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Sep 19, 2010 12:24 AM

Knee pain need some help

I currently do not have insurance until November 1st due to a new job. 


I have been training for a Marathon coming up in a few months.


Recently i have been having sharp pains in my knee and tenderness/soreness right above the knee cap on the right leg. 

It seems to hurt when i put pressure on the knee and aches when sitting around.  Attached is a picture of the area that the pain is centered around

and the red dot marking the spot with the most pain. 


Any help would be great. 

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    1. Sep 21, 2010 10:58 AM (in response to allopatric)
    Re: Knee pain need some help


    Any pain up the outside of your thigh?  I am recovering from ITBS, and when that was tackled I found out I had a knee cap issue.  The doctor says I will be running again in a few weeks.  Anyway, the IT band could account for the pain above your knee.  It runs from your hip, down the side of your leg, crosses your knee as you walk and attaches to the bone in your lower let.

    FIRST step - RICE - rest, ice, compression, elevation.  And anti inflammatories.


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    2. Sep 21, 2010 11:34 AM (in response to allopatric)
    Re: Knee pain need some help



    I am a Personal Trainer in Orange County.  From Prior and Current Experience from others

    and personal encounters I have learned a lot from how the body works and reacts.

    I too Do not have Insurance and it is a huge Bummer.


    Here is a little outline of how muscles and the body works:

    -Muscle is attached to Tendons which are attached to bone(Joint Sites)

    -If no major trauma to your Knee joint then most likely you do not have any serious issue

    -If no accident that caused your injury then it seems to be more of a tendinitis

    -Good thing about Tendinitis is that it can be treated with your own application


    So try these out (will not damage or make the injury worse):

    -Stretch your muscles (since it is your knee) 20-30 secs 2-3 times through

         -Quad Stretch


         -Inside of the Thigh (Adductors)

         -Outside of the Thigh (Abductors)

         -Remember that every muscle helps the other muscles around the area so never depend on just the actual site of pain or discomfort

    -SMR (Self MyoFascial Release) (Same concept as a Deep Tissue Massage)

         -use a Foam Roller

         -Roll out the same sites as the above

         -This will get rid of any knots which prevent the muscle from elongating to its normal size and relieves pain from the tendon

    -GTO (Golgi Tendon Organ)

         -Located inside the Tendon and is responsible for relaxing the muscle to prevent the muscle from over stressing

         -So when you perform the SMR and Stretching your will over stimulate the GTO and the muscle is forced to relax

    -Gait Pattern

         -Is very important because if it is not proper then you will develop Muscle Imbalances which over a period of time will cause lots of pain and

          maybe long term injuries.

         -when you walk or run you must have the knee move straight in front of you and not flared out or inward.

         -Always work on the toe off (Pantar Flexion) and the Heel Strike (Dorsi Flexion) which help to accelerate and deccelerate your movements.




    So try all of these at least 2 times a day and everyday.  Remember that these are things you should be already implementing in your

    daily work out routines especially when training very intense.  Muscles can't relax or stretch themselves so you need to provide that action

    to properly have the body function properly.


    Any other questions feel free to ask.


    Matthew Olaya

    Personal Trainer


    Matthew Olaya

    Personal Trainer

    Huntington Beach California

    -B.S. Kinesiology

    -NASM Cert.

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