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Apr 25, 2002 11:15 AM

coaching!  (help coach b!)

hello!  i am 22 years old with one year remaining in track eligibility.  Next fall I am coaching girls high school cross at my alma mater.  This is a very small school, with 4 girls returning from the previous year.  ususally there are 5 or 6 girls on the team.  No one really runs over the summer or anything, i even didn't when i went there.  and their times for track of the top two girls are a 6:50 mile and a 2:45 800.  I plan to start getting them together about 6 weeks before school.  I really think it is important to build a base but dont you think it should be quality.  If they are out there running 10 minute miles it will not do much good.  so i made up a scedule, it starts at 19 miles the first week and 30 by the time school starts.  I know this isn't much but i dont want to run anyone off, and this may be easier for them to swallow.  It also includes some hills and stuff.  I would like some input on coaching, especially just basically introducing these kids to running and i dont want to overdo it and make them hate it.  thanks!

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