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Aug 19, 2010 8:35 PM


I am new here, so this topic might have already been covered.  I log calories and exercise on a daily basis just to keep track of things.  Does anyone know where I can look up how many calories I am burning at each part of the program?  I know this will depend on sex and weight of participant.  This would really be helpful.  I have just completed W1D2 (yeay!) and I am feeling amazing.


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    1. Aug 20, 2010 4:44 AM (in response to Elaine444)
    Re: Calories?



    Are you look for calories burned or consumed? For calorie information of various foods, I like use


    In terms of calories burned while running, you're right, it depends on a lot of factors: age, fitness, sex, weight, efficiency, etc. A rough estimate is 100 calories per mile of running. If you're overweight or out of shape, you may burn a bit more. Someone who's lighter and more efficient may burn less, maybe 85-95 calories/mile. You actually don't burn that many more calories when you run faster, unless it's substantially faster, so it's best to just go at the pace that's comfortable for you for most of your runs.


    The range I've seen is 90-140 calories per mile for every type of runner. It was printed in a running magazine awhile back so sorry I can't provide a link!



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    2. Aug 20, 2010 6:06 AM (in response to Elaine444)
    Re: Calories?

    +1 to what Jason said.  You burn an average of about 100 calories/mile when running or walking.  It may vary some by your weight and physical condition, but that is a good enough rule of thumb to give you an idea of what you're burning.  The speed doesn't matter much.  If you run a 10 minute mile you burn 100 calories, if you walk a 20 minute mile you burn 100 calories.  Its just that with the running you burn the same 100 calories in half the time.


    So if you're running 15 miles/week you are burning 1500 calories which would burn up a little less than 1/2 lb of body weight if your diet stayed the same.

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    3. Aug 20, 2010 6:52 AM (in response to Elaine444)
    Re: Calories?

    I like to use this calculator to estimate calories burned:


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    4. Aug 20, 2010 7:02 AM (in response to Elaine444)
    Re: Calories?

    This may be the article Fitz mentioned:,7120,s6-242-304-311-8402-0,00.html.  The table at the end lets you calculate your calories based on weight, and whether running or walking.




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    5. Aug 22, 2010 12:36 PM (in response to Elaine444)
    Re: Calories?

    One option is to get a watch with a calorie counter.  A lot of websites, especially Amazon, offer many at reasonable prices. - The Place for Sports Watches

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    6. Aug 30, 2010 7:30 AM (in response to Elaine444)
    Re: Calories?

    I too was estimating 100 calories per mile as a general rule of thumb. I've been told that weight and heart rate together are better predictors of actual calorie burn. I ran for the first time with a Garmin Forerunner that tracks both of those and distance. I was disappointed (but really needed to know) that they calculated my calorie burn at 234 calories for 2.92 miles. So, just be careful you don't overestimate. If you use a treadmill or other machine, they usually overestimate calories burned there as well.

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