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    60. May 24, 2010 7:17 PM (in response to buoy1)
    Re: Reactions to the book: Born to Run

    Buoy, I have to ask, based on your comments, have you read the entire book? They seem on the surface based more on what you've heard others say about the book. And as for  shod runners being "destined for injury", well,  destined might be strong as it is not 100%  but the numbers mentioned in the book can be verified in about 30 seconds of google hunting. a VERY small percentage of runners escape injury.  Period.  Your odds of suffering an injury are very, very high.  Not 100% so maybe everyone  can hope they are the aberation.  The percentage of barefoot runners injured is less.  However, admittedly, the numbers of documented barefoot runners are very small and can skew the statistics.


    As for  McDougall or Barefoot ted not running "True" barefoot, that is true,  just like the Tarahumara in the book.  But they wear VERY minimalist footwear. No cushion, no motion control, not toe curl or contraint of the foot in any way. Basically a thin strip of ruber to protect the skin from glass and sharp stones etc.  It can not, in ANY way, be used to  question their  beleifs in the benefit of barefoot foot strike.  That tiny strip of ruber does nothing to  dimish their beleif in the benefit of allowing the foot to flex and spread and stretch naturally.



    Complete 10/30/10

    And then I let it all go again. More "restarts" than I can count but I haven't given up hope or trying yet. So who knows what's possible.

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    61. Aug 31, 2010 8:36 AM (in response to joeyverville)
    Re: Reactions to the book: Born to Run

    I loved Born to Run!  Probably one of my favorite all time books.  It actually inspired me to run my first marathon- and of all the ones out there I could have chosen the Leadville!

    I have my degree in exercise physiology and my husband is an exercise physiologist (also did the Leadville) and so we really believe in the science behind barefoot running.  We have been doing it for years- even before the book came out- to complement our training.  We probably only do about 10% of our training barefoot but it REALLY helps!

    We actually came up with the idea to put on a barefoot 5k and 1 mile event which is in 2 weeks in Highlands Ranch Colorado.  So any of you fellow barefooters should check it out:


    My next goal is a 50 miler, not barefoot of course : )   But I still continue to run barefoot about twice a week.  If you haven't tried it, give it a shot, it feels great and will really help your running form.  Make sure to start really slow though and build up, my first mistake was trying to do 5 miles, not smart!  Now I stick to 2-3 miles at a time.


    Good luck!

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