bmpFaithUpHigh (Harvest Classic 5k, 9/12)


WIguy.bmp WIguy (American Cancer Society 5k, 9/19)


middleagedrunner.bmp middleagedrunner (Susan B. Kohmen 5k, 9/12)


Papakeith.bmp Papakeith (NK 5k, 9/11)


SurfingVol.bmp Surfing_Vol (Hog Jog, 9/11)


Our reigning champion is Don a/k/a dwm082 who won the inaugural virtual challenge by a margin of just 2 seconds.  Would somebody please help us knock this guy down a peg.  He’s outta control!


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