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Aug 26, 2010 10:16 AM

Walk/Run ratio...does this work?

I have been hearing/reading more about this recently. I am currently training for the Twin Cities Marathon in October; my first. Jeff Galloway promotes this method for your first marathon. While I have yet to try this, the concept intrigues me. I currently run 9:07-9:08's for my long runs. He implies that by a run/walk ration of 4min:1min, my time should not be impacted by more than 15 sec/mi. My goal is to finish in around 4 hours, and not to be carted away. Has anyone tried this? If so, what have been your experiences? I am schedule for 19 miles this weekend and am contemplating trying this. Any input would be greatly appreciated.





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    1. Aug 26, 2010 10:23 AM (in response to lovethosehills)
    Re: Walk/Run ratio...does this work?

    Sure it works.  The Galloway method has allowed thousands (tens, hundreds?) of runners to finish a marathon.  Typically, though, Galloway recommends that you start your training with run/walk.  If you are up to a 19 miler at this point, why change your training program?  I would suggest taking a more flexible approach.  If you are concerned about stamina and know your race course, you could plan walk breaks at water stops.  That would be more natural at this point than trying to set up timers for a 4/1 run/walk pace, and would give you "permitted" walking breaks.


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    2. Aug 26, 2010 10:32 AM (in response to lovethosehills)
    Re: Walk/Run ratio...does this work?

    I agree too. I have used it in the past and currently now that i tapered well off my path. The Runner's World Complete Book of Running lists Run/Walk tables. Once you're done building up then its all runs.

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    3. Aug 26, 2010 1:12 PM (in response to lovethosehills)
    Re: Walk/Run ratio...does this work?

    I used a run-walk strategy for my second of back-to-back marathon weekends last year. It worked out pretty well; I finished in a better time than I expected. The main thing if you're going to do this on race day is to make sure you're not right in front of anybody when you slow to a walk. I always checked over both shoulders and moved to the side of the road before shifting into low gear. Worked well, and I know the runners behind me appreciated it.


    A useful run/walk calculator, even if you're not running ultras:



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